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I know the reason for this peculier phenomena.

     An Asian Tiger and a Billy Goat strike up a friendship, thereby  teaching all humanity how to get on together.    A male goat sent to a Russian safari park as a live lunch for the big cat has the world agog with wonderment. the big cat and the goat have become inseperable. Amur the tiger and Timur the billy goat  now sleep eat and play in the same enclosure.. Recently they were both seen playing and head butting each other in the snow at a park in Vladivostok in eastern Russia. The Zoo chief  stated that the goat showed no fear on entering the tiger domain. which may have baffled the the big cat, however, it seems a diet of live rabbits has the lunch problem solved for the tiger while the goat like most goats will eat almast anything digestible. It has been said that there is a lesson to be learned from these animals ie co existance between  humans on this planet for starters however, Vest who lived in the country and around farm animals as a child knows the secret of this riddle