Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Dear Vest, NRMA Roadside Survey - tell us what you think! At NRMA Motoring & Services we are constantly striving to improve the value and service we provide to our Members. In order to do this, we are very interested in receiving feedback on your recent breakdown experience. This feedback provides input into our continuous customer service improvement program. You may have received this survey in the past in relation to a previous breakdown. We would still appreciate you completing this new survey for your most recent experience. The survey should take no more than 10-12 minutes to complete. If you were not the main person involved with the roadside assistance call out yourself, please feel free to forward it onto the relevant person by clicking here. Thanks for telling us what you think! Melody King Group Member Experience Manager NRMA Motoring & Services. Vest Say's. Being a NRMA member for 41 years and now a gold member to boot, I expect and get exactly that which is promised. Particularly so when the local NRMA service person is a friend and the nephew of my wife's best (female)friend. Er Er. ..................................................................................... I have not completed the survey as yet. .. Vest.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Royal Wedding plus other history.

Royal Wedding plus a trip to the Med and Exodus. ....................................................................................... The wedding of Princess Elisabeth and Prince Phillip on Wednesday November 20 - 1947 did not get my full attention being there were far more important things afoot that were soon to add another facet to that what was expected of me as a Naval person. Sailing that day from Portsmouth taking passage on A/C HMS Illustrious of WW2 fame, we called into Gibraltar on our way to Malta. On arrival I joined HMS Mauritius, commanded by Captain Lord Ashbourne, which after training, I became a Member of the Boarding Party. Up to the the time my duties came to an end on May 15 - 1948 when Ben Gurion Took over the reins in Israel - formerly Palestine. I with others had boarded five vessels containing So called Illegal Immigrants most vessels carrying several hundred souls mainly recruits for the Haganah (Ben Gurion's followers opposed to those of the Stern gang), The largest Ill/Imigrant numbers involved were the PAN"S IE the Pan Crescent and Pan York each carrying Seven thousand souls. A boarding Crew from HMS Phoebe took on the Pan York, and our boarding crew twelve of us the 7,000 plus on the Pan Crescent....... Dressed in leather backed Yankee helmets, boots gaiters number 8's shin and arm pads also cricket box, .38 revolver and a large baseball bat. I had a very bad feeling,. However, we arrived in Famagusta Cyprus where the Army took over, after a couple of days at sea with little sleep. most of us on rejoining our ship discovered the only legacy of our visit was a dose of crabs......... Google The Pans 1948 for more info..... Back soon ...Vest.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Obese Numbers becoming Fatter

Today I am unable to escape to the garden due to the rain, neither do I have time for any online protesting or indulge in any self righteous crusades. However, the Christmas thingy has turned up again and jolly cards are to be sent to fewer persons this year, this somewhat due to attrition and the forgetfulness of others to impart good wishes to me last year.... This will mean sedentary non activity will be gouged from the time spent where I am at present sitting, mainly because of my bum parking time has recently been reduced and replaced by bodily movement and exercise of a not too strenuous nature, I am four kilos lighter than five weeks ago and intend to keep up the trend.........But not so it seems for many others who are parked in a swivel chair with eyes glued to the screen in front of them......Obesity levels are set to jump 65% by 2025 if people eat more and exercise less, the Heart and Diabetes Institute are saying the number of adults with a normal weight range will decrease dramatically, the projections are based on research over five years of up to 10,000 Australians. .........Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage......Vest ..Back soon. BTW. Blog travel broadens the mind too.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

You are going to be revolted by this.

Subject: Warning: You're not going to like what you see Warning: This e-mail contains images of animal cruelty that may distress you. If you'd prefer, click here to read more and sign our urgent petition without viewing images. It never should have happened. Once again, ABC TV's Four Corners has revealed new shocking mistreatment of Australian animals involved in the live export trade. Last night's program exposed imagery of terrified Australian sheep being treated in revolting ways. The ill-fated sheep were stranded at sea for weeks in extreme heat and cramped conditions only to be unloaded in Pakistan where they were chased down and butchered with blunt knives and bulldozed into writhing piles. They were then dragged, beaten and tossed alive into mass graves. This happened even after "tough new regulations" were introduced, supposedly to make the live export industry more humane. It's sickening that we need to write another email like this so soon after last year's cattle trade atrocities, but the images that aired last night cannot be ignored. They clearly demonstrate the need to end live exports and support its replacement with a more accountable processing industry, here in Australia. Enough is enough. Tell the Minister for Agriculture, Joe Ludwig, that a piecemeal ban isn't enough this time. He must prevent this from ever happening again: If you missed the program, here's what happened: Three months ago, 75,000 sheep were loaded onto the "Ocean Drover", a Wellard owned ship from Fremantle, bound for slaughter in the Middle East. Once in Bahrain, more than 20,000 of the flock were rejected on claims they carried disease -- claims that independent testing later proved to be false. All of these sheep ended up being slaughtered in the most horrible way. Sheep are dragged away kicking after having their throats slit with blunt knives The company in charge, Wellard, did not disclose anything about the sheep having been previously rejected, because they were too keen to make a profit. They tried instead to unload them into the market unnoticed. When the Pakistani authorities found out, they felt duped and reacted with outrage by ordering all of the sheep to be culled. Despite independent tests confirming the sheep were disease-free, all of these animals were gruesomely slaughtered. Sheep slowly bleed out after having their throats slit There's lots of blame to go around but it's clear that Wellard has breached their export licence conditions and duty of care, and we’re calling for the licence to be immediately suspended pending further investigations. But Australia could guarantee that something like this never, ever, happens again – by simply requiring animals to be killed humanely, under Australia’s strict oversights, before that meat is sent overseas. Let’s turn this tragedy into a force for positive change, and demand a responsible end to live exports now: New Zealand has already taken the lead and has phased out live exports, we should follow. Processing meat in Australia will create jobs and ensure that Australian standards apply to the treatment of animals. There are 32 million sheep sold in Australia each year for domestic consumption and meat export, and less than 3 million sheep exported live. Meanwhile, the Middle East market for sheep meat - our biggest market and growing rapidly - is worth $72 million more than live export. Let's tell Minister Ludwig and his Government: we've seen enough. It is time to end this suffering: Yours in hope, the GetUp team PS - No one wants to hurt farmers, but it would actually keep more jobs in Australia if we processed meat at home, rather than shipping animals off to be butchered overseas -- where experience shows us even recently improved regulations can too easily be breached. Help end this senseless cruelty today:

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Struggle for happiness. plus Mug Punters.

Spare a thought for one charity that is not depending on food and medicine, It is Happiness and laughter at a time in a child's life when laughs are all but impossible to come by. For the 'Make-A-Wish' Foundation Charity, it is sobering to learn it is struggling to deliver the services it needs. So at this time of the year tailor made for splurging when you are having a flutter on 'Melbourne Cup day, why not make it an each way bet and send a bit of that dosh you are about lose to fill the wallet of some fat greasy Bookie; to the Make-A-Wish Foundation donation as well. That way no matter what happens at the Melbourne cup or even the Pommie Derby and not forgetting Uncle Sam's Kentucky(fried?) Derby, you know you will be backing a winner. ...................................................................................... To show your support, go to ....................................................................................... History: Melbourne Cup day Nov 1945. WW2 had recently expired and our ship had returned from the conflict in the pacific.I had arrived at the racecourse with friends who assisted me as I was still using crutches due a slight mishap. Told the bookie "Two Bob each way on "Rain bird" Also the name of a bloke on our ship, the bookie laughed and Say's "that horse is from South Australia and has just escaped from the knackers yard and it has a Sydney jockey you would move faster on crutches"......result.. First past the post at 12 to 1 was Rain bird with jockey 'Billy Cook' .....Now where have I heard that name before?

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Foul Mouthed Parrot.

I'm sure that blogger Billy Cook from Utah had a parrot he needed to get rid of. Seems that the parrot concerned is available and is seeking a new home, provided his new owner tolerates its bad language. Mr Beaky the aged parrot often turns the air blue with swear words. Mr Beaky often thought to have come from South America and his first years were spent as a pet in a seaman's mess aboard ship, which probably was the best place anywhere to learn the rudimentals for his Fowl foul mouthing. Beaky's owner Say's the Bird is regularly letting rip with a shocking display of swear words including the 'F' word and and arsehole which is his favourite. Beaky has been known to reveal secret family third party boudoir conversations at dinner parties using all the ooh's and Ah's; so he must go. ....................................................................................... Live in such a way you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip. Vest.... Back soon.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).