Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Struggle for happiness. plus Mug Punters.

Spare a thought for one charity that is not depending on food and medicine, It is Happiness and laughter at a time in a child's life when laughs are all but impossible to come by. For the 'Make-A-Wish' Foundation Charity, it is sobering to learn it is struggling to deliver the services it needs. So at this time of the year tailor made for splurging when you are having a flutter on 'Melbourne Cup day, why not make it an each way bet and send a bit of that dosh you are about lose to fill the wallet of some fat greasy Bookie; to the Make-A-Wish Foundation donation as well. That way no matter what happens at the Melbourne cup or even the Pommie Derby and not forgetting Uncle Sam's Kentucky(fried?) Derby, you know you will be backing a winner. ...................................................................................... To show your support, go to .......................................................................................

History: Melbourne Cup day Nov 1945. WW2 had recently expired and our ship had returned from the conflict in the Pacific. I had arrived at the racecourse with friends who assisted me as I was still using crutches due a slight mishap. Told the bookie "Two Bob each way on "Rain bird" Also the name of a bloke on our ship, the bookie laughed and Say's "that horse is from South Australia and has just escaped from the knackers yard and it has a Sydney jockey you would move faster on crutches"......result.. First past the post at 12 to 1 was Rain bird with jockey 'Billy Cook' .....Now where have I heard that name before?

Foul Mouthed Parrot.
I'm sure that blogger Billy Cook from Utah had a parrot he needed to get rid of. Seems that the parrot concerned is available and is seeking a new home, provided his new owner tolerates its bad language. Mr Beaky the aged parrot often turns the air blue with swear words. Mr Beaky often thought to have come from South America and his first years were spent as a pet in a seaman's mess aboard ship, which probably was the best place anywhere to learn the rudiment's for his Fowl foul mouthing. Beaky's owner Say's the Bird is regularly letting rip with a shocking display of swear words including the 'F' word and arsehole which is his favourite. Beaky has been known to reveal secret family third party boudoir conversations at dinner parties using all the ooh's and Ah's; so he must go. ....................................................................................... Live in such a way you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip. Vest.... Back soon.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


                                                               WORDS ON WEDNESDAY.


 This is my story
                             He being an officer and a gentleman in the Brigade of Guards Major Ronald Trump -Worthy had little difficulty unconsciously flouting his (EXPRESSIVE) (CHARM), he being of(NOBLE) birth Major Trump - Worthy would not deem it to be (ODD) being considered the (BIGGEST)  bigot in the mud and slush of the British trenches, when he ordered his batman to keep the (SHINE) on his boots,; whatever the cost.
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Monday, 24 October 2016

Dead person trumped

The North Yorkshire Police report finding a man's body in the River Swale, near Richmond. The dead man's name will not be released until his family has been notified. The victim apparently drowned due to excessive marijuana consumption.

He was wearing black fishnet stockings, a red suspender belt, a pink G-string, purple lipstick, and a “Trump for President”  T-shirt.

The police removed the Trump T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

In spite of what we sometimes think, the police do care.


Friday, 21 October 2016

"England Expects" and remembering ABERFAN,Plus HMAS Australia.

      "England expects this day that every man will do his duty", was the signal hoisted at the yard arm of Admiral Horatio Nelsons Flag ship the HMS Victory ,commanded by Capt Hardy on the forenoon of Monday 21st of October 1805. Although certain standards of fair play in naval warfare were  expected this wasn't the case on this particular occasion, Inspections  of 'Victory's guns corroborate the fact that Grape Shot (balls on a chain) were a no no but were used during this battle against a superior number of French and Spanish ships and to add to the discomfort of the enemy upper deck gun crews and others were the bags of gravel (stones) fired by the forward guns of Nelsons fleet of ships. Can you imagine the destructive influence of a spread forty feet wide of several hundred large chunks of stone. If anyone was to blame for any infringement of the rules it would have been the orchestrator of the so called  dirty tricks Naughty Horatio Nelson  who was unable to answer any accusations due to him  being either dead or drunk on his arrival in Blighty pickled in a barrel of brandy, Kiss me Hardy, "Hic'..... Further info from Google.
October 21st 1944. on a more sombre note , this was a major tragedy when the HMAS Australia_ a County Class Heavy Cruiser was struck by a Japanese Kamikaze plane killing 30 sailors and levelling her three funnels and upper decks, I personally recall seeing the ship on her return to Sydney,
The following year 1945 , the combined U/S and British Fleet downed an estimated 2,800 Japanese Kamikaze planes, Ask me about it !!. or Read 'The Forgotten Fleet'.
October 21st 1966. ABERFAN, Wales, How can anyone around at the time forget this absolute major tragedy. It pales with most stories about unnecessary loss of innocent lives.
Practically a whole generation of children and teachers were suffocated by a descending Slag Heap caused by heavy rain, which covered the mining village. Please read this heart rending story.

Google. The Aberfan Disaster

On the 21 October 1966, 144 people, 116 of them children, were killed when a tip of coal waste slid onto the village of Aberfan in South Wales.
These pages were initially set up as part of a project to catalogue and conserve an archive of material relating to the disaster held at Merthyr Tydfil and Dowlais libraries. Their objective is to act as a starting place for those interested in finding out about the disaster. They provide an overview of the circumstances surrounding the disaster and, more importantly, a guide and link to the more detailed sources of information available elsewhere.
Remember, we must learn which matters may be breached occasionally at our convenience and which ones may never be if we are to live pleasantly with our fellow man.
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Words on Wednedday

This is my story containing these words.

      It  all started as a silly (PRANK) which fourteen year old Bob M'Coyle will (REGRET) for ever.
Bob after breaking the chain which secured the rifle his father kept in the cellar unbeknown to Bob was loaded  Although it had been nearly a decade since the (HOSTILITY) with the Clantons had ceased Bob likened himself as a soldier when he shouldered (ARMS) and marched out into the (LIGHT) of day to where his ( ADORABLE)  little sister stood and yelled "Stick em up or I'll shoot".
Bob's sister did not respond and the expected 'Click' turned out to be a 'Bang'.

Moral. Guns are quite safe until you forget they are dangerous.

Monday, 17 October 2016


To create perfection takes time. Dissatisfaction within your Marriage or Recognised Partnership known as the 'Seven Year itch, allegedly occurs after seven years of marriage. The pace of modern life being what it is , we seem to have accelerated the process and are hitting the seven year distance within one year, and it seems more couples are unhappiest during their first year of togetherness than those which follow. The phrase honeymoon period' clearly needs rethinking, but it is still worth considering why there should be so much dissatisfaction so early. Possibly it may be due to our present day culture being so demanding of every thing being immediate. However, most happily married couples know that perfection takes time. Give it more than one year at least. ....................................................................................... WHAT IS A HUSBAND. A Husband is a man you really like and really love - he's the closest friend you've ever had.... A HUSBAND is that special man who shares your dreams for a wonderful future. He gives the special meaning to that beautiful word - Together. It really doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing so long as we have each other to share it all.   But that is where the dream ends. My wife has dementia she is eight years my junior, very little communication  ever gets acknowledged,, from our waking  hours and mid sleep I am at her beck and call , I am now responsible for all matters shopping, cooking and cleaning except for a visit every F/N by a cleaning lady $60-00 and a lawn mowing guy once a month $ 40-00, On Mon & Wed I pay $72-00 for my wife to vanish for five hours, last week they were used for health visits hence little time for any blogging action.. In between these responsibilities  I bring her breakfast in bed  see to her dental and personal cleanliness IE washing showering and providing her with clean clothing. colouring her hair  brushing her hair and a frequent visit to the Hairdresser,BTW in the past year according to my doc I have lost 17 kilos, I also suffer back pain more frequently, laying flat momentarily between chores helps, It matters little what TV programme is showing in the evenings  Rosemary sleeps through it all; and I suppose I shall be doing this until the end of my days simply because I love her, and that is all that matters.

 Just don't give upon trying to-do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.
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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Words on Wednesday.

Todays Words on Wednesday.


                My story is about  Bill Smith and His wife Mary who live on a small (ISLAND) down the coast where the population is small until the (FLOOD)  Of vacationers and sales (FIENDS) arrive in their boatloads for a weekend of fishing and trying their best to sell you Solar panels in an attempt to (FIX) up your (PRIMITIVE) lifestyle, However, Bill and Mary Smith  are having none of these (IMPOSTERS) Who are intent on disrupting their (PRIMITIVE) lifestyle as the salespeople refer to their down to earth style living arrangements, Bill and Mary have become accustomed to living without television, radio and other electrical devices except for the Gas fuelled Barby and a supply of beer BILL say's "No Aussie should be deprived of.". Bill Say's "" Gdday".

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Saturday, 1 October 2016

The No. 1 Question Your Doctor Should Always Ask You .

 The No. 1 Question Your Doctor Should Always Ask You . . .
      "How Much Water Do You Drink on a Daily Basis?"
And Why Your Answer Could Mean the Difference Between a Lifetime of Optimal Health — or Chronic Disease.
      Think about it do you really need some quack or medico to stretch the point you are not drinking enough water? of course most of you don't, however you are not doing your self any favours  by ignoring the fact that your future health is factored in by the amount of water you drink daily.
During the past fifteen years my average intake of  inexpensive clean filtered-boiled and refrigerated tap water being around two litres or  over three pints per day, thus counteracting the social sludge I slurp into my body from the stuff I enjoy, such as tea sugar dairy products Johnny Walker C/Cola and a rare coffee. also muck that hangs around In my system from a heap of other miscellaneous additives found in the crap we  call food.
Can you imagine a back yard swimming pool 30x15x5ft equalling nearly 64,000 litre's.  If you drank two litres of it each day it would take you seventy five years to empty it and start drinking one third of your neighbours pool by the time you received your birthday wishes from the Queen when finally hitting a ton.
      Although feeling weary occasionally but mentally fit and still able to enjoy life and reflect back on the extra good times you enjoyed in your twilight years.
Your life extends beyond the norm and are still getting around courtesy of your zimmer frame or motorised cart. You visit the last resting places of friends and rello's long forgotten who played with you in the school play ground. Those not incinerated and buried in their local cemetery's are difficult to .locate due to the weathering of their markers over the years but your acute brain still functioning well is able to locate the remains of your old pals who drank and smoked their way into oblivion a quarter of a century back before you reached the end of your procreative days.
      Monitoring the habits of people I have known for time immemorial one person in particular and a person I have known since I was about seventeen on my first R N Ship and four years my senior was not of great stature but well adjusted polite knowledgeable and non smoking and an abstainer from the daily eighth of a pint of neat rum, which I and others considered was the catalyst for dumbing down the lesser mortals  on RN Ships during my time in particular, the person in question is still around and now approaching ninety four years of age, is fit as a fiddle communicates with me regularly and continued each year to turn up for the long ANZAC day march in Sydney, until he reached 90 drinks lots of water doesn't drink or smoke and packed up driving last year., I expect he will be around much longer than I shall ever be, then again one cannot discount the prospects of a cock up when crossing the road or bitten by a snake behind the back shed while moving a flower pot, also the other great Aussie terminators the red back om the dunny seat and worst of all a funnel web spider in your budgie smugglers, However if you have stuck to the rules and led a healthy life your strong constitution  could be your saviour when seeking antidotal treatment.
      A case in point was made clear today by a close associate who is an avid coffee drinker -smoker and also one who leads a sedentary life and rarely if ever drinks water or eats fruit and is lacking normal exercise, I feel sad for him in his Hospital bed, mind you his predicament was helped on by a prick of a Quack prescribing the wrong treatment, we all hope he is well soon.

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I visited my wife Rose on Mother's Day (yesterday) with my son Chris, his ex, Ruth, and fresh chrysanthemums and roses.