The No. 1 Question Your Doctor Should Always Ask You .

 The No. 1 Question Your Doctor Should Always Ask You . . .
      "How Much Water Do You Drink on a Daily Basis?"
And Why Your Answer Could Mean the Difference Between a Lifetime of Optimal Health — or Chronic Disease.
      Think about it do you really need some quack or medico to stretch the point you are not drinking enough water? of course most of you don't, however you are not doing your self any favours  by ignoring the fact that your future health is factored in by the amount of water you drink daily.
During the past fifteen years my average intake of  inexpensive clean filtered-boiled and refrigerated tap water being around two litres or  over three pints per day, thus counteracting the social sludge I slurp into my body from the stuff I enjoy, such as tea sugar dairy products Johnny Walker C/Cola and a rare coffee. also muck that hangs around In my system from a heap of other miscellaneous additives found in the crap we  call food.
Can you imagine a back yard swimming pool 30x15x5ft equalling nearly 64,000 litre's.  If you drank two litres of it each day it would take you seventy five years to empty it and start drinking one third of your neighbours pool by the time you received your birthday wishes from the Queen when finally hitting a ton.
      Although feeling weary occasionally but mentally fit and still able to enjoy life and reflect back on the extra good times you enjoyed in your twilight years.
Your life extends beyond the norm and are still getting around courtesy of your zimmer frame or motorised cart. You visit the last resting places of friends and rello's long forgotten who played with you in the school play ground. Those not incinerated and buried in their local cemetery's are difficult to .locate due to the weathering of their markers over the years but your acute brain still functioning well is able to locate the remains of your old pals who drank and smoked their way into oblivion a quarter of a century back before you reached the end of your procreative days.
      Monitoring the habits of people I have known for time immemorial one person in particular and a person I have known since I was about seventeen on my first R N Ship and four years my senior was not of great stature but well adjusted polite knowledgeable and non smoking and an abstainer from the daily eighth of a pint of neat rum, which I and others considered was the catalyst for dumbing down the lesser mortals  on RN Ships during my time in particular, the person in question is still around and now approaching ninety four years of age, is fit as a fiddle communicates with me regularly and continued each year to turn up for the long ANZAC day march in Sydney, until he reached 90 drinks lots of water doesn't drink or smoke and packed up driving last year., I expect he will be around much longer than I shall ever be, then again one cannot discount the prospects of a cock up when crossing the road or bitten by a snake behind the back shed while moving a flower pot, also the other great Aussie terminators the red back om the dunny seat and worst of all a funnel web spider in your budgie smugglers, However if you have stuck to the rules and led a healthy life your strong constitution  could be your saviour when seeking antidotal treatment.
      A case in point was made clear today by a close associate who is an avid coffee drinker -smoker and also one who leads a sedentary life and rarely if ever drinks water or eats fruit and is lacking normal exercise, I feel sad for him in his Hospital bed, mind you his predicament was helped on by a prick of a Quack prescribing the wrong treatment, we all hope he is well soon.

Have a great weekend , Give me a call, Vest........Back soon.


Have a lovely weekend.
Doctor's should listen as much, and probably more, than they speak. And few of them do.
Granny Annie said…
Christmas night I had the local emergency volunteers in home checking on what I thought was a heart attack. Turned out to be dehydration. I try now to be very careful to drink plenty of fluids and not counting coffee toward my hydration.

Meanwhile my closest friend struggling with some unknown medical issues finally has learned that she drinks too much water and has a life threatening illness called SIADH (Syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone.) She suffered a long time before learning what the problem was and not she measures her water by the sips throughout the day. It has changed her life completely. Who knew?
baili said…
interesting write up .
glad that we have a doctor who listens
Vest said…
baili. Thank you for your call.
My family too have a great doctor; a GP, and also have access to most medical and surgical needs in a local hospital. Our Doctor Ajay Seekuri is from the UK, a former resident in India some years ago. Not sure what faith he follows.
The last time I was in Pakistan was 1960, in Karachi, my ship the HMS Scarborough Berthed alomgside of a former ship I had served on; The Ex HMS Diadem. Which had been renamed PNS Babur.
Vest said…
EC.Yes we did have a nice weekend, peaceful; no visitors lots of rest.
Vest said…
Grnnie Annie. I drink water which is pure and not that which is supplied from the kitchen , W C and the garden. I drink approx. 1 Litre per day Min.
I don't think many Aussies would suffer dehydration on Christmas day in particular.
Vest said…
Slightly confused. If I drank more water than my present amount I would probably drown.
How much Booze do you drink with your water, guzzleguts.
Vest said…
AMY. You really are a charmer. In reply to your Question, About a tenth of one per cent. Maybe less.
baili said…
thank you for for your kind words .
best wishes

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