Words on Wednedday

This is my story containing these words.

      It  all started as a silly (PRANK) which fourteen year old Bob M'Coyle will (REGRET) for ever.
Bob after breaking the chain which secured the rifle his father kept in the cellar unbeknown to Bob was loaded  Although it had been nearly a decade since the (HOSTILITY) with the Clantons had ceased Bob likened himself as a soldier when he shouldered (ARMS) and marched out into the (LIGHT) of day to where his ( ADORABLE)  little sister stood and yelled "Stick em up or I'll shoot".
Bob's sister did not respond and the expected 'Click' turned out to be a 'Bang'.

Moral. Guns are quite safe until you forget they are dangerous.


Granny Annie said…
Oh my goodness...such a sad ending. Well done with the first six words. I managed to incorporate all 12 in mine today.
Ouch. Sadly I am pretty certain that this story is not uncommon to too many grieving families.

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