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Randy Faith Industry Leader, dabbles in double standards. Mick bishop one short of Muslim Quota..

Asuncion: Paraguay. President Fernando Lugo asked for forgiveness Friday for a paternity scandal in which three women claim the former Roman Catholic bishop fathered their children. Reading to reporters from a written statement, Lugo acknowledged "personal errors" and portrayed himself as a "father who is prepared to share his love and care." But Lugo, who has acknowledged fathering a 2-year-old boy born to a former parishioner, did not recognize the two children involved in two other paternity claims. "I am a human being,( He should mention this to the Pope , a former Fascist Hitler youth member) and therefore nothing is foreign to me," Lugo said. "Asking forgiveness for these circumstances, I want to stress that my version will always be the truth." A senator from a party currently aligned with Lugo's urged the president to resign. "Your past guaranteed a high level of credibility that would straighten out the nation's path,"

Barney hasn't called lately....Plus Reminiscing.

Although we are not into receiving impromptu visitors; Barney was the exception. Barney is a big guy friendly and excitable. we first met barney about eighteen months ago at the time our son Tim was house hunting and had left his three little ones in our care. We were not sure where Barney lived at first but later was told it was about a kilometer down the road. Barney always had a great reception from our three little ones and joined in their activities which included dinner in the evening. We were not too concerned about the extra mouth to feed as it was a pleasure to see how amicable they were. However, as soon as it got dark, the four of them would gather around the front gate to see him leave. Then it came to pass that our son Tim moved in with us for ten months, and during that time Barney continued to call and for a joke swapped his identity tag with one of our little one's for several visits, this resulted in a visit to our house by a lady who informed us that Barney was he

Brain Dead Bikie Gangs on Collision Course.... Read previous post for more details.

Bikies not so tough after all: BESIDES their tattoos, facial hair, crime links, grimy clothes and primitive behavioural standards, bikies don't actually have much going for them. Except for their scary, scary reputation. If there's one thing bikies pride themselves on, it's their reputation as the meanest, toughest guys in town. Recently there has been a spate of Bikie involved altercations within the Sydney metropolitan area, punchups at the air port where shots were fired and a jewelery store holdup in broad daylight in a major shopping centre. Plus there have been inter bikie gang drive by shootings and fortunately deaths occurring within the bikie community, this should be done more often until these brain dead idiots wipe themselves out. This is the sort of thing you'd expect someone to grow out of by the time they're actually old enough to get a motorcycle licence, but still. . . So what happens when a bikie gang loses its fearsome rep? As Australia's Hell

More Bikie Incidents....Read only.

Bikies bailed over alleged bashing The Age - ‎Apr 20, 2009‎ TWO Sydney men linked to the NSW Comancheros motorcycle club have been bailed in Victoria over allegations they came to Melbourne and attacked and seriously injured a man in a home invasion. A Melbourne detective said yesterday NSW police had reported ...Bikies bailed over alleged bashing WA today - ‎Apr 20, 2009‎ TWO Sydney men linked to the NSW Comancheros motorcycle club have been bailed in Victoria over allegations they came to Melbourne and attacked and seriously injured a man in a home invasion. A Melbourne detective said yesterday NSW police had reported ...Mates of accused pair confront Herald Sun at court Herald Sun - ‎Apr 20, 2009‎ RELATIVES and friends of two men with alleged links to the Comancheros motorcycle gang attacked two Herald Sun photographers outside Melbourne Magistrates' Court last night. The pair were trying to photograph the release of Sydney man George Kozma from ...Men bailed over alleged home b

Honour thy Father and thy Mother, Afghani style.

Not so loving to one's daughter and her lover. Again I cross swords with the sheer downright ignorance and the inbred stark fear of one's peers, within the archaic Muslim Sharia Law. Sharia law runs parallel and equally as stupid as sixteenth century witch hunting and burning of innocent people at the stake. This latest violation of human rights should be challenged and the perpetrators of this atrocity; namely this Muslim segment of the faith industry charged with murder; nothing less. Lovers shot for eloping. Kabul: A Taliban firing squad has executed a young couple for trying to elope. Gul Pecha, 19,and her boyfriend Abdul Aziz, 21, were shot with AK-47's in front of a crowd in a militant controlled town in Southwest Afghanistan. The were accused by the militants of immoral acts and a council of conservative clerics decided they should be killed. The two had hoped to travel to Iran but their parents sent villagers to bring them home. Although accounts vary as to whether

Dunces: Facebookers - Time Wasters.

For ages now we have known the truth that the true cause of the global financial crisis is that too many of us have been too busy wasting employers time on 'Face book' to do any actual work. Observations by employers when approaching employees would frequently notice hurried clicking to cover up non office activity such as face book photo galleries about ("our overseas holiday") with Excel spreadsheets of public hospital funding. It is a well established fact that 70 percent of Face booking students had lower grades than the non - Face bookers. I recently heard that some universities have set up Face book sites so students can find out for themselves if they are Face book addicts, which is like boosting AA numbers by having a happy hour. Anyhow,feel free to blog with me about this anytime you are at work.

'Ahoy There You Land Lubbers. Listen to the Pirate Cannons Fire the Facts'

IS THE MEDIA TELLING THE WHOLE STORY? The Somali pirates who took control of the 17,000-ton “Maersk Alabama” cargo-ship in the early hours of Wednesday morning probably were unaware that the ship they were boarding belonged to a U.S. Department of Defense contractor with “top security clearance,” which does a half-billion dollars in annual business with the Pentagon, primarily the Navy. The ship was being operated by an “all-American” crew — there were 20 U.S. nationals on the ship. “Every indication is that this is the first time a U.S.-flagged ship has been successfully seized by pirates,” said Lt. Nathan Christensen, a spokesperson for for the U.S. Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet. The last documented pirate attack of a U.S. vessel by African pirates was reported in 1804, off Libya, according to The Los Angeles Times. The company, A.P. Moller-Maersk, is a Denmark-based company with a large U.S. subsidiary, Maersk Line, Ltd, that serves U.S. government agencies and contractors. The com

"Is it a Church Or just a Function Hall?"

WORSHIPPERS at one of the state's largest hospital chapels have been ordered to get rid of crucifixes and Bibles and pull down religious pictures and symbols for fear of offending other religions. It was in the early 90s when a similar incident occurred at Christmas Time within a large shopping complex in western Sydney, when a senior management person took it upon himself to ban a 'Nativity Scene' from the premises, for fear it would upset members of other religions within the community. Although not a knee bender myself, my first thoughts were, but this is first and fore most a Christian Country, and it certainly would not hold water in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and the geezer I confronted, was from the western side of the Sub Continent. The stupid decision was overturned when others joined the fray. The decision by Royal North Shore Hospital has outraged patients and their families, many of whom have turned to the chapel for comfort in their darkest hours. Hospital managers o

Will you prefer Water or Coke? This is no Joke.

Water or Coke? I could not believe this..... Very interesting WATER 1. 75% of people are chronically dehydrated. (Likely applies to half the world population) 2. In 37% of people, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is mistaken for hunger. 3. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's metabolism as 3%. 4. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a University of Washington study. 5. Lack of water, the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue. 6. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers. 7. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page. 8. Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%., and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer. Are you

'ROBBING REVERANDS', $Millions in Church Donations used for Sex, Luxury Cruises and Gambling

I Have often considered that within the ranks of professional people there lies a higher ratio of criminal activity than that of the general public at large. These people have more devices and options to avoid detection and incarceration. However the Faith Industry gaudily robed ministers have long been excused close scrutiny and over my years I met many I would not trust with my wife or wallet, the worst offenders hailing from the church of Rome, who run neck and neck with miscellaneous scoutmasters in the art of bestiality A Florida priest who, with another Reverend stole US$8 Million from church collection plate donations, in order to cruise the Bahamas and Australia. These phony religious Geeks, the Rev Francis Guinan and his running mate John Skehan have been jailed. Both had spent church money on expensive homes and gambling visits to Las Vegas and entertaining loose women. they were arrested after an extended holiday in Ireland and Australia. They stated, that they felt entitled

Greed, Fornication and a bit of casual Sinning is ok. Now we are all going to Heaven.

HELL EXPLAINED BY CHEMISTRY STUDENT The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term paper. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well: Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world t