Honour thy Father and thy Mother, Afghani style.

Not so loving to one's daughter and her lover.

Again I cross swords with the sheer downright ignorance and the inbred stark fear of one's peers, within the archaic Muslim Sharia Law.
Sharia law runs parallel and equally as stupid as sixteenth century witch hunting and burning of innocent people at the stake.
This latest violation of human rights should be challenged and the perpetrators of this atrocity; namely this Muslim segment of the faith industry charged with murder; nothing less.

Lovers shot for eloping.

Kabul: A Taliban firing squad has executed a young couple for trying to elope.
Gul Pecha, 19,and her boyfriend Abdul Aziz, 21, were shot with AK-47's in front of a crowd in a militant controlled town in Southwest Afghanistan.
The were accused by the militants of immoral acts and a council of conservative clerics decided they should be killed.
The two had hoped to travel to Iran but their parents sent villagers to bring them home. Although accounts vary as to whether the pair was handed over to the Taliban by their parents or taken by force.
The Taliban forbids unmarried men and women talking or meeting without supervision.

I find it difficult to believe this sort of behaviour, when I compare our very close social activity with our Muslim friends and neighbours while living in Malaya in the 1950s. One friend Abdul Karim bin Anang who died in December 1986, Wrote to us for thirty two years, beautiful copper plate style letters in near perfect English, and we visited him and his extended family in 1960 and 1986 prior to his departure to that great mosque in the sky. I believe he was more Christian than Myself and his goodness showed.


Anonymous said…
That is the same Sharia law that just ruled in a court of law that it was OK for some despot father to sell his 8 year old daughter in marriage to a 53 year old neighbour. The father divorced the mother and sold the child out of spite. Disgusting and immoral behaviour and they wonder why the west thinks the worst of them. Shame on them.
The pig ignorance of this religion is unbelievable. They will rot in hell for it and good job.
Thank goodness not all of the muslim world practices the worst extremes of these ignorant laws.
Jimmy said…
Sharia law runs parallel and

equally as stupid as sixteenth century witch hunting and burning of innocent people at the stake.
Jimmy said…
it is my experience here in India

Muslims are God fearing
they wont cheat in business

they respect women
they wont hurt children

unlike the Hindu fanatics here
unlike Christian business men

I got cheated by a Sindhi business man, a Hindu

and a Major General, a church going Christian, he cheated many consultants like me

another Christian business man here is famous for issuing rubber cheques

in any case we cant
we shudnt generalize
kate...fb said…
jimmy, if that christiam business guy you mentioned is so famous famous for his bouncing cheques why is it Indian people you know are so dense to accept them?
Jimmy said…
u dummy

do u no the population of India
its not possiblel to no

until u have been made a Sucker
4get the Christian

tell me about u
do u love Vest as much as I hate the bloke
Jimmy said…
u no why I hate him?
he married my sweet heart
Vest said…
Jimmy: I am not generalising I realise there are fundamental differences between Muslim sects, I was refering to those still living in the dark ages.

Kate: Jimmy was a two year old still shitting his pants when his fictional lover married yours truly.

Aggie: The the only comment with an element of common sense.x.

Jimmy: You may have misread Kate, Dense meaning a thick head with very little active matter.
Also you still use the word Hate. which sounds so permanent. try using the word dislike, it can be varied to your liking, such as I dislike you saying that you hate me without giving any strong reason.
However I think you are quite a good bloke , except you behave like an Asshole most of the time.
Jimmy said…
I learnt from TSH MOM and other Americans

I love the YANKEES
they dont mince WORDS

like dislike hate
these are just WORDS

tqmcintl said…
an ASSHOLE is a good bloke
by my definition

dats why I like u
dont get me rong

I like u
not LOVE u

I am straighter than KESHIs straight hair
tqmcintl said…
her Bush is curly though
I seen it
Jimmy said…
we are having ELECTIONS, I am campaigning

SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2009

live FAST, die YOUNG - James Dean
Jesus finsished His Mission on EARTH is just 33 years

James Dean and Jim Reeves and Santana did likewise
so also MK Gandhi, and Rev Martin Luther King

INDIA is being ruled by OLD TIMERS with IDEAS not in tune with the NEW Gen

its time u r put to grass,
Advaniji and Vajpayeeji and ..

and make way for the NEW Gen

- Annony Mouse

the CONGRESS is an OLD Woman over 100
- Mody
Vest said…
Jimmy: You Forgot Alexander the Great in your list, about 33 When he expired wasn't he?
Of course we must not forget the numerous millions slaughtered in their teens following directives from upposing Governments over a thousand years or more, and even more so I shall remember many of my school friends who succumbed during WW2.
Keshi said…
I thought STUPIDITY had an expiry date...Sharia Law proves it doesnt.

Goldoni said…
The Muslim God, the Christian God, the Jewish God has one thing in common. Gods only excuse is he does not exist. All these laws have been written by man QED
wan kee ting said…
jimmie - China not have erections any more - just hard government.
Jimmy said…
wan kee ting
u a lady
or a man?

WELCOME to the MAD House
and Goldoni

go fly a kite
wan kee ting said…
jimmie yu silly billy wan its man - yu sucking iriot yuno nomuch
Jimmy said…
wan kee ting

Chinese names all sound feminine to me

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