"Is it a Church Or just a Function Hall?"

WORSHIPPERS at one of the state's largest hospital chapels have been ordered to get rid of crucifixes and Bibles and pull down religious pictures and symbols for fear of offending other religions.

It was in the early 90s when a similar incident occurred at Christmas Time within a large shopping complex in western Sydney, when a senior management person took it upon himself to ban a 'Nativity Scene' from the premises, for fear it would upset members of other religions within the community. Although not a knee bender myself, my first thoughts were, but this is first and fore most a Christian Country, and it certainly would not hold water in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and the geezer I confronted, was from the western side of the Sub Continent. The stupid decision was overturned when others joined the fray.

The decision by Royal North Shore Hospital has outraged patients and their families, many of whom have turned to the chapel for comfort in their darkest hours.

Hospital managers ordered the ban on symbols of any kind because the chapel was increasingly being used by a number of different faiths.

But Mosman Mayor Dominic Lopez said angry patients were offended that the chapel no longer represented a holy place.

"I used to sit there and pray when my wife was dying of breast cancer and look at that cross," he said. "Now it is just a hall and the decision is bulls. . .. You either have a chapel or you don't. It's offensive to have a church or chapel and not have a cross in it."

Some hospital chaplains have been fighting the decision but recently lost their battle.

The hospital defended its decision to ban all Christian and non-Christian symbols, saying it was appropriate to appease all religions. Each faith is allowed to display their symbols during services but they must be taken down and stored out of sight afterwards.

But Islamic leaders last night stressed they would not have asked for Christian symbols to be removed. I am left wondering whether this is entirely true

NSW Health does not have a fixed policy on prayer rooms or hospital chapels.

Some two-bit bob bureaucrat has made the decision, just like when someone decided we couldn't sing Christmas carols anymore in schools.

Since 1968, visitors and patients of all faiths have been able to use the chapel. With its stained glass windows and timber ceiling, the prayer hall has been the perfect backdrop for weddings and other ceremonies.

Up until recently, a cross was visible at the front of the altar. A separate Muslim prayer space has been made in the chapel's loft.

The chapel is now best described as a multi-faith chapel where people from all of the miscellaneous branches of the faith industry may feel welcome.

The decision was made to display the symbols of each faith, for example the chapel's cross and Bible, during specific services and ceremonies only.

These important religious symbols are appropriately stored and used regularly.

99 percent of of the strife in our world today and in the past, stems from religious lunacy and in fighting, this is on the increase within Australia due to the post war arrival of Muslim hordes seemingly set on undermining the normally staid populace with their inhuman archaic beliefs. Mind you the most recent outburst from the Mick Archbishop Pell beggar's belief. It's so enlightening to hear those in the Celibate sector come forth with advice on sexual intercourse.


Vest said…
Return of the Prodigal icons.

JESUS rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. In Sydney, however, His resurrection came two days earlier.

All evidence of Christ was recently removed from Royal North Shore Hospital's chapel, in an ill-advised piece of politically correct pandering.

The decision was apparently taken to ensure that followers of other religions would not be offended. It subsequently emerged that followers of other religions were quite happy for the Christian icons to remain in place.

So yesterday, on Good Friday, the cross and a copy of the Bible were back in place on the chapel's altar. A pro-active Catholic priest, acting on his own initiative, decided to replace them.

By all accounts, staff and patients at the hospital are powerfully supportive of the move.

Now we await official reaction.

Given prevailing political moods, it isn't beyond expectations that the priest may find himself in a spot of trouble.

He might even become the first priest in Australian history to be challenged over the deeply controversial act of putting a Bible in a chapel.

We live in interesting times.
Jimmy said…
the historical reality dont matter

this Hippy talked of LOVE
He was anti religion

He revolted against the Jewish rituals

He was anti religion
Jimmy said…
I am Christian
u r Christian

vote for me
the polly tiesation of Religion

the British and the Portuguese sent missionnaires to convert them first
C A. USA said…
I notice your use of the term [Faith Industry] as likened to a form of business. Its a cliche you have used for some time, given the right springboard it could quite well appear in our dictionaries soon.
Jimmy said…
I like the term Faith Industry
it is apt

USA guys are great in Marketing.
they even created the OSHO brand after the Bhagwan died

now they are reaping in the big bucks
Jimmy said…
Jesus and Bhagwan and all the Gurus of India were never commercial

Now BIBLES are sold
and Bhagwad Gita by ISKCON, now another American Brand
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Anonymous said…
Political Correctness going mad, bad and stupid again. Make it an empty vessel (a mere Hall) and that's exactly what it will become. Why bother having a pretend Chapel. It is so small minded as to be unbelievable.
Jimmy said…
I am bored Andy
give us another one

but not like dis one
dis one was sad
Jimmy said…
A is here ... A is here ... A is here

now is the time Andy
Jimmy said…
the LOVE, the PASSION, and the JOY of Easter, a promise of a NEW Life

Happy Easter
Rose, VEST and all the freaks in here
Jimmy said…
You may ask me
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and doubt the way I feel

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Kate...fb said…
Oi Vesty,mum wants to know if you are the guy in the telegraph sunday puzzles about the pommie politiians - its on page 113, Luvsya Kate xxx
Vest said…
Kate: I had a dekko - Could be, you never know it might even be maybe,xxx.
Vest said…
Jimmy: Is Kate An Atheist, you ask.

Dun Fink so mate. she wasn't the last time I looked.
Chris B....r said…
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gordon the baker. said…
Mr Vest.Dont tell me this isn't you or I lose ten bucks to zed.

Puzzles- Sunday's Best. page 113. Sydney Sunday Telegraph April 12.

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Answer; Conservative: Clementine Churchill ( wife of Sir Winston Churchill).

Labour: Clement Attlee.

Liberal; Clement Davies.
Jimmy said…

who da Duck is God?

God is an atheist
- Vest
graeme said…
Wish I could think so quickly. . . .

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Jimmy said…
I bet Wally is one of dem complaints
Vest said…
Gordon tell Zed he got it wrong, Ok.
deuitkom said…
Interesting article about dasher? Looks a bit like published by elektor/iTRIXX. not?

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