Randy Faith Industry Leader, dabbles in double standards. Mick bishop one short of Muslim Quota..

Asuncion: Paraguay.

President Fernando Lugo asked for forgiveness Friday for a paternity scandal in which three women claim the former Roman Catholic bishop fathered their children.

Reading to reporters from a written statement, Lugo acknowledged "personal errors" and portrayed himself as a "father who is prepared to share his love and care."

But Lugo, who has acknowledged fathering a 2-year-old boy born to a former parishioner, did not recognize the two children involved in two other paternity claims.

"I am a human being,( He should mention this to the Pope , a former Fascist Hitler youth member) and therefore nothing is foreign to me," Lugo said. "Asking forgiveness for these circumstances, I want to stress that my version will always be the truth."

A senator from a party currently aligned with Lugo's urged the president to resign.

"Your past guaranteed a high level of credibility that would straighten out the nation's path," Alfredo Jaeggli said in a letter submitted to the presidency and congress. "Your current personal situation has made you lose all credibility.

"I beg you to resign."

Lugo's election victory a year ago put an end to more than six decades of one-party rule and promised a break with corruption by political elites. He took over in August with a mandate to help the nation's poor and indigenous.

On Friday, Lugo vowed not to let the current scandal distract his government from pressing reforms, and said he would step down only when his term ends in 2013.

"I will respond one by one to each case they attribute to me, as testimony to the truth," he said.

The paternity scandal is seen as an embarrassment for both Lugo's administration and the church. But in Paraguay's macho culture, political analysts say the paternity claims could help Lugo by lending him an air of virility and strength.

Lugo on Friday declined to answer questions on paternity claims, referring reporters to his lawyer.

"You will see this president as a father who is prepared to share his love and care," Lugo said.

The 2-year-old boy whom Lugo has acknowledged fathering while he was still subject to his vows of chastity is now adopting the president's name with a judge's permission. The mother, 26-year-old Viviana Carrillo, was the first to go public with a paternity claim against Lugo this month.

Another woman, an impoverished 25-year-old soap seller named Benigna Leguizamon, is requesting a DNA test to verify her claim that Lugo fathered her 6-year-old son. A Cabinet minister says Lugo has agreed to submit a DNA test. (But the test will not be subject to the truth,) you can bet your boots on that)
The most recent woman to claim a child with Lugo is a 39-year-old divorcee with two adult children who said she met Lugo three years ago, after he gave up his church leadership position. Unlike the others, Damiana Hortensia Moran Amarilla she says has no plans to sue the president.(She probably has a great desire to live)

Lugo resigned in 2004 as bishop of San Pedro, in the landlocked nation's poorest province, and in December 2006 announced he was renouncing his bishop status to run for president.

Pope Benedict XVI did not give him permission to resign, relieving him of his chastity vows, until July 2008, after insisting during Lugo's campaign that he would always be a bishop under Church law.

One bishop, Rogelio Livieres, alleges the church was aware of possible abuse of authority by Lugo but let him resign without making the complaints public, thus facilitating his bid for the presidency.

However, the Paraguayan bishops' conference says it never received "formal written complaints" from women about Lugo.


Obviously the power of the Catholic church will decide his fate, favourably no doubt. Lugo's misuse of authority would come as no surprise to most micks, tales coming out of Ireland about priests frolicking with home alone housewives are commonplace.
Ignorance and fear of the powerful priests who administer the teachings of the Church of Rome in the impoverished communities of Sth/ America, will mean, peasants fearing the wrath of these lying denizens, will be expected to administer sexual favours now and as in the past, without question; to these tin gods of Christianity.


wally said…
that bastard has more power in his nuts than the power of God.
Anonymous said…
I think the whole chastity of Priests thing is silly anyway. They should be allowed to marry and then the temptations wouldn't get too much for them. But, I'm not Catholic, so what do I know.
kate...fb said…
Our priest in a suburb of sydney about 1985, my dad tells me was having it off with little boys and wound up in the slammer.
Luvs ya vesty,x.
Andrew B, Ims unwired. said…
Best Friend Test

This is a fool proof Best Friend Test.
If you don't believe it, just try this-

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Jimmy said…
An elderly man walks into a confessional. The following conversation ensues:

Man: 'I am 92 years old, have a wonderful wife of 70 years, many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Yesterday, I picked up two college girls, hitchhiking. We went to a motel, where I had sex with each of them three times.'

Priest: 'Are you sorry for your sins?'

Man: 'What sins?'

Priest: 'What kind of a Catholic are you?'

Man: 'I'm Jewish.'

Priest: 'Why are you telling me all this?'

Man: 'I'm 92 years old ... I'm telling everybody!'
Jimmy said…
the dog and your wife?
sounds hott
Jimmy said…
another one of my close pals is gone
Om Prakash Jaria
May God give him rest

brain stroke
he died without suffering
Praise the Lord

atheist, age 57
Vest said…
Andrew B & Jimmy: fortunately I drive a Station wagon and do not own a dog. Anyhow I doubt very much any person I know would be stupid enough to perform such a daft trick, putting ones wife and a dog in the boot (trunk for yanks)of a vehicle would be a crimminal act of debauchery and anyone with a brain would be aware of the pending result, unless Andrew, you yourself have engaged in this tomfoolery.
Jimmy said…
I am with Aggie
celibacy is against Nature (Gods law)

I dont think Jesus was celibate
Jimmy said…
a conversation ...
Saby D:

first answer this question

if i were married to u

and u cot me in bed with a young girl

wud u divorce me?

If you were married to me, would you be tempted to be with anyone else?

But to answer your question, you have to understand how a woman thinks...a woman believes and feels differently from a man.

A woman waits her whole life to be loved and fought for , and sought after....for arranged marriages probably they pray for a night in shining armor ad hope that the one that her parents have selected will love her and cherish her as a man should. Whether they believe in the tradition or not they hope in their heart of hearts that they will be one of the few who will find true love.

When that hope and that trust is broken by infidelity, a wedge comes between the man and wife that is very hard to overcome.

Two spirits that have become one have now become three and that trust is lost by the shock of the perception of the wife that she is no longer good enough to please her husband.

This is the worst possible thing to do to a wife because it kills the essence of who she is as a woman. This is especially true to a woman who has washed your clothes and helped to rear your children because she has shown her love through service, and fidelity, and devotion.

You tell me....would I leave you?
Keshi said…
HAHAHA @ Wally's comment!

I wonder why Catholic priests r often involved in sex scandals. Has it got something to do with the 10 commandments? LOL!

Jimmy said…
Woo man

her firm boobs will sag
her tight ass will turn to jelly
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but if she has a beautiful mind

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it will only get better with time�
Christine Marsh said…
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graeme said…
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Vest said…
Sorry folks, I have had major probs with my computer since Tues 28th.
Jimmy said…
I cud easily fall in love
with C M
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vest said…
Jimmy: C M is my niece, lay off you horny toad.
Jimmy said…
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Jimmy said…
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correia.marie: i didot get any
me: hihihi
cyber kiss

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Morris doesnt flirt?
correia.marie: i am not flirting
i am chatting with my students
me: oh GOD
with students??
correia.marie: yes

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Morris doesnt flirt?
correia.marie: i am not flirting
i am chatting with my students
me: oh GOD
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correia.marie: yes
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me: OMG

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flirting is funn
correia.marie: carry on
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u have a long holiday
make the hours shorter
correia.marie: ok

me: hihihihihihi
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correia.marie: we r taqlking serious talk
me: seriously?
correia.marie: yes

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correia.marie: tell me
me: give each couple a page of a news paper
Sent at 7:38 AM on Tuesday
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the referee checks all couples
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me: give each couple a page of a news paper
Sent at 7:38 AM on Tuesday
me: when the music stops the couple must stand on the paper without stepping out os the sheet
the referee checks all couples
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dancing continues
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wanna play?
Vest said…
I am uncertain as to what all that fiddle faddle was supposed to be. However, the paper folding contest would cease on the seventh attempt,and that's for sure.
Jimmy said…
not if u no YOGA
she wrapped her legs behind my back
and inpaled her self onto me ..

needless to say
the hostess didnt invite us to any more of her parties hence

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