Tuesday, 2 July 2019

A family member has provided me with a selection of words to keep me busy

Agents. Police. Several. People. Travelling. Tailors.

My Story Goes.

                          A ten-ton truck travelling a ton up along the Taunton to Tiverton trunk road was stopped by police for speeding. a policeman asked him why?. and he replied,
"Terrible Tiverton tummy is taking hold in Tiverton. Thousands traumatised, I am taking ten tons of toilet tissues to the Tiverton toilet tissue tsars- Timothy-Twaite &Tailors who are oursole Agents.

Groan away. Vest Daily Gaggle.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Words for Wednesday.

Welcome. Expecting. Trigger. Essential.  Taller. Moving.

A friend passing by during the evening told us he was in town. It was *essential we remained Alert,
We had been *expecting the un-*welcome *trigger happy guy to call on us after his release from prison.  Much* taller  than most men, his head was *moving above the bushes when I popped up my hat with the Floor mop above the window sill, It was then he was exposed when he fired and received  my calling card, "Gotcha."

Vest Daily Gaggle.

While waiting for words this week to appear. a family member provided me with six to play along with.


      The Lightning Flashed and the Thunder  Clashed and loud the Police did roar, chasing two bedraggled  criminals across the foggy Moor
       One was a lean and lanky man whose face spelt pimples and failure,,
The other man a big fat guy. who had a couple of wives in Australia.

I did not sleep to well last night, Up early and I have prepared Dinner for today had breakfast and fed the moggies. and I am now waiting for words to appear on Elephants child Blog.

Vest Daily Gaggle.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Words for Wednesday

Words this week are replaced by a picture of a river with what looks like a net draped from bank to bank. Below is my explanation.

The top picture is that of a net across the river ooze a tributary of the Rhine in Belgium Where a twelve-year-old boy named Russel was fishing recently and caught a strange unidentified green Coloured fish. the fish has had people worldwide flummoxed as nothing like it has been caught in the river anything like it but authorities are hoping the net may turn up another, in the meanwhile the fish is still alive and giving great wonder to scientists who have named it... yes its true.

Vest. Daily Gaggle.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Words on Wednesday

These words this week were supplied by "Elephants Child" and are.
Sleeping, Burnt, Broken, Undercover, Swallows, Universe,

Titled 'Childhood summers'.

     * Sleeping out on warm English Summer nights required a little forethought.  A hot sun *burnt day quite often was followed by a shower or a good drenching of rain.
     The small tent was erected on the grass strip (Lawn). which lay at the rear of the house, and the *Undercover of the eaves would provide some protection from any sudden downpour of rain. However, observing the stars in the *Universe would imply that rainfall would not occur on a cloudless night.
      Having one's sleep *broken by unfamiliar sounds in the surrounds of the campsite would give young children a sense of fear making many a camp out a disaster.
      Then it happened, A Tap Tap Tap on the canvas was heard; then another followed a continued tapping, nothing could be seen outside of the tent and a sudden fear of the unknown prevailed, who was tapping on the tent and giving us the shivers.
      After a while, the tent was abandoned, it's campers fleeing indoors to the safety of their comfortable beds.
       The following morning we discovered that the tapping noises were the result of our summer visitors the migrating *Swallows nesting under the eaves of the house who had a habit of not pooing in their own nest.

Vest Daily Gaggle.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Words on Wednesday

Words supplied By E C. This week are the following..

Lever. Poison. Fragrance. Between. Immediate. Oven.

 Titled  'Lovers Weed". with a final twist.

      Using a long stick to *lever the *poison weeds from *between the hedgerow. Betty wore her gardening gloves to finally gather them and use them for the time honoured method of offloading unwanted husbands.
     On returning home Betty was delighted with the *fragrance coming from the *oven,  the cake she had made from the weeds was bound to be tasty and gobbled up quickly due to it's must have more taste. But there was no *immediate rush.
      A few days later, Betty and her Husband Fred were invited to dinner By Fred's boss and the father of Daisy, Fred's new love interest. The Dinner was plentiful and Bettys Boxed cake was given to Daisy who saved it for a forthcoming visit from Fred.
      It was two days later when Daisy and Fred devoured the delicious cake after a romp in Daisy's  Boudoir, later, drifting off to everlasting sleep.
      The coroner's verdict, "Death due to excess Copulation"

Betty and her several lovers lived happily ever after..

Vest  Daily Gaggle.com.

My New Car!

Yes it cost twice as much as a good used car, I went around the block today; very Quiet- no road vehicles were seen. It does not replace my 4 litre  Ford Falcon which I am not permitted to drive until the cataract in my left eye is also removed, about which time my restricted licence comes up for review, so taking no chances on the outcome. I have to get out and about. My eldest son Chris will drive the Falcon for the greater distances and large Shopping trips and I shall get out more for the least excuse and short shopping jaunts; although it is able to carry twice my weight, space for such is limited to approx 3 cubic ft. I suppose it will be more fun going out two or three times instead of one and not have any parking problems.

Vest. Daily Gaggle.com.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Words on Wednesday

Words this week are; Reel, Grappled, Perfume, Courtroom, Squad, General.

Together with her overpowering perfume, Madam Lamont alias the 'red sparrow', grappled with her tormentors while being dragged through the improvised courtroom to hear of her fate. Madam Lamont was seen to reel as the sentence was read by the grinning fascist General; Albert Shicklegruber, But not to be outdone the red Sparrow followed up with a most abusive tirade of venom toward her accusers as she finally fell limp from the volley of bullets from the awaiting firing squad.

Vest Daily Gaggle. I have returned!

Friday, 31 May 2019

I have returned, but not fully fit.

     It is now some months since blogging, However, this post is mainly to inform you that my continuing to post regularly will largely depend on my health status.
      After enjoying a break from blogging from January, on March 1, an extension; according to my medical experts, a virus which remained in my body( Chicken Pox) for more than eighty years which perpetrated  a severe bout of shingles lasting for about eight weeks ( I shall spare you the agony details, during that period up to now several other hospitals and health checks were undergone  like circulation, waterworks, colonoscopy, cataract removal with another on July., also during my absence several X rays and bone scans and other medical jiggery-pokery while at the present my problems are now shoulder pains on waking repeat waking in the mornings the pain lessens after a while with gentle movement.
     the renewal of my driver's licence could be in doubt, so just in case, I have ordered a mobility Scooter $4.5 grand which should take 15 minutes to the shops furthest away, My elder son Chris will use the car in an emergency and do the Big shopping and distant jobs.
     On a brighter note, Chris and I will be flying up to Brisbane Queensland for the wedding of my Grandson Dylan on July 5 which was my Rosemary's birthday.
      I hope you are all well and will get back to you soonest
Regards Vest Daily Gaggle.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Being a right Tosser Helps

   Winning the Toss when playing cricket is giving you the edge over your opponent some say at least fifty runs on the board. and the present test and one-day matches have proven that 100%...

I am not surprised the Indian cricket team has achieved top rankings worldwide compared to the other thirteen international cricketing nations. even giving a 50 pe discount on half its population being dirt poor the remaining population is 45 million larger than the Aus, Eng, Paki,
NZ, Sri Lank,.B Desh, S Africa.Scotland, West Indies, Netherlands, Ireland, Afghani, and Zimbabwe
608 million.
Indians outnumber Australians by 59 to one. and and the population poor kiwis by250 to one.

I am old enough to remember watching the last day of play of the 4th day in a five-day scheduled test between ENG and AUS at the Oval In Surrey played between Aug 20 and 25 inclusive, in 1938 when I was a twelve-year-old boy who paid two shillings to sit on the grass. England won by an innings and 579 runs. BTW there was a rest day on Sundays back then.

VEST.... Back soon.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Too Hot For Words

The Air Con is on full and the temp outside is $42 Cel, laziness and do as little possible the order of the day, I can afford to be lazy and do nothing until this oppressive heat ceases... Back soon hopefully.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Seventy Seven years ago

Seventy-seven years ago I Vest joined the British Royal  Navy. After twenty-four and a half years I retired on an indexed pension for the past Fifty two and a half years.. There were times when my investment was in doubt due to times of conflict. but if  I  were born again, I would never take the gamble but take a safe option. Other than that, Nothing is often a good thing to say, and always a clever thing to say. The saving of man is the holding of his tongue. and a little bit of luck.

 Vest Back Soon.

A family member has provided me with a selection of words to keep me busy

Agents. Police. Several. People. Travelling. Tailors. My Story Goes.                           A ten-ton truck travelling a ton up along...