I have returned, but not fully fit.

     It is now some months since blogging, However, this post is mainly to inform you that my continuing to post regularly will largely depend on my health status.
      After enjoying a break from blogging from January, on March 1, an extension; according to my medical experts, a virus which remained in my body( Chicken Pox) for more than eighty years which perpetrated  a severe bout of shingles lasting for about eight weeks ( I shall spare you the agony details, during that period up to now several other hospitals and health checks were undergone  like circulation, waterworks, colonoscopy, cataract removal with another on July., also during my absence several X rays and bone scans and other medical jiggery-pokery while at the present my problems are now shoulder pains on waking repeat waking in the mornings the pain lessens after a while with gentle movement.
     the renewal of my driver's licence could be in doubt, so just in case, I have ordered a mobility Scooter $4.5 grand which should take 15 minutes to the shops furthest away, My elder son Chris will use the car in an emergency and do the Big shopping and distant jobs.
     On a brighter note, Chris and I will be flying up to Brisbane Queensland for the wedding of my Grandson Dylan on July 5 which was my Rosemary's birthday.
      I hope you are all well and will get back to you soonest
Regards Vest Daily Gaggle.


Anonymous said…
Good to hear from you and that you are pretty well ok.
It is indeed good to hear from you.
A friend spent nearly a month in hospital with shingles. It can be a complete beast.
I am glad you are well enough to go to Brisbane for Dylan's wedding.
Vest said…
Andrew.I am not able to drive until the second Eye is Ok. Another two months yet, but I have on order a top of the range mobility Scooter with a multitude of bells and whistles the RR of them all. Best wishes.
Vest said…
E C. After receiving your kind words my shoulder pain has lessened, it is comforting to hear from you.
Anonymous said…
Hi Vestie. Good to see you up and about.
Um, sorry about the 'anonymous' bit, but Wombat's Waffles has been in hibernation for quite a while and would have to figure out how to 'sign in' again.
(self is alive and well, living in Edithburgh S.A. now).
Vest said…
David, there is nothing anonymous about you. your two first words were confirmation, nice to hear from you.
Dylan said…
Good to hear from you. Shocking that chicken pox has followed you up until now!
I always thought that mobility scooters were a grander way to get around the neighbourhood. So it sounds like a fairly good outcome!

Cannot wait for you to attend the wedding. Starts on the Saturday just after 12 as far as plans currently go!

Take care
Vest said…
Dylan. I am not allowed to drive until my left eye is fixed July 1. about one-month later... My Mobility scooter was delivered Yesterday. Chris is Organizing the travel. the weather here is cold wet and windy; about 7 deg Cel on the sunny coast of New South Wales.
Dylan said…
Okay. Hopefully its smooth travelling.

It's cold near me, morning temperature around 10 degrees, my property is more inland acreage.

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