Friday, 29 June 2012

Post 1001 'Farting, a Flight Risk., plus deadly discipline and more

Passengers flying with Singapore Airlines are being given instructions on their food intake prior to flying. the foods most likely to cause fatigue and bloating are broccoli, baked Beans and and bread. The result known as jet Bloating is a "No No" for all passengers on a flight. Singapore Airlines recommends Green Tea for stimulating ones digestive system which helps to alleviate wind. Getting a good nights sleep will assist in losing those pounds of unwanted flab, lack of sleep is leading to an explosive obesity epidemic. Lack of sleep can result in weight gain and reaching for sugary and fatty comfort foods. Drinking more pure boiled and filtered water will enhance your efforts to lose weight. and you will feel all the more better for doing so. Despite how you may feel about the 'Namby Pamby No smacking laws' nearest and dearest was left to deal with this effective system for bringing dissident children to order, having five male children a quick pat on the backside followed with an assertive 'NO" usually did the trick despite any tears. But of course our ineffective smacking laws are a bit weak kneed when compared to the following incident in India. A father who was upset by his Daughter's lifestyle, killed her with a sword before parading her severed head on a pole around his village. Ogad Singh's Daughter, 20, had been living with her parents in Rajasthan,India, after leaving her husband two years ago. Singh apparently was upset by his daughter having affairs, and became enraged when she eloped. This sort of happening is frowned upon by Authorities as the practice apparently is not uncommon. A must read for teenage young ladies. Back soon.... Vest. PS. Many bloggers I visit and comment on their posts will find the frequency of my visits fewer in the future. This being due to other more pressing needs and mainly to remove myself from this seemingly for ever sedentary lifestyle. It is not because you have not reciprocated with return visits like most polite bloggers, this has been the norm for some considerable time now so that should not get the ire of anyone. So the situation should be clear, when you call here your comment if any, will receive a reply and a possible call to your blog which seems fair. that's all. Vest.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Post One Thousand. Hardly a day for celebration.

Had news from the Gosford Hospital NSW Aus. that a search within my interior will be carried out on Aug 1 following my recent treatment. At this point in time I am feeling quite OK and what I consider normal,(no remarks please). However the timing of this visit will put the lid on any possibility of visiting that sceptered isle set in a silver sea where summer will arrive on a Thursday possibly in July. Unlike yesterday in fact the opposite weather pattern has hit us hard today, tiddling down and cold with complete cloud cover, really unpleasant.I feel like nodding off while writing this. The new Telephone white and yellow pages for the Central Coast arrived today plus a smaller version of the yellow pages with local maps for the car, mainly for those people with mobile phones and without the new sat nav technology. Map 1 shows how to get to Gosford hospital which would be essential for those attempting the journey for the first time. Gosford is s huge Car Park on the central coast and always filled to capacity, a round trip of ninety Kay's brings me back home to sanity and the peacefully quiet waterfront suburb of Budgewoi on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, and despite the occasional inclement weather, I wouldn't move for Quids. Back soon . Have a peaceful day....Vest. BTW. I can think of thousands of reasons to cease blogging.... but will I ????.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Post No 999.Happy Anniversary 'Rosemary'.

Happy Anniversary to My Dear Wife 'Rosemary'. Anyone capable putting up with a cantankerous old sod like me for 59 years deserves more than accolades. LOVE YOU LOTS ROSEMARY.XOXOXOX. Les aka Vest.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Post No 998. Daily Telegraph Defaces British Flag.

Sydney AMP building 1971. Two days prior I had arrived in the colony of NSW as a free settler with my healthy Wife and family of five sons all of school age. Unlike most of the local inhabitants who were descendants of Whores and thieves from a century back, we were here to improve the bloodstock of this country of beer swilling boofheads. We had previously sold our house in Portsmouth England and were not about to bludge on the public purse. Arriving at the Amp office a large overweight suit cracked off with the opening words of his interview. "Mr B, Ah you are the new Pommy from the OLD DART is that correct"? "No" I replied, "You have your wires crossed somewhere, and what is a Pommy and where is the old Dart. Regardless of the nastiness in the interview I got the job as a legger at the Enfield office which lasted a year before I went into business. Nevertheless the Pommy and old dart cliches had me thinking and despite the numerous suggestions 'Why Pommy' I came up with the answer which holds more credence than a lot of other piffle. Portsmouth, long known as 'Pompey' ages prior to the first fleet sailing in 1788 loaded to the gunwales with pre mentioned Whores and thieves and political dissidents mostly from Ireland, who were short changed with their limited brain power and grasp of the spoken English gave way to use the word POMMY derived from the slurring of their speech. All Other Suggestions for the Pommy name aforementioned among the tribes of Strayer are to be eradicated forthwith. Now 'The OLD DART'. From what I can gather this stupid expression also emanated from the mouths of ignoramuses from the Emerald isle. Now most Strayans with a brain will be able to put two and two together and realise that, the rural hoi polloi in St Patrickland slur their speech, and their dialect misuses the I as an A. therefore the old Dart becomes the old Dirt meaning the Bogs of Ireland and not the English 'Green and Pleasant land'. The sordid abuse of the British Union flag shown on page three of the Sydney Daily Telegraph, today stating in capitals 'BLACK CAVIAR IN THE OLD DART' written on the flag itself plus a picture of a souped up deknackered Gee Gee supposedly sticking its tongue out. must be the work of a Pompey hating journo with the brain of a rocking horse Hardly a 'RAY' of sunshine. I am wondering what would happen if I stood outside of a Aussie RSL Waving that beautiful Aussie flag with the slogan 'WHITE OZ BLUDGERY GALAH"S VISIT THE BLACK STUMP' Emblazoned on it. The Flag of Nth Ireland,is a white Square flag with a Red St Patrick's cross (X). This flag is also flag 'V' in the international maritime code, when flown means "I REQUIRE ASSISTANCE"..... Hardly surprising. "Good News" I have now finished my treatment for Cancer in my bladder and I feel more sprightly than ever. Bad news is, the Duke of Edinburgh may have the same problem, But I expect he will have the English version of the OZ 'GOLD CARD'. "Think it more satisfactory to live rich than die rich, and for all Australians enjoy your 'Queens Birthday Long weekend when Queen Liz will be 86 and 51 days of age. also vote for a republic and lose this bludging day off. Back soon ...Vest.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Will your exercise kill you?

Back in my twenty plus years it seemed I had boundless energy. While serving ashore while still in the RN, I was able to ride my 'Claude Butler' Racing Bicycle from Portsmouth to London and beyond and return over a weekend, my best achievement was approx 360 Miles in 76 Hours starting at 4-15 am Fri to 9 am Monday. Nowadays or fifty years later half a dozen trips up and down the stairs a walk in the garden daily plus a weekly canter around the the supermarket keeps me reasonably fit. also I can nearly reach my toes standing. Now I am told extreme exercise is likely to lead to permanently damage the heart and trigger rhythm abnormalities and that the safe upper limit for heart health is one hour a day, after which there is little benefit. Activities such as marathons, Iron man triathlons and very long bicycle races may cause structural changes to the heart and large arteries. So it seems exercise is generally beneficial but could tip the scales when used to excess. How do you achieve your daily exercise particularly so if you are an ardent blogger leading a sedentary lifestyle***. My eight year old swivel seat has an estimated 8,640 hours on its 'Clock or seat'. ***Romping in the boudoir is not a beneficial activity when used to excess. Back soon... Vest.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).