Post One Thousand. Hardly a day for celebration.

Had news from the Gosford Hospital NSW Aus. that a search within my interior will be carried out on Aug 1 following my recent treatment. At this point in time I am feeling quite OK and what I consider normal,(no remarks please). However the timing of this visit will put the lid on any possibility of visiting that sceptered isle set in a silver sea where summer will arrive on a Thursday possibly in July. Unlike yesterday in fact the opposite weather pattern has hit us hard today, tiddling down and cold with complete cloud cover, really unpleasant.I feel like nodding off while writing this. The new Telephone white and yellow pages for the Central Coast arrived today plus a smaller version of the yellow pages with local maps for the car, mainly for those people with mobile phones and without the new sat nav technology. Map 1 shows how to get to Gosford hospital which would be essential for those attempting the journey for the first time. Gosford is s huge Car Park on the central coast and always filled to capacity, a round trip of ninety Kay's brings me back home to sanity and the peacefully quiet waterfront suburb of Budgewoi on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, and despite the occasional inclement weather, I wouldn't move for Quids. Back soon . Have a peaceful day....Vest. BTW. I can think of thousands of reasons to cease blogging.... but will I ????.


Dylan said…
Technology gets to the point in modern days where people that have not updated get majorly screwed.

You got the map in that yellow/white pages, but I bet it isn't super helpful.
WALLY. said…
Congrats vesty on reaching 1,000.
The Editor said…
Wishing you the best of health.

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