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Today I returned from Wyong Hospital after thirty-six. hours of blood transfusions, Spare me the details., apart from that, the sojourn was made tolerable by the lady doctors and several charming nurses. Thank you, ladies. It is Christmas Card time again It is this time of the year when you drag out of that special drawer in the cupboard marked XMAS. In it, you will find a long list of friends and relatives who you deem worthy of a message of worthiness like love health wealth and happiness etc There is also a long list of those loving people whom you sent cards to the previous year and a Tick beside the names of those who sent a meaningful message to you. This is where the bastardry starts , you say to yourself how can I reduce the problems of writers Xmas card cramp?. It is perfectly simple because I like a lot of sensible people will have bundled the last batch of Ho Ho Ho's together by elastic bands. these are placed on the table together with Two different (some che