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Uncle Sam Land 'The Land of the Armed' Gutless Gun Looney. INDIA is the runner up.

GENEVA: The United states has 90 guns for every 100 citizens, making it the most heavily armed society in Our world.Us citizens own 270 million of the 875 million known firearms, according to the small arms survey 2007 by the Geneva-based graduate institute of international studies. INDIA india had the second-largest civillian gun arsenal, with an estimated 46 million firearms outside law enforcement and the military, but this represented just four guns per 100 people. On a per capita basis, Yemen had the second most heavily armed citizenry with 61 guns per 100 people. A person owning a gun is more likely to kill someone than a person who is not a gun owner.

Numbskull Ferry Navigators Putting Lives at Risk

Sydney Australia. SYDNEY Ferries captains are smoking cigarettes, taking phone calls and reading newspapers while at the controls of passenger vessels. Just as frightening, a majority of masters have no idea how to use expensive radar equipment in Freshwater class Manly ferries and JetCats, a damning report has revealed. NSW Maritime investigators, who rode on the bridge with ferry crews during their investigation, observed: "Assessment of contacts was purely by eye. No attempt was made to utilise radar or compass bearings." "No master ever checked the vessels' quarter for the presence of another vessel prior to altering course," the report noted. It also found compasses are not maintained in precise working order - one compass had not been "swung" since 1984. "The navigation charts are out of date and in some cases misleading - one was stamped 'not to be used in navigation'," NSW Maritime said. Masters are also prone to allowing deck

Parents urged to say "NO"

IN THE modern, mollycoddled world of parenting, the word "no" has gone the way of phrases such as "Do that again, and I'll smack you" and "Don't make me hurt the wooden spoon with your backside." But parenting expert Janet Cater says not saying no is a big no-no. "This idea that it's not okay to say no to your child seems to have snuck in with the no-smacking thing,'' Mrs Cater says. "It's this new trend that says we have to negotiate with children and give them choices. "Smacking's not okay, but we seem to have thrown out `no' as well - which is wrong, because children still need to be told no. "It's a long way from a hiding to nothing, from the bad old days when people would hit kids to this idea now that you don't do anything at all and just let them run wild. "We need the pendulum to swing back the other way.'' Mrs Cater, who has been working with children for more than 40 years,

The Right Knee or Not the Right Knee. That is the Question?.

I'm off to the hospital tomorrow to get my knee fixed, only there for a day or two, then I shall be sent home to recover, 'Hopefully'. I qualify to have the procedure done for free, so I had to wait a few months which saved me a fair amount and enough to keep me in scotch for a couple of years. When the hospital sent me the info way back it mentioned my left knee, I wrote to the hospital explaining it was not the right knee that they had on their records, like the left knee was not the right knee and the right knee is not the wrong one but the knee that needs fixing-right. I then explained that, I would; on arrival in case of confusion label my left knee (This is not the right knee). Last week I had a discussion with the anethetist at the hospital during which I noticed the records were still showing the left knee the wrong knee, I hope they sort it out before I temporarily depart to the hereafter, I'll take a look around for angels etc while away with the fairies. Make

Thou Shalt Not Enjoy Life, But Death will bring you happiness in the Hereafter.....You gotta be kidding.

Thou Shalt Not Enjoy Life...Say's Vest Nutters see The Ten as antagonism towards Christianity Based on an article from Christian Today. A new movie features the Ten Commandments from the Bible in a very unflattering way. The Ten, is a compilation of ten different stories, each depicting one of the ancient commandments given to Moses by God. Christians have expressed their concern about the film and how it degrades and insults God and His laws. The film has a number of stars in it including Kevin Rudd oops sorry its Paul Rudd,(Sorry Kev) Adam Brody, Gretchen Mol, Winona Ryder, Oliver Platt and Jessica Alba. Each of them either stars or plays minor roles in each of the short scripts. Each uses the Bible to create a foundation for caricature. Due to the friction created by the three way tossup who was to play god; John chicken hawk Howard, Antonio Blair or Grandstanding Bullshitter Bush, it was decided god would be a speaking part only and rightly so Lawsey aka JL himself got the job

Well done Lawsey , We need your honest Opinion.. Vest say's, "Asians , The Worst Drivers In Australia.

By Fiona Connolly, Media Writer August 17, 2007 12:34pm WITH just three months left in the job after 55 years on air, John Laws has let loose again, indulging during his show today in a racial rant against Asian drivers. This morning's tirade was directed at a Chinese-Australian caller, "Helen". Helen was describing the trouble she had recently experienced with the cross-city tunnel. She had been fined for failing to pay the toll. Laws asked her why she hadn't paid the toll. She said she didn't know that there was an electronic toll. "I never travel to east (sic), that's the first time I travel to east." Talking over the top of Helen, Laws said: "Sounds like you travelled from the east." He continued: "Obviously you're Asian are you? Helen said she was from China. And away Laws went. "I understand that Chinese drivers are probably the worst drivers on the face of the earth. "You probably fall into that category along with

Stuck up a Tree For a Week.

A STOCKMAN - bleeding and with little food - spent seven nights up a tree in a crocodile - infested swamp before penning a poignant farewell to his son. "Surrounded by crocs and snakes," wrote 53-year old David George, scratching the note into the lid of a tobacco tin. "See choppers every day flying in too low - can pass a football to them, they must be blind, Love you my son." The father of one yesterday told his remarkable tale of survival and rescue by helicopter in rugged bushland near Coen in Queensland's remote far north. "Every night I was stalked by two crocs who would sit at the bottom of the tree staring up at me. All I could see was two sets of red eyes below me and all night I had to listen to a big bull crocodile bellowing a bit further out, I'd yell out at them, 'I'm not falling out of this tree for you bastards'," Mr George said.

Killer Koala Beats the Poo out would be Thieves

A cranky koala achieved what an angry croc couldn't - it beat off thieves. The bizarre incident began when Rockhampton police in Queensland received a tip-off that someone had a crocodile in their possession. "The police came to the zoo, checked out our exhibit and we were down a female freshwater crocodile,'' said Tom Wyatt at Rockhampton City Council. The 1.2 metre crocodile - known simply as "the girl freshie" - was dragged by thieves over a 2.4 metre fence in the middle of the night. "Can you imagine these people struggling over a 2.4 metre security fence with a writhing wild reptile?" he said. "It's not a baby you are holding in your arms here. We are talking about 40 kilograms and 1.2 metres of absolute fury." "They are not man-eaters [like salt water crocodiles]. But they can still give you a nasty bite." The thieves originally planned to take one of the zoo's koalas and only changed tack after it proved too viciou

Its that time of the year Again, remembering VJ Day

Its when we pause to remember those people of the 'Forgotten Fleet' the young British Royal Navy Sailors of the British Pacific Fleet, The ave age after being in commission for two years was 19.5 yrs on VJ Day, Myself joining Jan 1942 I was 19.1 yrs on VJ day Aug 1945. Our revered leader, Vice Admiral Sir Bernard Rawlings proudly described us as mere children with heaps of guts. George Haynes an old shipmate was today explaining that over a period of one year the fleet lost 248 aircraft in all, 44 in raids over Palembang (Indonesia) in two days, those captured the two youngest 19 yrs to the two eldest 22 years old , Nine all told were Beheaded by the Japs after VJ Day, countless others failed to make the trip home to the UK, however our ship after repairs finally made it home on a freezing March 3 - 1946, Being at sea on VE day and also VJ Day we missed out on celebrations, adding to this we were the last unit serving overseas during the war to arrive home to the UK ten months

Speeding loonies get their comeuppance. Street Hoon cars seized

5 August 2007 Deathwish loonies get there come uppance Blokes point the finger at RTA From: The Sunday Telegraph August 05, 2007 AN RTA road safety campaign that suggests car hoons have small penises has unleashed a flood of complaints to the advertising standards bureau - from blokes. The $1.9 million campaign, which targets speeding among 17- to 25-year-olds, depicts female onlookers wiggling their pinkies as young male drivers speed by. The gesture, designed to symbolise a male with a small penis, is part of a strategy adopted by the RTA to make speeding "uncool". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twentythee cars have been seized by police under the state's hoon legislation since a crackdown on street racers began two weeks ago after two Sydney grandparents were hit and killed, Police seized 60 cars in the past six months and 177 in the state in the past year. A few months back, my car tyres were let down in my club


Welfare Poem I cross ocean, poor and broke, Take bus, see employment folk. Nice man treat me good in there, Say I need to see welfare. Welfare say, "You come no more, We send cash right to your door." Welfare cheques, they make you wealthy, Medic aid it keep you healthy! By and by, I got plenty money, Thanks to you, Australian dummy. Write to friends in motherland, Tell them 'come fast as you can.' They come in turbans and Ford trucks, I buy big house with welfare bucks They come here, we live together, More welfare checks -- it gets better! Fourteen families, they moving in, But neighbour's patience wearing thin. Finally, white guy moves away, Now I buy his house, and then I say, "Find more aliens for house to rent." And in the yard I put a tent. Send for family they just trash, But they, too, draw the welfare cash! Everything is very good, And soon we own the neighbourhood. We have hobby, it's called breeding, Welfare pay for baby feeding. Kids ne

Will this ongoing Bumble bee our demise on earth. A Stinging report says' "Humans have four years to live".

Bee decline threatens our dinner and the countryside It will mean the end of the human race. What will you do to help recover the present situation? Plant more flowers, ban pesticides, hope it doesn't happen or live it up and spend up on a lavish tomb (remember there will be no visitors)or live as normal. Of course, I was forgetting the good old faith industry, they will have a field day, tickets to heaven will be at a premium. There are so many things one could do to in that last four years. Tell me what will you do, remember murdering someone would be a waste of time. COME ON TELL ME, Vest. --------------------------- BEES are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. This could not only have a devastating impact on our food supplies, but could also turn our brightly-coloured meadows into grey hinterlands. Threatened: More and more bees are disappearing "This year, right now, it feels very bleak," said a conservation researcher at the University of Stirling and co-founder

More bad news for Dopey Smokers-Dope is Much worse than Fags

Dope far worse than fags SMOKING a single marijuana joint has the same impact on breathing capacity as up to five cigarettes. It follows a study published in the British journal The Lancet on Saturday that said there was now clear evidence of a link between Cannabis Smoking and Mental ill-health. In the study now reported in Thorax, Medical Research Institute of New Zealand doctors recruited 339 volunteers, who were divided into four categories - those who smoked only cannabis, those who smoked only tobacco, those who smoked both, and those who smoked neither. Cannabis-only smokers were defined as those who had smoked the equivalent of at least one joint a day for five years; tobacco-only smokers were those who had smoked the equivalent of a packet of cigarettes a day for at least a year. All were scanned by computed tomography (CT) to get a high-definition image of their lungs and were given tests to assess their airflow, the term for their respiratory efficiency. The most serious dam