More bad news for Dopey Smokers-Dope is Much worse than Fags

Dope far worse than fags

SMOKING a single marijuana joint has the same impact on breathing capacity as up to five cigarettes.
It follows a study published in the British journal The Lancet on Saturday that said there was now clear evidence of a link between Cannabis Smoking and Mental ill-health.

In the study now reported in Thorax, Medical Research Institute of New Zealand doctors recruited 339 volunteers, who were divided into four categories - those who smoked only cannabis, those who smoked only tobacco, those who smoked both, and those who smoked neither.

Cannabis-only smokers were defined as those who had smoked the equivalent of at least one joint a day for five years; tobacco-only smokers were those who had smoked the equivalent of a packet of cigarettes a day for at least a year.

All were scanned by computed tomography (CT) to get a high-definition image of their lungs and were given tests to assess their airflow, the term for their respiratory efficiency.

The most serious damage was found in tobacco smokers - both tobacco-only and combined users - who were the only volunteers to have emphysema, a degenerative and crippling lung disease.

Cannabis smokers had lighter symptoms, such as wheeze, cough, chest tightness and phlegm, which tobacco smokers also had.

But the CT scan also revealed that, among cannabis smokers, fine damage had occurred to their lungs. This had happened in small fine airways that are important for bringing in oxygen and taking away waste gases. As a result, their lungs had to work harder.

The extent of the damage rose in proportion to the number of joints that had been smoked.

In statistical terms, each joint that was smoked was the equivalent of smoking between two and a half and five cigarettes in one go for impairing lung efficiency.
The discovery of this hazard is "of major public health significance" given that cannabis is the most widely-used illegal drug worldwide, an estimated 160 million people use cannabis, also called marijuana.
The reason for cannabis' heavy toll on the lungs stems is that joints are usually smoked without a filter and are smoked down as far as possible, which means the smoke is hotter when it arrives in the lungs.
In addition, cannabis users tend to inhale smoke more deeply and then hold their breath to get a bigger "high".

Reminds me of that song.
"Smoke smoke smoke that cigarette"
"Smoke smoke smoke"
"Tell St Peter at the golden gate"
"That you hate to make him wait"
"But you just gotta have another Cigarette". Cough cough.

The tax paid by one smoker of 20 cigs over 50 years, about $200,000, worth more than $1,000000 if saved. Most of this tax goes to Cancer research, we are told?
The Govt saves $150,000 or about on paying state pensions for an average 7.5 years for looney smokers who die earlier.
Yet its strange how a little old bloke I knew until recently(Woody)smoked about 40 rollies a day until he cashed in at 97 years old, sort of a lottery ennit.


Anonymous said…
this is utter bollocks.. I am 71 and smoke a lot since I was 14 and i'm not stopping now.. i like you mate but dont like this shit
Vest said…
Albert: I feel for you and your wasteful life, even should you live until eighty your smoking will have robbed you of a congratulatory centenary telegram from the reigning monarch should you be a Commonwealth citizen, you stupid old prick.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…

dont be a cutlet
lissen to Vest
VEST is older and wiser
Anonymous said…

smoking makes u impotent too
i only get weak erections now

yes, i am a smoker
more than 2 packs of ten a day
Anonymous said…
what difference does it make to you you old fart whether anyone smokes ur just a sore ass.
Anonymous said…
My 52 year old son who has a heart problem, sits at a computer 15 hours a day rarely exercises and smokes non stop like a tramp steamers smokestack. his smoke floats up stairs to my living areas, I have to keep the bathroom door and roof hatch open and bedroom doors closed at all times, to avoid smelling like a smoked fish.
This is my reason for implying that all smokers are unbalanced, weak willed and totally inconsiderate to other beings.
Anonymous said…
A MINISTER with mail-order credentials faces more than four years jail after being found guilty of distributing marijuana through his Hollywood church.

The Reverend Craig X Rubin, 41, the leader of the 420 Temple, and 400 members of his church believe marijuana is a religious sacrament and burn and smoke pot during services.

Rubin said he would not appeal his conviction.

"If my society believes I'm a danger and a threat, it's better off without me," he said.

"Hopefully people will be nice to me inside. I barely ever had a ticket before."

Rubin, who represented himself, is scheduled to be sentenced on August 17.

He said he feels less worried about himself than his seven children.

"I go hiking with them every weekend. I read the Bible to them every night," he said.

Rubin was ordained in 1990 by the Universal Life Church - which, for a fee, will ordain anyone.
Keshi said…
lol Vest @ur comment to Albert!

My cousin smokes...she has 2 young kids. I keep telling her she wont live to see em grow up. She tells me insurance will take care of em! How sad.

Lord Sedgwick said…
"dont be a cutlet
lissen to Vest
VEST is older and wiser"

Only just on count the first, me ole china - but as a matter of self centred vanity (is there any other sort?) on part le deuxieme the jury's still out - until I can bribe them within a (non metric) inch of their worthless lives.

Vesty me ole cummerbund and cravat, I gave up both fags and cigarettes 2 years ago. Just joking I can still be tempted to wrap me lips around a fag.

Sorry Vesty, that's a very poor Frankie Howerd "rum buggery and the lash" totally unworthy joke. (But then again when were Frankie Howerd's jokes ever wothy?)
Vest said…
"Oi Sedgers"
2&3 anons ref to albert, I'd bet my left Knacker they were posted by Jim 56 the guy who cleans up the banana skins after a riotous Twenty twenty games at the Wankhede stadium Mumbai, Jim seriously is a nice guy who has bp mood swings. They flog packs of ten on the sub /cont.
BTW. Not sure should this be disclosed, but Frankie Howerd was my Double Facialy but lacking my male Strength.

Keshi: For those who do not know her, is a person with a beautiful mind, and lives in Sydney. x

Yes its me your dad said...
"Now that's odd, Iv'e got one of them too, same age same oddities".

Anonymous said…
And I will lay bets that Woody had a niiiice~breezy time while here for his 97 years ;)

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