Well done Lawsey , We need your honest Opinion.. Vest say's, "Asians , The Worst Drivers In Australia.

By Fiona Connolly, Media Writer

August 17, 2007 12:34pm

WITH just three months left in the job after 55 years on air, John Laws has let loose again, indulging during his show today in a racial rant against Asian drivers.

This morning's tirade was directed at a Chinese-Australian caller, "Helen".

Helen was describing the trouble she had recently experienced with the cross-city tunnel. She had been fined for failing to pay the toll.

Laws asked her why she hadn't paid the toll. She said she didn't know that there was an electronic toll.

"I never travel to east (sic), that's the first time I travel to east."

Talking over the top of Helen, Laws said: "Sounds like you travelled from the east."

He continued: "Obviously you're Asian are you?

Helen said she was from China.

And away Laws went.

"I understand that Chinese drivers are probably the worst drivers on the face of the earth.

"You probably fall into that category along with the rest of them."

By this time Helen was superfluous to requirements and was cut off.

"I'll give you even money that sweet Helen's little, too. She's about 4'8. I can see it. They look out between the steering wheel and the top of the dashboard.

"You've got to ... well, I won't put it that way ... well i will: you've got to keep your eyes open.

"Now I'm going to be screamed at for saying (sic) that I'm being racist.

"I'm not being racist. I'm telling you the truth."

Laws, who is due to retire after 55 years in broadcasting on November 30, has a long history of making politically incorrect comments on air.

In 2003 the veteran broadcaster angered Australia's gay community when he and fellow 2UE talkback host Steve Price used the words grubby and poofs about gay renovators Gav and Waz from the channel Nine TV series The Block.

In a similar tone the following year he called Queer Eye For The Straight Guy personality Carson Kressley a "pillow biter" and "pompous little pansy prig" during a broadcast, comments he defended as tongue-in-cheek.

But he made no apology for todays rant against Asian drivers saying it was simply the truth.

He then challenged angry callers who phoned in to state their disgust at the comments, the first caller telling Laws he should be ashamed of the comments and suggested he play back Helens call and listen to how racist he sounded.

2UE station manager Greg Byrnes said he had no comment to make as Lawsie had said it all on air.


Anonymous said…
We read a lot f anti something or other churned out by Fiona Connolly.
Lawsey's rant was straight to the point, it puts the incompetent drivers in their place, if you cannot understand or abide by the rules of the road piss off back to China.
Anonymous said…
Indians are better than Chinese
they are the sardarjis
Anonymous said…
Monday, August 13, 2007
Movin' On

Well, y'all, I've done about as much damage as I can do around this pop stand. I'm outta here.

I've made a new home and some of you have been invited. If you weren't invited and feel slighted, email me. Of course I rarely check that email but it's worth a go.
There are a couple reasons for this decision.
First, my stupid sense of humor really hurt somebody that I had come to care very much about. I had opened myself up to this person and considered them a friend and was very sad that my dumb joking destroyed this friendship. Feeling this way hurts way too much. I cannot allow myself to open up that much ever again. This is one reason I need a new start.
Second, there are some people that insist on thrusting their opinions where they are not wanted and go out of their way to do so even after being directly told, blocked, and whatever else. These people have no respect for my feelings. They think it's "cute" when I get mad. I will tell you that it is not "cute." It's hard to make me that mad. And its hard on me, both physically and emotionally, to be that mad. If you've managed to make me that mad, you need to back the fuck off. Regarding this individual, I feel bad for him that he's lonely but it's partly his fault because of this kind of behavior. I'm grateful that he put a plug for my book on his website. I will occasionally visit him in his world, but I cannot abide his behavior in mine. Therefore he is not invited to the new blog and nor will he ever know where it is.
To those who have been truly kind and understanding of a very peculiar and often not particularly happy individual, thank you. And if I invited you to my new home, I'll see you there!

Posted by Cheesemeister at 4:32 PM Comments (3) | Trackback
Vest said…
It seems Cheesemeister has fallen from grace with JIM_SABY the Indian Mr Anon, despite saby promoting his book; as he has done for my Novel. I have no idea why the big cheese has to stir the can on this blog, and furthermore I have had few if any dealings with this whingeing twit Cheesemeister, his comment bears no likeness to this post- so on yer bike tosh-Beat it.
Vest said…
A few years ago my family lived in Hong Kong for over two years, our residence was on Wongneichong rd which circled the 'Happy Valley race course. Wongneichong rd was at the best of times a maelstrom of confusion.

An excerpt from my memoirs follows.

While in Hong Kong, Mary would buy ice cream from the vendor across the road. One day she was attempting to get back over the zebra crossing but the traffic wouldn’t stop. The ice cream was melting fast, so Mary ran across. A taxi stopped suddenly and there was a huge pile-up. The road was blocked for quite some time with several banged-up cars. Many fingers pointed up to where we lived.
Our first car was a four square Jowett Javelin, but we later opted for a Blue Ford Prefect XX511, which gave us two years of comfort and enjoyment.
One beautiful sunny day, we caught the car ferry over to Kowloon and drove to Castle Peak Bay, where I parked under a tree, the shadiest spot available. As we were leaving, I was presented with a parking ticket. It wasn’t a huge amount. The following week when we arrived again, I found the Governor General’s car parked in the exact same spot. I approached the Chinese policeman who spoke English, and asked why this car didn’t have a ticket.
He replied, “Very important man.”
I said, “So am I.”
“Your car not look as important as this car,” he said. So I took a picture of said oriental genius with the Governor General’s ‘Very Important’ car and sent it to the Hong Kong traffic people, along with a note indicating that my money would be forthcoming when they had provided proof that the Governor General had paid his fine. I never heard from them.
Our XX511 Ford Prefect had never been in an accident in eighteen months. After we sold it, however, it failed to stop after leaving from high in the Peak and travelling fast down Garden road. It then pranged a large green tram that was coming from Wan Chai, and was subsequently written off. That sad incident occurred two days before our family flew back to England. On hearing the news Mary said “What a shame; I really loved that car”. I replied. “Darling it must have loved us too, it just could not live without us". By the way, the driver survived.
Anonymous said…
Hey Mr vest you certainly been places ..where havent you been , dont like them chonks that much i suppose theyve got their gooduns, reading back posts i think your missus is a real goody and very clever what she says, nice lady, i also ithink john laws is great man.
Jay said…
I hate hearing this kind of ugliness.
Vest said…
Oxford guy: The simple rule is -'When in Rome' get it, diplomats excluded.

Jay said I hate hearing this ugliness.
Jay: I dislike this sort of happening too. Despite the John laws out burst, the Chinese lady was the culprit, she broke the law, and John Laws won the phone in 74 to 26.
This sort of thing sells news papers.

Google... the Sydney daily telegraph, then go to Friday 17 archives for the voice playback.
Thanks for calling.

Wally: I would love to give you a list of the places I have been to, it would give me great pleasure knowing you were traveling the world.
Anonymous said…
Do you think he actually believes the crap or that he's just saying it because he can and he gets attention?
Vest said…
It seems some persons will always use one liners to indicate briefly that they called, and without giving a reason for their yeay or nay reply.
Noticibly a few bloggers posts I comment on are very skimpy with their replies to comments.
Unfortunately narcissism is rife amongst bloggers, however, pointing this out to an individual is tantamount to crossing the line in blogging which in turn brings on the wrath of the blognutters, which I have experienced in the past; by daring to uppose the Gun lovers of this world.
Some bloggers use their posts as if they were a leader dressed in superficial vestments within a sect of the faith industry spouting a load of bilge from a pupit with a right of a negative response from the audience. If bloggers such as this persist in this selfish attitude give them a miss.
Anonymous said…
Great post, loved it.Vest at his best, good onyer sport. Mike.
Anonymous said…
Jay, there is so much ugliness in our world and we all contribute to it, but without it there would be little beauty to make comparisons.
Vest said…
Lolly: Hi sweetie, I note you are taking up the banner for the woman, your choice, but in effect she had committed an offence. The magistrate will no doubt try to impart to her noddle the reason for her conviction.
The matter concerning the Chinese lady and John laws; the Radio Jock, will have no bearing on the outcome.

The spontaneity of John Laws replies or any other radio jock in fact; more often than not bring a negative response to the caller who in many cases is a person purely and simply a nong head attempting to achieve notoriety on the air waves, commonsense cannot always prevail, however , I believe the Radio jock's business is to endear himself to the public by providing advice and help, which is the case for John Laws who has been a source of goodness apposed to the occasional cock up which brings his (Other radio network detractors) out of the woodwork.

Have a lovely day.
Anonymous said…
I think the orientals in Singapore are the best drivers in the World. They drive 5 abreast down 3 lanes and and I never saw an accident in all the time I was there - 2 days. Mind you, I guess that also means they don't give a shit either. So I guess that really sums them up as the best worst drivers in the World.
Vest said…
I had -had a few before driving back to Johore Bahru from Singapore in the early 50s.
An excerpt from my memoirs follows.

While Rosemary and I were driving from Singapore, I strayed onto a one-way stretch of the Bukit Timah Road and met one of Bill Haines’ colleagues. Good fortune was on my side. Being as I was Police Lt Haines’ neighbour, he smiled and said, “Try and have a safe journey home.”
The last time I used the S938 Ford 8 was on our way home to Johore Bahru when I knocked down a ceremonial arch on the main street, which had been erected to welcome home the Sultan of Johore. I escaped in a downpour of rain, which was the reason I had not seen the arch in the first place. I took the car to the local oriental repair artisan who I had known previously, and he said he had been expecting me. He had seen it all happen while waiting near the post office. The car was later driven to the base and sold.
Those were the days when Vest was a menace on the road, we all learn in good time.
Anonymous said…
Hi Lolly

he just wants attention
Anonymous said…
I fear I'm crossing the line pointing this out to AN individual for it can be tantamount to crossing the line in blogging which in turn brings on the wrath of the blognutters!

Does it boil your narcisism that I have NOW left YOU an overly wordy comment using YOUR own words but editing them to MY satisfaction.

Don't fear Opposing me, friend. This sh*t makes my nipples tingle and my faith is unflappable ;)
Anonymous said…
Oh, dear. I just read alllll the comments.

I am blushing in embarrasement that I though it was me you were challenging on the one liner posts...which I am fraught to do.

All in good fun anyways! But I HAD to relay this as soon as I saw YOU addressed me as Sweetie ...awwww :)

Have a wonderful day, Mr Vest!
Anonymous said…
Hi all, I am pleased that lolly corrected herself, nice person after all was said.
One must engage brain before putting mouth into gear.

Vesty, where did lolly spring from?
she's a hottie,smart too. luvs ya xx
btw my doc is chinese and a real cuckoo.
Anonymous said…
Driver! to chinese driver," get out of the car, I know your in there somewhere"
Anonymous said…
What's stupid about the anti-racial laws, is that they only protect the off-white variety e.g. John Laws could call an English person a Pommy, and get away with it, but if he refers to a Chinese person as a Chong, he's in the shit. Even more stupid is the fact that the whites created these laws in the first place. Now they are completely abused, and the person with the least rights in the World is a white male.
Vest said…
Right at this moment its piddling with rain here my garage is flooded once more, the new plants in the garden will be floating down the road very soon,Bugger bugger!!.:(((((.

Lolly your turnaround deserves a big X.

LDL: Thanks mate.

Amy: Ugliness can be in the eyes of the beholder too. TFC.

Kate thank you for your kindness to lolly, you too are a sweetie.
BTW is your doc Tim 'L' if so he is mine too, (Discuss this at the club next time).

RBT Cop: "Naughty boy". "Er; did you find the driver?".

Anons and non bloggers, if you are calling regularly would you please use a pseudo name, it would help me when I reply. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
pDH5rE The best blog you have!
Anonymous said…
fZwiAQ write more, thanks.

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