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Did you miss your shower Yesterday or the day before, or was it further back?

LIFE IN THE 1500'S (or Tasmania in the 1960's) Mind you things were understandably out of control concerning the practice of personal hygiene the further you delve into history. However, this is not too far back. Of course the place could be merry England or New England in the Nth American colonies but wherever it was the further north one lived the use of soap and water became less The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500s: Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and still smelled pretty good by June. (Jimmy this why your girl friend abandoned you)However, they were starting to smell, so brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odour. Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting married. Baths consisted of a big tub filled with hot water..The man of the house had the privil

Nepotism - Secure Jobs for Family Members At Taxpayers Expense

Nepotism - Secure Jobs for Polly Family Members At Taxpayers Expense. Plus bad Continuity perfomers. Some Politicians really get cranky if their families become subject of media interest, some more than others , meaning those who crank up minor parliamentary jobs for relatives or friends. Exposure of these fiddles often have some Pollies contacting friends and back hander specialists within the media circus asking for their families not to be exposed, however,"I don't mind what you write about me providing it promotes my image". Now you could say "That sounds fair dinkum", but then you wonder why these morons fail to follow their own advice. Pollies, most of them failed lawyers seek high profile Images to retire with on a fat taxpayer paid pension from a minimum of eight years service- however,during that period gouge every drop of swill possible from their Hon Member dodgy cash trough. But instead of "keeping their families out of it", politicians fro

Feeling 'Bright and Breezy'

"Hi Folks" A call to the loo brought me from my overnight slumbers after being awakened by the 'Waste disposal vehicle'(garbage cart). After drinking my traditional glass of filtered and boiled tap water with a blood thinning aspirin I went downstairs, well the first thing I noticed were the tyre tracks over our grassed frontage and the dead spikey branch of bush lemon tree missing, (a deterrent). **We have new neighbours now since the old bloke next door passed on, they have been here four weeks, Two families and a barking dog, so different from the previous owners who sadly; were quietly dying over the past two years but kept it maintained in good order. We are now back to picking up pooch poo and annoying items of rubbish of which the two family residents allow to be strewn around theirs and our frontage. The big problem is there are never fewer than five vehicles parked overnight both in their driveway and both on the road or illegally on the nature strip, and to

"Oh Doctor He's in Trouble". "Oh Goodness Gracious Me"

The response from a Fax sent last Friday by Hubby to his Vas/Surgeons office, regarding the urgency for the approval of medication, arrived yesterday six days later after traversing the world, probably via India. I thanked the Sub/Continental voice on the other end of the phone for the speedy reply. The latest report on My hubby Vest. Yesterday - Thursday 21st. feeling fine-headache minimal. he took two different pills of the new duo medication at 5pm. This morning 7-30 he was feeling real crook, his headache had made a dramatic comeback his pulse over active as he made a slow journey to the dunny on painful wobbly legs. 11-15, His headache has lessened but some pain in not so wobbly legs. That's all folk's. He's off the plonk now but I'll be off to the club tonight while he and our first born watch the one dayer on the telly. Bye for now 'Rosey'.

Taking a few days off for medical reasons, Hope to return soon.

That's right Folks. I have to have a few repairs and get re registered (Mot Tested) before I am back on the road. No posts for awhile. See you soon. Vest.'

My head is not as thick as I first thought

My Present health problems stem from the time I tripped when heading for the bathroom the morning of Feb:8:08 while staying at my #4 sons abode in Kurrajong, Windsor, NSW, and crunched my nut on a speeding cement wall; so it seemed. Lots of blood-pain-ambulance-op table-x-rays-stitches and in hospital for three days. My face resembling an ancient druid, mostly several shades of blue, I then returned home. Several days later my continuing headaches were reason for a brain scan, "Alright I heard that", The results were favourable. I then suffered lumbar pains and mobility problems until Chest pains arrived around Sept 08. Eventually this was corrected in Gosford Hospital Dec 18:08. Letters from the Hospital to my Local family Doctor went astray and were never recovered. my initial medication was completed after several days, no other medication was offered by our Doctor. Around three weeks ago my headaches returned and are still with me, my local Doctor advised a brain scan Thu

Will P E T A get in on the act, or leave it to Greenie Peter Garret

GREENIE Peter Garrett a "warbling twit" has got the wrong Oil on this occasion. This bang clang midnight rocker long past his UBD, has wilfully suggested that a parrot is far more important in this recession than putting the jobs of 1000 timber workers at risk. The Federal Government has ordered the clear felling of red gum trees to cease in the Central Murray-Darling region, near the New South Wales town of Deniliquin, because of concerns about the future of the bird. The parrot - listed nationally as "vulnerable" - nests in the hollows of red gums. But an Opposition Environment spokesman said the move to protect the birds was overkill. "There are a lot of them out there, and the birds were well managed by the local timber industry". The vulnerable people were the workers whose jobs were about to be extinct. If Environment Minister Peter Garrett won't reverse his decision then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd could overrule him. This could prove to be the li

Tonight Mac Farlanes Lantern Wax'eth Bright all through the Chilly Autumn Night

Tonight I hope will not be a re-occurrence of the invasion of our club by Anzac day nutters who had been ejected from other local clubs. These loonies use Anzac Day as an all-day general binge drinking pissup and lose sight of the true meaning of the occasion. Thank you anonymous commenting on my last post(No pun intended).I allowed your info, due to it being unintentionally intrusive. However my son David is faring well, after his operation and myself; well there is no need to wonder why; with regard to my Brain Scan. I am not being locked away, it is simply a precaution being taken, due to none booze related headaches I have been experiencing recently that may have resulted from a prior accident Feb-9-08. Today I am feeling much better than yesterday, so I shall add a little bit of humour to wind up post Number 501.. I will return on Monday. The Itch Once upon a time lived a beautiful Queen with large breasts. ZOM the Zombie Slayer obsessed over the Queen for this reason. However, he

Hero 'Dirty Garry', Relegated to desk duties,

SYDNEY, Australia. GARRY Miller has made 250 citizens arrests, stopped a gang rape and tackled a commuter who bashed him. NSW RailCorp have a history of major cockups, Misjudgement, failed management you name it - they hold every conceivable record for financial loss within the NSW Govt Sphere. Blind Pugh with half a brain would make more positive executive decisions within RailCorp than the clutch of headless chooks running the show right now. But it's his struggle with RailCorp, NSW Australia to keep his job as a train guard which is proving his toughest battle. Mr Miller, 49, was relegated to desk duties in 2006 after arresting a man who punched him in the face at Westmead station. Although the attacker pleaded guilty to the assault, Mr Miller was permanently removed from guard duties because of what RailCorp called "a history of incidents". Now, after 19 years of dedicated service, Mr Miller has won the right to fight for his old job back in the Industrial Relations C

Goodness doesn't flow from religious deities alone.

Having been brought up in the Christian religion (C of E), taught me, that there were certain principles on the surface within the teachings that would hold me in good stead should I take the trouble to abide by them. 'Love thy neighbour, not to steal or lie (tax returns exempted), give succour to the poor and not to kill unless by Govt decree but despite my efforts to abide by these edicts, I must admit I have failed dismally except for 'Love thy neighbour' but not too recently. The remaining spit and polish of this faith industry sect remains similar to many other beliefs which serve only to strike fear into those who in some cases are compelled to believe this tripe, scientifically proven did not and will not happen. Sadly,the rogues and charlatans of the faith industry control about five percent of the worlds economy, and like the deceit of the lying business houses, will control our lives for all time until every one is given a common sense pill. Over the past week. I

Oz Christians Say "No Muslim School Here"

Christians? have been working towards this for the past decade in Australian schooling — Christians trying to block the establishment of an Islamic school. A group calling itself the Christian Camden Ministers’ Fraternal submitted the most extraordinary objection to the Land and Environment Court claiming an Islamic school in Camden would be an attack on Australian values. The Fraternal leaders from local Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and Baptist churches and schools — warns Camden it will go the way of our 'Sydney Mecca', Auburn, Bankstown, Lakemba and Liverpool, where the predominantly Muslim community seeks to dominate public space. Christian churches and communities have benefited from government generosity - meaning us tax payers - to establish hundreds of Christian faith industry schools over the past years, many publicly funded up to 80 per cent, but apparently Muslims should not, and in my opinion none should whatever their denomination. What is laughable is that eve