Nepotism - Secure Jobs for Family Members At Taxpayers Expense

Nepotism - Secure Jobs for Polly Family Members At Taxpayers Expense. Plus bad Continuity perfomers.

Some Politicians really get cranky if their families become subject of media interest, some more than others , meaning those who crank up minor parliamentary jobs for relatives or friends.
Exposure of these fiddles often have some Pollies contacting friends and back hander specialists within the media circus asking for their families not to be exposed, however,"I don't mind what you write about me providing it promotes my image".
Now you could say "That sounds fair dinkum", but then you wonder why these morons fail to follow their own advice.
Pollies, most of them failed lawyers seek high profile Images to retire with on a fat taxpayer paid pension from a minimum of eight years service- however,during that period gouge every drop of swill possible from their Hon Member dodgy cash trough.
But instead of "keeping their families out of it", politicians from all parties are taking advantage of their own rules and hiring their own relatives as taxpayer funded advisers, the list of perks and bonuses goes beyond belief.
The problem is, these noxious fat cats are the only people able vote against these greasy privileges.

Nepotism has remained rife amongst the big screen and telly industry from the time the name Goldfish was changed to Goldwyn. Hebrew Monica's crop up about 50 to 1, or it is painfully apparent their ancestry evolved mainly from a long past Exodus from ghetto's in Europe or even the promised land.
Hebrew couples sporting middle eastern dials with aquiline features playing 18Th century English aristocrats on film, all wrong, this lack of continuity really gets my goat, and why do non Zionists performing in a non Zionist scenario production written by a Zionist always have so it seems names such as Sam, Rachael, Jennifer, Natalie, Sarah and Ben when they should be Bert Fred John Mary Agnes Aggie Rosemary and Jimmy. It makes sense doesn't it.
The name Aggie in its present tense conjures up something opposite to it's derivative, possibly being the archaic Roman Fem name Agrippina (AD 15-59). Agrippina was not a beautiful kindly loving soul.
Watching yet another remake-re run Medieval Robin Hood calamity.( Zionists substitute Reuben for Robin) We have within this good old English prank a lovely miscast lady of Afro origins. Really! I think the timing was askew since this supposedly took place before that nasty sod King John signed the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215,AD. Am I correct in stating the poms hadn't at that period ventured into the Dark continent?.
I don't watch shows like the Oscars unless I have been ordered to by nearest and dearest. However the one that comes to mind was a few years ago when the worlds most famous piss head actor dear old Mel staggered to the rostrum looked around and remarked "Jeez, I must be the only Gentile here tonight".
Most of this post is without malice and is not intended to offend, should it do so too bad. Salaam, Shalom and what have you. Back again soon. Feeling much better.


wally said…
wotsit politics now vesty.
Mum says most semetic actors adopt western family names, like old moon faces friend Don Lanes name was Morton Issacson.
stay well vesty we love you.
Vest said…
Wally: Thankyou for being first off the blocks. there has been an unprecedented slow start to the comments to this post, if the shit hit the fan too bad.

Today I purchased a plot of vacant land (Freehold) for eternity, no rates or possibility to be resumed. plus accommodation for two at a pinch. No powerbills either, mind you I hope I will not be leaving this address for a while yet.
lower deck lawyer said…
Did get slightly racy but what you say is mainly true mate.

And that other accommo thing, it looks as if when you become a tenant the overheads will be a deterrant to any possible comeback. Mike.
Vest said…
LDL: Yep thats why it was so cheap. Anyhow with my squatters rights authorities will have more than a job on their hands evicting me.
Gordon the baker. said…
Mr Vesty where can i get a cheap block of land as im in the market for sure mate and how much was yours if you dont mind telling- zac the girls and me send our regards and happy you are well.
Vest said…
Gordon: Knowing you live in the inner Sydney suburbs, I would suggest 'ROOKWOOD', but are you not a trifle immature to even be thinking about these sort of matters.
frog said…
Vest that bakers boy must be a bit stiff in the head or just half baked if you get my drift.

Not a bad post, y not put some zap into the next like sex or sumfink.
Keshi said…
No matter what, as long as humans parade this Earth, Racism and Malice wont vanish altogether :)

hey Vesty come along to my place and check out Sri Lanka!

Vest said…
Keshi: Yes I shall check out Sri Lanka at your place.
I have checked it out as you say several times, When it was 'Ceylon' mostly. Trinco in 44 also colombo 5 times. Then Colombo in 52 again in 54 then Trinco and colombo twice each 56 and 60 and last of all twice in 2000.

Sri Lanka with its 20 million souls, would fit nicely into Australia with 21 million souls, 300 times.
gordon said…
Funny funny, ok I tripped up on that one

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