My head is not as thick as I first thought

My Present health problems stem from the time I tripped when heading for the bathroom the morning of Feb:8:08 while staying at my #4 sons abode in Kurrajong, Windsor, NSW, and crunched my nut on a speeding cement wall; so it seemed.

Lots of blood-pain-ambulance-op table-x-rays-stitches and in hospital for three days. My face resembling an ancient druid, mostly several shades of blue, I then returned home.
Several days later my continuing headaches were reason for a brain scan, "Alright I heard that", The results were favourable. I then suffered lumbar pains and mobility problems until Chest pains arrived around Sept 08.
Eventually this was corrected in Gosford Hospital Dec 18:08.
Letters from the Hospital to my Local family Doctor went astray and were never recovered. my initial medication was completed after several days, no other medication was offered by our Doctor.
Around three weeks ago my headaches returned and are still with me, my local Doctor advised a brain scan Thurs May:8. The resulting scan on Frid:May:9, revealed I had had a minor stroke days earlier, this I believe was when I sat bolt upright while watching the telly the previous Sunday when I felt a sharp piercing pain enter my head.
Today the visit to the doctor went well and the picture is clearer now that I have Medication. However, a visit to the heart/vascular doc is on the cards to get more clarification of what may be happening.
Unfortunately for me the headaches continue, but I am off any form of alcohol and other fattening substances despite losing over ten kilos in the past four months by exercising more and spending less lengthy periods on this computer, also I am trying to get into the habit of walking more, Rosemary walks to the shops sometimes twice in one day fifteen Min's on each occasion, but for me the Doc , Barber, garage, and post office oh and the club just ten Min's there and back - longer when I'm stopped for a neighbourly chat.

Wed:May:13. Last night I went off to snooze with a headache-later controlled by a pain killer, I slept for seven hours. This morning at ten I popped down to the Dracula shop to have tests for diabetes cholesterol and other miscellaneous probes here and there, the one's 'there' were most irritating, I returned home with a quarter of an armful less blood than I went with. Soon after I had a late morning brekky.

I have been pottering around the garden today since it is still a beautiful day with a light breeze, temp around 20 cel and mostly sunny. My headaches or should I say headache has been around all day but not too severe today. I am uncertain what speed I reached from the bottom of the garden to our lower bathroom about midday, the immense relief I experienced may have triggered the pain lowering factor in my cranium, and it appears I have lost a kilo since Tuesday which is hardly surprising.

I shall be very busy both Thursday and Friday so blogging time will be at a premium, however, I shall make some sort of effort to fulfil my obligations.

Hopefully there will be better days (ahead).

Join you again soon.

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Jimmy said…

get well soon
that is an ORDER
gun hater. said…
Some old biddy frm Minnesota is sticking pins of your effigy Vesty. would you like me to put a spell on that Hag.
Vest said…
Oh dear oh dear, someone willing to assist me by putting a spell of all things on - well unooo. its hard to believe but no thanks. it could result in more witchery pokey. I would rather kiss her ass than have more pins.

I can't believe I have such a friend.
Chris B said…
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'Well, to tell you the truth,' says the Pope, 'they never let me drive at the Vatican , and I'd really like to drive today.'

'I'm sorry but I cannot let you do that. I'd lose my job!
And what if something should happen?' protests the driver, wishing he'd never gone to work that morning.

'There might be something extra in it for you,' says the Pope.

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Cop: 'He's got the f*^#*@g Pope as a chauffeur!'
Jimmy said…
Jimmy said…
I dont think TSHMom wud do that
mebbe its PUGS
Vest said…
No change with the headaches, highs and lows. Tomorrow I'm off to see the local witch doctor down the road at 1130, I may find out more from recent tests.

Today nearest and dearest and I shared the lawn mowing in the back garden, a nice sunny day until a cloud of smoke darkened the skies. A two story house we believe belongs to a friend caught fire - the top story gone, the street was cordoned off so no news yet until tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
I hope the headaches clear up soon Vest. Take it easy there mate and well done on the weight loss.
Vest said…
Saw the Doc this morning, the results of tests various mean a visit to the neurologist soon, plus I have more pills to take; although I feel I should contact the Vascular Surgeon for approval prior to taking them. The printout would suggest they could do me more harm than good, never ends does it, I feel like Mr Neverwell under the care of Doctor Quack.

Jimmy: I have tried to contact Pugs and M, seems they have gone walkabout. Advise please.
Jimmy said…
Docs and Lawyers (lower deck)
I want to stay away from dem as long as I can

if u thinking of Nature Cure
I gott 2 gfs

she will just chant for u

the reverse of the sticking pins type
Jimmy said…
be careful VEST

I am concerned about Rm
u might take the V, the blue pills by mistake
Anonymous said…
get the feeling some asshole is gonna croak soon - he he.
Broomstick girl said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jimmy said…
Annony mouse
get stuffed

live in HOPE
and die in DESPAIR

Vest is no ordinary mortal
he survived WW II

he will go only in WW III
when there will be no survivors

only cockroaches and slumdogs from Mumbai
Jimmy said…
I have many guys
who wish I was dead too
u r in good company Vest

Revolutionaries have to pay the price

for rocking the boat
but I hate smooth sailing

no funn
Ca, USA. said…
Anony, I assume you are suggesting there will be an end to anti American stuff on this blog soon.
Jimmy said…
No way cow boy
the USA hater is me

not USA

Gods justice prevails
the TALIBAN and OSAMA was created by USA

and now OBAMA HUSSEIN is Prez of USA

the guy who cudnt walk into a restaurant 20 years ago

bcoz of the color of his skin
Jimmy said…
The book Waving Goodbye to a Thousand Flies by John Leonard Spencer is best described as a lively, fascinating read, told with great feeling, something really different!


The basis of the story is an autobiography that has been changed into pseudo form. Any original names or titles that have been left in are necessary and have been assessed as safe to use; however, most are not the original names. Although some segments of the story may be very near the truth, most presumed situations or activities have been modified or are fictional.

The story involves poverty, institutions, sadness, happiness, disappointment, love and romance, plenty of humour and travel with the British Royal Navy, and minimal mention of wartime activities.

The journey starts in London, England and then continues through to other parts of England and then on to the Mediterranean, Sri Lanka, Japan, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, Singapore, the West Indies, USA, Canada, Africa, Hong Kong, and finally Australia.

DONT WAVE Good bye yet VEST
lets castrate a few more mice

they are mouses not men
10 commandments dont apply to mouses
Vest said…
So you the garbage of American blog life are actually awaiting my demise.
I may be the face on the Dart Board of many people in blogland USA. However, those would be the faces I see on my stool prior to flushing. Allow me to assure you numbskulls i'm in no hurry to go.
Unlike in The Gunland States Of Uncle Sam-land where you mostly get very old only when you get shot.
A reminder. Personal abuse and foul language is only permitted from callers with a Minus IQ providing you leave your name and blog address.
And to all, have a fulfilling day.

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