Hero 'Dirty Garry', Relegated to desk duties,

SYDNEY, Australia.

GARRY Miller has made 250 citizens arrests, stopped a gang rape and tackled a commuter who bashed him.

NSW RailCorp have a history of major cockups, Misjudgement, failed management you name it - they hold every conceivable record for financial loss within the NSW Govt Sphere. Blind Pugh with half a brain would make more positive executive decisions within RailCorp than the clutch of headless chooks running the show right now.

But it's his struggle with RailCorp, NSW Australia to keep his job as a train guard which is proving his toughest battle.

Mr Miller, 49, was relegated to desk duties in 2006 after arresting a man who punched him in the face at Westmead station.

Although the attacker pleaded guilty to the assault, Mr Miller was permanently removed from guard duties because of what RailCorp called "a history of incidents".

Now, after 19 years of dedicated service, Mr Miller has won the right to fight for his old job back in the Industrial Relations Commission.

He will allege RailCorp has been involved in a "conspiracy to damage my career".

He has already spent $30,000 on lawyers and yesterday learned that RailCorp had employed a barrister to fight him. Mr Miller makes no apologies for his vigilance - he was officially recognised by management after the 2000 Olympic Games and has been saluted in many personal tributes from grateful commuters.

In 2000 former RailCorp chief executive Ron Christie wrote to Mr Miller: "You have made Sydney proud of its railway people."

Mr Miller yesterday said he was just doing his job - and there was no shortage of work. 'A pricelss statement if there ever was'

"It wasn't hard," he said. "Every time I turned around, something was happening right in front of me. I could either ignore it or do some- thing about it."

Mr Miller denied he had been over-zealous or exceeded his authority.

"Every person I have ever arrested has been found guilty or has pleaded guilty. RailCorp has not received a single complaint," Mr Miller said.

For 16 years he patrolled Sydney's trains, apprehending thugs, thieves, drunks, drug dealers, vandals and would-be rapists.

"In 2001 eight young men were assaulting four girls until I intervened," he said.

But for all his hard work he has had nothing but insults and intimidation.

"I've been called 'Rambo with a death wish', told I have psychological problems and that I'm a danger to myself," Mr Miller said.

"I was told I should just stand back and observe - just do nothing."

Mr Miller's advocate John St Vincent Welch said that in his 42-year career in industrial relations "I have never struck a worse case of personnel and personal mismanagement. At the end of this someone in management should be sacked".

Mr Miller slammed RailCorp's claims about the extent of transit officer patrols.

"RailCorp says there are 600 transit officers but in reality, at any given time, there are only 200. The figures are bodgy," he said.

It is clear thinking to have the likes of Mr Garry Miller back at work in the slot that few can emulate. It would be most unlikely that the executive loonies who removed him would have any hands on experience in dealing with actual live problems. I would guess they commute by limousine.

POST Number 500 by Vest.


Jimmy said…
an honest cop

he musta have arrested a Ministers son

if u want to rise in the hierarchy
u must play ball
Anonymous said…
Crocodile Dundee of the RailCorp? Go man go. The PC Brigade are eating stupidos for breakfast again.
Jimmy said…
the JOY of simple living
if u can cut down your needs to the bare essentials
u wont have to work for a living
- MK Gandhi

no TV, mo TV Bill
no Internet, no net bill

drink plain tea with less sugar
and no milk

no booze, no ciggies
no doctors

eat dal roti
not gourmet food

dont wear shoes
wear all weather chappals

not silks
but khaddi

no undies/ panties and bra

less clothes
less clothes to wash
wash your own clothes

no laundry bill
and find a girl who is low maintenance too

let your hair and bush grow
dont shave

please add to the list ...
rosemary said…
My joke of the week.

A school teacher, reminds her class of tomorrow's final exam.
"Now class, I will not tolerate any excuses for you not being here tomorrow.
I might consider a nuclear attack or a serious personal injury, illness or a death in your immediate family, but that's it, no other excuses whatsoever!"

A smart - Alec boy in the back of the classroom raised his hand and asked.
"What would you say if tomorrow I said I was suffering from complete and utter sexual exhaustion?'

The entire class is reduced to laughter and snickering.
When silence is restored, the teacher smiles knowingly at the student, shakes her head and sweetly says.
"Well, I guess you would have to write the exam with your other hand Jimmy."
kate...fb. said…
Hi vestie, Jimmy the wanker that would be right, mind you Wally the Wanker would rhyme much better - but as a plumber he's got a job handling pipes all day, Luvs ya, Kate.
Jimmy said…
who is Jimmy
I am Saby

is it Wally's nick?
Jimmy said…
CAN YOU HANDLE a hott woman?

I can Rm
I can
Jimmy said…
every man is looking for a woman who will love him as much as his mom did

thats asking too much
Right Rm?
rosemary said…
I accepted my husband not for the reasons you suggested Jimmy.

Vest spent the following times with his now deceased Mother.

1926 1932 6 years.
1934, Approx 2 hours.
1935 about 1 hour
1940 about six hours.
From 1946 July Aged twenty, he became known to his mother on a regular basis while on leave from the British Royal Navy and as a civillian 1966 until 1971 and three visits of approx three months to Australia 1974, 1976 and 1977.
Travelling intacto from England, I
married my darling in Singapore 20-june 53.
I can assure you my love for Vest could not possibly be less than that afforded to vest by his Mother. correct me if I am wrong jimmy; you have read his memoirs.
Jimmy said…
Singapore 20-june 53

Shucks I was only 3 then
and my Willy was the size of Wallys as it is today
Jimmy said…

My mom loved me
but I didnt love my mom
bcoz she didnt love my dad

I didnt cry when my mom died
Sticky beak. said…
As if Vests family didn't have enough on their plate with the re -emergence of their vindictive P S during the past few days.
Yesterday - Thursday their son David was on the operating table and following up today Vest was at Toukley Diagnostic Centre about Midday having a brain scan.
Jimmy said…
LIFE : A song, a dance
says OSHO
Jimmy said…


It is your freedom to be miserable or to be blissful, to remain in darkness or to live a life of light. This is the prerogative of human beings.

The moment you accept total responsibility, you become free to be whatever your nature demands, to be whatever your nature deserves.

And only when you fulfill your destiny alone - finding your path, risking everything for the search, then life is no more just vegetating.

Then life is a song, a dance, a deep ecstasy.

But you have to drop the idea that anybody else can do it for you. You have to drop the idea that knowledge gathered from scriptures can do it.

You have to be mature, you have to accept that "This is my life and only I can do something for it." _ In this way you become an individual. .

In this way you become free from organizational religions, in this way you. become free from any political, philosophical ideologies. .

In this way you become innocent again.

Vest said…
Jeeze! Budgewoi is fast becoming the Cabot Cove of Australia, people nosing around or was it a slip of the tongue. Maybe sticky beak knows the result already, I haven't had the priviledge yet.
Vest said…
Jimmy: Men of the Navy don't Cry as well as boys from Balmain - according to ex premier Never Wrong. However, the departure of my Mother to the hereafter coinciding at the time I was a civillian of some 17 years softened my stance, and I unashamedly shed a few private tears, afterall despite every thing she was my Mother.

Recap on Chap 51.
Jimmy said…
your bio mother

my son Tony loves Peggy my sis in law more than his mom

Peggy is verry loving
she loves my kids as much as her own child

she makes food to my sons taste
and to my taste when I visit

which conflicts with my bro Alberts taste ... hihihi

I wish I had married Peggy
Jimmy said…
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He answers, "I saw your signs along the highway and was interested in possibly doing business...."

"Very well my son. Please follow me." He is led through many winding passages and is soon quite disoriented. The nun stops at a closed door and tells the man, "Please knock on this door."

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He puts $100 in the cup, eagerly trots down the hall and slips through the door pulling it shut behind him.

The door locks, and he finds himself back in the parking lot facing another sign:

Anonymous said…
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