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Today in History. 1926 Post 1305.

It was Eighty Nine years ago when Vest AKA LJB, Me, was born at 21 Homerton High street Hackney London E 8; within the sound of Bow Bells . Thank you for those relatives and friends who have sent Birthday wishes from far and wide  and those from my sons face book friends. Nothing much happening at the moment, tomorrow I shall be doing my Aged Persons driving test, and then on Sat & Sunday finalise packing for the trip to the sceptred isle set in a silver sea, departing 1510  Mon 20, arriving Heathrow 0530 Tuesday 21st. and retuning to OZ Aug 25.  I shall be taking the wife, and the youngest son to do the driving and baggage handling , which will make the trip less arduous. So that is all for now see you all later on. Vest .... Back soon. It is better one lives richly than dies rich.

The Muslim Book Store

MUSLIM BOOK STORE __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So, there I was, walking through the new mall, when I saw that there was a “Muslim Book Store.” I was wondering what exactly was in a “Muslim book store” so I went on in. I was wandering around taking a look and the clerk stopped me asked if he could help me – I imagine I didn’t look like his normal clientele. So I asked for a copy of the UK Immigration Policy Book regarding Muslims. The Clerk said, “Piss off, get out, and stay out !” I said, “Yes, that's the one. Do you have that in paperback?”