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The old rustic Bridge by theMill.

THE OLD RUSTIC BRIDGE BY THE MILL. I recall my Dad singing this song. Dad passed away in 1930 aged 40; due to a recurrence of a WW1 war wound in France on the western front. My dear departed Rosemary loved it too. div I am thinking tonight of the old rustic bridge That bends o'er the murmuring stream 'Twas there, Maggie dear, with our hearts full of cheer We strayed 'neath the moon's gentle beam 'Twas there I first met you, the light of your eyes Awoke in my heart a sweet thrill Though now far away, still my thoughts fondly stray To the old rustic bridge by the Mill. Chorus: Beneath it the stream gently ripples Around it the birds love to trill Though now far away, my thoughts fondly stray To the old rustic bridge by the Mill. I keep in my mem'ry the love of the past With me 'tis as bright as of old For deep in my heart it was planted to last In absence it never grows cold I think of you darling when lonely at night And when all is peaceful and still M

A new era for the 'The Daily Gaggle'.

Yes,it has happened. My senior Son Christoper has convinced me - mind you under severe pressure that is - that I should have a Facebook Account. This is apparently due to enormity of replies from my own plus his frequently published Face book pages. However, how I shall cope means that I shall have to employ him as a defacto (Dorothy Proops) to reply to the Multitude of mail expected. "What" - do not Know of Good old Dorothy? She must be on google somewhere. Despite being isolated, yesterday proved that togetherness can be achieved through other means like telecommunications and the like ( and you you dont to shower and dress plus travel to be with those who are dear to you, I quite often enjoy a one sided chat with my dear departed Rosemary - a secluded place of my home- followed by tears of remembrance. I would like very much to say THANK YOU, for the Numerous gifts - cards and calls to all of those concerned and to scores of Face book callers from all parts of the

95th Birthday Photos


Grandpa's 95 th Birthday

Thank you; to those who have replied, there is still time to let me know if you can make it here , the Virus and the travel regulations hampering any activities. We are more or less in mid winter here in NSW Aus; the weather wet and cold,wrap up warm if you stay outside, dont forget to mask (except for the free nibbles and drinkies, plenty of that... after 1300 or 1PM, Friday 16th. BTW It was Friday 16-July 1926 ( "Friday's Child has far to go" Say's the legend. Got it right there. LOVE to see you. G P Les.

Half of a century has passed.

It was about 1 AM on the 5Th of July 1971. When the ship "Brittanis" Sailed from Southampton; on board was my wife and five sons, aged between 3 to 16 - Which coincided with My dear departed wife Rosemary's 37th Birthday. Eventually arriving in Sydney on the $th day of August. Rosemary went to Heaven (I am certain) four years ago, today she would be 87 years of age, and I still cannot get it out of my head that she has gone, "Love you Rose for ever and ever"..