A new era for the 'The Daily Gaggle'.

Yes,it has happened. My senior Son Christoper has convinced me - mind you under severe pressure that is - that I should have a Facebook Account. This is apparently due to enormity of replies from my own plus his frequently published Face book pages. However, how I shall cope means that I shall have to employ him as a defacto (Dorothy Proops) to reply to the Multitude of mail expected. "What" - do not Know of Good old Dorothy? She must be on google somewhere. Despite being isolated, yesterday proved that togetherness can be achieved through other means like telecommunications and the like ( and you you dont to shower and dress plus travel to be with those who are dear to you, I quite often enjoy a one sided chat with my dear departed Rosemary - a secluded place of my home- followed by tears of remembrance. I would like very much to say THANK YOU, for the Numerous gifts - cards and calls to all of those concerned and to scores of Face book callers from all parts of the World. At the moment I am too tired to write more. See you soon. Grand Pa Les circa 1926 95.... Vest Daily Gaggle.


I am glad that you and family and friends could celebrate your birthday.
I am a FB holdout - but have fun.
Vest said…
EC. My birthday was full of surprises, and reunifications due to pressure applied to me in a moment of weakness. I was 'Got At; So the saying goes, B----r. more later. brekky has arrived English muffin with a fried egg and hot cuppa.
vest@dailygaggl.com said…
Vest said…
Dorothy Proops Should be read and changed to Margery Proops.

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