Grandpa's 95 th Birthday

Thank you; to those who have replied, there is still time to let me know if you can make it here , the Virus and the travel regulations hampering any activities. We are more or less in mid winter here in NSW Aus; the weather wet and cold,wrap up warm if you stay outside, dont forget to mask (except for the free nibbles and drinkies, plenty of that... after 1300 or 1PM, Friday 16th. BTW It was Friday 16-July 1926 ( "Friday's Child has far to go" Say's the legend. Got it right there. LOVE to see you. G P Les.



Hello Les. Reaching 95 is a great achievement, I am 87 and that feels very old. I am very lucky I am in good health the only visible thing I suffer from stiff fingers, sometimes I have to straighten them. Tomorrow is a big day for me. I am going to The Hampton Court Flower show, the first time in 16months I am going outside Suffolk. On the 21st I am going to a flower show in Norfolk and we will be in East Dereham for lunchtime. I went there last year it was market day and I wanted to take a photo of the Picture House cinema where we were allowed to go once a month once you were over 13. Have a great time and enjoy your birthday. Edward Jones 183 Sturdee Division 1945 1949.
On Friday, 9 July 2021, 23:46:41 BST, Les Bowyer wrote:
Vest said…
Edward. The boys at that Nautical school were tough after about five years. A few years ago my son remarked when visiting the school, all the boys buried in the cemetery were 12 years or under. Thank for calling
A very happy birthday - and day to you.
I hope that you and your guests have a wonderful afternoon together.
Sue, Bowyer said…
Hi Les

How have you been? Well, I hope. Thank you for your email. I would have loved to come up and visit you on your very special day. Unfortunately with the new stay at home orders in place till midnight on your birthday, it just isn't feasible, but hopefully we can organise a get together afterwards depending on the situation. Damn Covid (notwithstanding the stupidity of government). I will however be home on Friday so I can call you at least xx
Lee said…
My very best thoughts and wishes to you, Les...for a Happy Birthday...and for the lead up to and the time following. A very good friend of mine will be celebrating her 85th birthday on Thursday, 14th.

Happy, Joyous, Most fun-filled birthday to you! :)
Vest said…
Lee. Thank you. My sister departed would be 93 tomorrow and is with the angels since 1998. My mother was born on 1897 21st of July.
Vest said…
EC and Sue. There has so far been little response from family due to the dreaded covid problems. Thank you for your best wishes.
Malcolm said…
Happy birthday Les,
I hope you have a good time with lots of the family with you. Quite a milestone to reach!!
Things are doing OK here, June is settling in at her care home. At the moment I can still only visit once a week, as the restrictions are strictly enforced where she is. I am hoping I will be able visit more often, and for longer when the restrictions are lifted next week, although I expect the home will keep their own restrictions going a bit longer.
Love to all in Oz.
Malcolm and June
Jane Stokes- Honour said…
Happy birthday. Hope you have a lovely day. Lots and lots of love Jane xxxxx
I hope your day is WONDERFUL.
henry wigmore said…
I believe I know you from many years ago my name henry wigmore I'm 88 and lived near you in J B Malaya you had jumped up title , Assitent to the staff officer operations Flag Officer Malay Area. am I right.
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Vest said…
I have been in the local hospital for the past week, New post coming up soon.

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