The old rustic Bridge by theMill.

THE OLD RUSTIC BRIDGE BY THE MILL. I recall my Dad singing this song. Dad passed away in 1930 aged 40; due to a recurrence of a WW1 war wound in France on the western front. My dear departed Rosemary loved it too. div I am thinking tonight of the old rustic bridge That bends o'er the murmuring stream 'Twas there, Maggie dear, with our hearts full of cheer We strayed 'neath the moon's gentle beam 'Twas there I first met you, the light of your eyes Awoke in my heart a sweet thrill Though now far away, still my thoughts fondly stray To the old rustic bridge by the Mill. Chorus: Beneath it the stream gently ripples Around it the birds love to trill Though now far away, my thoughts fondly stray To the old rustic bridge by the Mill. I keep in my mem'ry the love of the past With me 'tis as bright as of old For deep in my heart it was planted to last In absence it never grows cold I think of you darling when lonely at night And when all is peaceful and still My heart wanders back in a dream of delight To the old rustic bridge by the Mill.


Not a song I know - but I do know just why it means so much to you.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful sentiment, of a different time but relevant today
vest daily said…
EC> The Song is of 1909Vintage, The strange-looking gramophones, tenor voices, beautiful harmony, romance, family values. thank you. I look forward to your next visit. ah I recall it was sung by a John McCormack.
v said…
Thank you, Anonymous.
Lee said…
How beautiful! Lyrics well worth are your loving, cherished memories, Vest.

'Tis through misty eyes I write this response.

Take good wishes and thoughts go your way. :)

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