Half of a century has passed.

It was about 1 AM on the 5Th of July 1971. When the ship "Brittanis" Sailed from Southampton; on board was my wife and five sons, aged between 3 to 16 - Which coincided with My dear departed wife Rosemary's 37th Birthday. Eventually arriving in Sydney on the $th day of August. Rosemary went to Heaven (I am certain) four years ago, today she would be 87 years of age, and I still cannot get it out of my head that she has gone, "Love you Rose for ever and ever"..


Anonymous said…
It is hard to believe it is four years. It seems like just yesterday, and perhaps for you too.
Lee said…
Your love remains strong, and shall remain strong...as will your memories of your beloved Rosemary.
It's Imm said…
God bless your soul Rosemary - I can still hear your laughter and your voice
You wee unique in every respect - I remember clearly your 50th Wedding anniversary
and the Anniversary cake I had specially made for you by a specialist German Baker.
The memories will remain with me until it is my time to leave this world
I have the photos of times I was in your company and at your family home.
I am certain that your soul has returned to its place of origin -
and is happy to be home.
And I speak also on behalf of the Chairman

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