Tuesday, 27 August 2013

"Blood on the Friday night".

Didn't want to over stretch the  local community health services particularly the  emergency ward of our local hospital,which has enough problems dealing with alcohol fuelled injuries overloading the system, hopefully I thought it would subside by the morning after a good nights sleep, anyhow I was feeling too tired to venture forth at night. plus the winter chill was off putting.

Twice up during the night, the claret was developing a deeper pink,however at 5-30 am it had become like fortified port.
Chris did the phoning and  Rosemary the necessary bag packing, I hurriedly washed and dressed and was ready for the Ambo's when they arrived.

The fifteen minute ride tho Wyong Hospital was spent sorting out the problem and a bed was available on arrival. After preliminary investigation it was decided at 1130 am to send me to Gosford  Hospital, after a bit of a bumpy ride I arrived. Shortly after I was given a bed in K4 ward, Bed 13; .
not to be misjudged - was by a sunny window and fairly comfortable.

My treatment at Gosford hospital over the past 2.5 days was superb , the pleasant attitude of the staff in general top notch , could not wish for better.

I am back at home now taking it easy, still feeling weak after a loss of a arm and leg of blood, will get back to you soon
Vest,   daily gaggle.

"Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much".

Thanking  the  staff at Wyong and Gosford Hospital. LJB in bed 13.Gosford KA Ward 4.

Update 30-8-13.  Delete

BloggerVest said...
5-17 AM:Frid 30. I am pissing blood, have packed my things washed and am ready should I have to return to hospital.
Will ask chris to do updates on this blog. ta for now.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Always travel with a 'Walking Stick'.

My absence from blogging over the past six weeks was mainly due to my wife Rosemary and I trotting off to visit UK relatives in England, and possibly for the last time due to our advancing years not being able to cope with the rigours both outward and homeward journeys by plane. for those who have never taken up the challenge to travel Economy alias Cattle class. flying long distances in a seat far from being the most comfortable can be bloody irritating to say the least in a nine hour then a 13 then a short hop of two hours, then after your holiday you are faced with the same dilemma during the return flight home.
We flew with Air France/ Sth China Airways,  alias 'Benny Hills Fred Scuttle Airlines' El cheapo , if four grand is cheap sourced from the Flight Centre.
Here is a travel tip, steer clear of  Communist China at all costs, Hong Kong may be OK but that Canton (Guangzhou) airport facility and those arrogant ass holes who run it need a lesson in civility, plus a five hour gap between flights and a 16 hour  stop over requiring a hotel on our return was a pain in the ass. I shall spare you the sorry details.
On a brighter note it can be said that our visits and reunions with various groups of relatives were all amicable friendly and happy, all of whom went out of their way to make our  visit pleasing and enjoyable.
On arrival at Sydney Airport when starting out , I was spotted using a Walking stick and was immediately transported to the front of the queue by an airport employee together with my wife.
However on arrival in Guangzhou China the sympathy angle was absent, but at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris I was transported by wheelchair from the plane when the walking stick was spotted.
But the best was yet to come. On arrival at Heath Row Airport London, I was taken from the plane by wheelchair for a short distance then my wife and I were taken by electric trolley to arrivals and given priority and cleared baggage and customs , then met our niece Christine who showed the man pushing the wheel chair to the waiting car for our trip down to Portsmouth our first visit.
On our return journey a similar wheel chair enactment took place everywhere except for  Commo China.
 The past week has been used getting  things back to  order again, the cleaning the garden and the pantry. I also won $152-65 on the lotto while away, same old grumps paid out my miserable winnings.
And today I passed my aged driving test; which is good until I reach 89 years ; had a good chat on the way with the examiner about UK driving conditions, the guy was from Sidcup in Kent UK.
As for the cricket - nuff said you Ozzie's have blown it - better luck next time.

Remember, Anything you are good at contributes to happiness.

 BTW,  All of those UK Relatives  we visited, Thank you all.

Vest , Back soon.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).