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Disaster At the Barby, or 'Cook your own, (Turn it Once Only)

How often are you invited to a barbecue, and find a Bert Banger type bloke, the traditional piss up chef and Master of the household out door cooking stuffing up the sangers and steaks.  Well I reckon there are nine of these incompetent twits in every ten  households. In most cases these blokes have already been at the beer before your arrival and is usually confirmed by his nibs stacking his empty bottles so all can see what a mutton head he is. Now this guy should not be entrusted to get near that large juicy 16Oz rump steak fresh from the abattoir and already primed with oil, because you know how; and why it should be cooked.  Having checked the temp of the Barby plate by dropping a blob of water and seeing it disappear fast, you place your steak or if you are poor ( hamburger or sausage) gently onto the Barby plate and pat down. You then stand guard over your steak in case mutton head starts flipping it over and over like everyone Else's steak; which by the time you have Flip

One of Britains fighting forces lemons.

Does the Shit head pongo depicted, set the standards for entry into Britain's armed services... Frightening........... Another Face book lavatorial Litany....Vest .................................................................................................................................................................................. Scots Guardsman Cameron Reilly. Picture: Facebook. Source: Supplied A BUCKINGHAM Palace guard has been axed from his regimental duties on the day of the royal wedding after he ranted about Catherine Middleton on Facebook. Scots Guardsman Cameron Reilly, 18, called the bride-to-be a "posh bitch" on the social networking site. The soldier, who wears the famous bearskin hat and red tunic while on duty outside royal palaces, is also being investigated for racist posts. Referring to Catherine and her fiance, he wrote: "hur and william drove past me on friday n all a got was a shitty wave while she looked the opposi

ANZAC DAY, Australia. For me the end of an era.

    I  woke late this morning, it was nearly ten am., it was unusual for me to sleep in on this auspicious day.     Age has wearied me together with my old comrades who were close friends as well as mates who were in close contact during our experiences in world war 2. Last year I was the  lone person of our association attending the Anzac ceremonies. Our chairman Harry H was the person who held the ever diminishing group together, but dear Harry was very sick and passed on last May.    There was no suggestion we should meet today from any of my association, no phone calls no mail just a blank silence; which is not surprising as most of those left are much older than my modest 84.75 years. In the meantime  I shall however, keep in contact as much as possible with those who are left.      Our association was formed from the surviving men of the British Pacific Fleet WW2, Many have lived in Australia most of their adult lives, having opted to stay or migrate to Australia  after the w

The Queens Birthday, Today. And other happenings to follow.

Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth The second , turns 85 today 21st April 2011. This no doubt will confuse many colonials  who celebrate her birthday at umpteen other dates.. My local  Bank The 'St George Bank', were confused  a couple of years back when I sent them a "Happy St Georges day" greeting on April 23rd.....St George being the patron Saint of England. Tomorrow is good Friday. Among other things like hot cross buns and the pubs closing early, it is a time when Fishmongers increase their prices by one hundred per cent. Saturday will be when the more Pius people (with lots of loot)will deem it suitable to attend the Royal Easter show in Sydney. Easter Monday the 25th April will coincide with ANZAC Day. Australia and New Zealand Equivalent to that of  The U/K's Remembrance Day (nearest Sunday to Nov 11,) and Americas Memorial day, The last Monday in May,? Up to now I have no plans for Anzac Day, It seems most of my remaining five - older associates, olde

Your shower could be a health Hazard. (This will please a few people I know).

The Dirty Truth About Your Shower Water Research presented at the American Chemical Society in 1986 demonstrated that showering leads to greater exposure to toxic chemicals in tap water than drinking the water does. The risks of chlorine exposure are serious -- including, but not limited to... Irritation of the eyes, sinuses, throat, and skin Aggravation of the lungs Excessive free radical formation, which results in accelerated aging Hardened arteries Difficulty metabolizing cholesterol Higher vulnerability to genetic mutation Development of cancer In a recent article in The American Journal of Public Health , chlorine was linked to measurable increases in certain types of cancer . The article also reported that up to 2/3 of our harmful exposure to chlorine is through absorption by the skin during showering. Even if you can't detect the presence of chlorine in your water via smell or taste, that doesn't mean you're

Saturday's Big Wet...PETA again...And another Teaser

.......   OUR annual water bill arrived today, $348-00 . Now tell me ex pommies don't shower too often. After  a rural English life, my encounter with a shower and hard yellow laundry soap nightly at my boarding school, in all weathers, set my standards for hygiene. only Tiny Tim tripping through the tulips would beat that, However, that was back in the thirties, when toothbrushes and frequent bathing was considered kinky. Oh I nearly forgot, on Saturday the Central coast and Sydney had the Wettest day for ten years so I have been led to believe. We went to the Club Saturday despite the rain; stayed for 4 plus hours, good entertainment, Tony Remedios and the FAB FOUR Beatles tribute; great stuff.( Bob Our President, listen mate, We want then here more often). Beware if you live near my place of abode, Tonight Mc Farlanes lantern will waxeth brightly, fortunately it is not the weekend and the howling loonies will have work commitments on their minds or maybe dole cheques.........

Middle East Hal Al Diners to Feast On Australian Camel Meat.

A n Egyptian businessman plans to build an abattoir in South Australia to export Camel meat to the Middle East   Meat importer Magdiens Australia owner Magdy El Ashram, said the abattoir would create 250 jobs and a 60 Million - a -  year industry. "It's a win - win situation -- everyone is going to benefit" he said. ................................................................................................................................................................... However, it has not been disclosed how the Camels will be slaughtered, such as the methods employed in the Middle East. The inhumane methods of slaughtering  animals in the Middle East is well documented, and can be researched by using your PC. Having done this myself I was horrified by the brutality to these animals prior to being killed. I intend to keep an eye on what may transpire when these Camels are slaughtered in South Australia. There can be little doubt that the people employed at the a

Ghosts from Christmas Past. or "Hallo Sailor"..

I recently received an email  from a former crew member of the WW2 Battleship HMS King George V which  I also served on.  Not that I remember the Guy but apparently he was full of criticism, with regard to several posts I have done in the past.  Actually trying to communicate with the U/K Assoc was difficult during the past seven years or so , due to most of the U/K Assoc members being GA Ga and not into cyber communication. It seemed,during this period the U/K Assoc was too busy feeling sorry for themselves, whereas our more happy go lucky Aussie ex Poms of the  KGV Assoc ,during several pissy arsed gatherings each year really enjoyed ourselves, also during a weeks holiday together combining our annual gathering and AGM I am wondering was the following post the one which may have offended him. If so, too bad. Thursday, 8 December 2005 FOR MY RELATIVES FRIENDS AND OLD SHIPMATES OVERSEAS HAVE A JOYFUL CHRISTMAS PLEASE feel free to comment, get it off your chest before the year ru

Just an ordinary week of events. Sort of.

It is Sunday evening and piddling with rain after a warm and windy day of mainly sunshine preceded by a chilly night.  Autumn (Fall) is a period of mixed blessings; weather wise within my segment of the OZ continent, a trifle different from the interior far beyond the black stump where it either rains or mostly doesn't. The patch of grass(weeds) on our frontage has been neglected due to when it could be done being out of favour to more important happenings, it being Sunday it was scheduled to be cut tomorrow; but the road looking like Chalgrove brook its hardly likely to happen. According to my medical Appointments The 24th Easter day is my next; another cock up by Bureaucrats. BTW I feel fine but still get this weird throbbing in my head and occasional headaches, and I can assure you it has nothing to do with those absurd assumptions for which I can vouch for ended quite some time in the past. Nearest and dearest has popped out to the club for the Weekly Raffle of mainly  dead

Who will be the first clever person to answer this 'Question'

An Arab Sheik tells his two sons to race their camels to a distant city to see who will inherit his fortune. The one whose camel is the slowest will win. The brothers, Cannot figure out how they can have a fair race under that condition. After wandering aimlessly for days, they ask a wise man for advice (hard to find in camel land with literacy only 40 .per cent). However, after hearing his advice they jump onto the camels and race them as fast as they can to the distant city. "What did the wise man say to them."? BTW, It has nothing to do with bricking the camels as they were both female camels. Answers please in the comment section only, will be posted on receiving a correct answer. Vest....Back soon.

Enslaved Humans.

Moses , Passover , Pharaoh Top 5 Signs That Technology Will Enslave Us All The machines will soon enslave us all. It’s not a prediction. It’s a guarantee. If you thought this was just a cute science fiction premise, think again. By: ElGuapo Comments: 0 Tags: Facebook , Gadgets , Ibm's watson , Ken jennings , Online dating , Steve jobs , Technology , The matrix , The terminator

Egypts political hype could be copied here.

Egypt, is a poor nation with a large population both rooted in rural and religious ways. Illiteracy rates exceed 40 percent. We saw the implications of this in March, after the military junta rushed to hold a referendum on constitutional amendments, seemingly reformist, but opposed by the secularist democrats. The military and the Muslim Brotherhood backed the amendments. The Brotherhood's slogan that voters would be obeying Allah if they voted yes, worked effectively. The amendments passed by an astounding 77 percent of the vote out of 18 million cast. (Interestingly, the military government didn't even bother to publish what exactly the amendments said before election day. Will a non secular driven political party, for example, the Papal hailing leader and wearer of Budgie smugglers; invoke the fear of retribution in followers and take up the cry to summon the faithful to obey God or Allah at the polls here in Australia or the West? The Muslim Brotherhood has

Dragons, Hearts and Disappearing Snakes. Oh and Skulls Too.(Post 777)

FIRST they were the permanent mark of the working class and then celebrities made them cool. But now it seems our love of tattoos is over. Most Australians aged between 18 and 70, believe body art is a big turn-off. More than half believe tattoos on the opposite sex make them less attractive. And it seems women are more forgiving than men. A surprising high percentage of men find tattoos on women unattractive, while a large percentage of women think that tattoos are not attractive on men. I would be turned off ANGELINA JOLIE AND HER TATTOOS for example(if the opportunity came about) Just who is getting their body permanently marked is changing, with tattoos beginning to appeal to a different type of person. Once only seen on the working class, tattoos are now more liked by higher income earners, Mainly those with less responsibilities. Those seeking long term commitment would be advised to avoid these Gilded lilies and larrikins. About 5 per cent of lower income earners thi

More Aussie forces Sex Scandals.

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Apri !st, Easter Sunday, All fools day. But when?

NO not this year. It was way back in 1945, 66 years ago, but indelible in my mind as if it were yesterday, something you  you don't wish to summon up as a recurring dream but unforgotten nevertheless. (Google - OPERATION ICEBERG), approx ten weeks of gory death and destruction during the lead up to and including the invasion of Okinawa on April 1.  My action station on the Air defence platform - exposed to the max; up high in the ship, a dreadful job, and the only redeeming thought was that I was far too young to die. However about 45,000 Americans died and a mere 2,500 British copped it too. Ah well! it was not for the faint hearted , the ship and crew I was serving with  had been in commission for two years at that time in question, and the average age of our crew nineteen years of age, I was just eighteen and a bit..... Great wages then, Five bob a day plus bug laden  food and shelter. Those were the days!!