Ghosts from Christmas Past. or "Hallo Sailor"..

I recently received an email  from a former crew member of the WW2 Battleship HMS King George V which  I also served on.
 Not that I remember the Guy but apparently he was full of criticism, with regard to several posts I have done in the past.
 Actually trying to communicate with the U/K Assoc was difficult during the past seven years or so , due to most of the U/K Assoc members being GA Ga and not into cyber communication.
It seemed,during this period the U/K Assoc was too busy feeling sorry for themselves, whereas our more happy go lucky Aussie ex Poms of the  KGV Assoc ,during several pissy arsed gatherings each year really enjoyed ourselves, also during a weeks holiday together combining our annual gathering and AGM
I am wondering was the following post the one which may have offended him. If so, too bad.

Thursday, 8 December 2005


PLEASE feel free to comment, get it off your chest before the year runs out, about anything you wish to say. NO DELETIONS UNLESS THEY ARE OBSCENE.

VEST: I would like to say hello to my OLD shipmates of the HMS King George V assoc in the U/K to whom I will send a new JLS pen to replace their misplaced one ; should they comment here. We of the assoc in Australia have recently returned from a hilarious holiday in Coffs Harbour, going wild and enjoying life to the full, (Read your news letter)My beautiful Lady and myself are sailing down to Tasmania mid Jan, those of you who haven't yet lost their marbles will remember our ship going there Jan-8-46, and the great reception we had from the locals.
Reading your news letters really has me wondering what your domestic lives entail, as your assoc annual meanderings appear to be in need of a vitality boost, your several minor adventures were mostly centred around boring venues; unctuous church services and retiring to your beds at 9PM, "How Frightfully Exciting". It also seems that, our Assoc in the UK is lacking in leadership, or is it that the 'Lord of the Manor come Village Squire Kow Towing Syndrome' is still prevalent among you. "I say, you old English chappies" "Do you have to have a senior officer not of our ships company to lead you". BTW if the rude old Chancre bosun I spoke to over a year ago is still around, please would you say "Thank you" for the 'J L Spencer book you asked for free gratis that I sent you.
   In the wash up I feel you old guys in the U/K need a push in the right direction, but never mind; not long to go now; pray hard, I recommend you click on to , For your next annual vacation. (just kidding) vest,


Anonymous said…
I do suppose it's interesting talking to old, comrades.

Vest said…
And it is nice talking to my Grandson Dylan.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Last i heard from you old mate even most of your Ozzie mob were running out of steam. Mike.

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