Saturday's Big Wet...PETA again...And another Teaser

.......   OUR annual water bill arrived today, $348-00 . Now tell me ex pommies don't shower too often.
After  a rural English life, my encounter with a shower and hard yellow laundry soap nightly at my boarding school, in all weathers, set my standards for hygiene. only Tiny Tim tripping through the tulips would beat that, However, that was back in the thirties, when toothbrushes and frequent bathing was considered kinky. Oh I nearly forgot, on Saturday the Central coast and Sydney had the Wettest day for ten years so I have been led to believe.
We went to the Club Saturday despite the rain; stayed for 4 plus hours, good entertainment, Tony Remedios and the FAB FOUR Beatles tribute; great stuff.( Bob Our President, listen mate, We want then here more often).
Beware if you live near my place of abode, Tonight Mc Farlanes lantern will waxeth brightly, fortunately it is not the weekend and the howling loonies will have work commitments on their minds or maybe dole cheques............

P E T A.
THEY oppose kids keeping goldfish. They oppose people riding horses. They even oppose blind people using guide dogs.
But who would have thought that some so-called animal rights groups would end up promoting animal cruelty?
Back off PETA!!
That is exactly what has happened with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protests calling for an immediate ban to mulesing.
It is not the first time this organisation has been on the absurd side of an argument.
The reason for mulesing is simple - it prevents the sheep from being killed by flesh-eating maggots.
Our merino sheep were developed through selective breeding, some time around 1870 - about the same time the blowfly made it here from South Africa.
The folds in the breach of the merino's skin together with the introduction of the blowfly became a lethal combination, creating a new disease: flystrike, where the folds in the skin become infested with maggots and the sheep dies a slow and painful death.
That's why mulesing was first introduced. Removing some of the wool and skin around the breach prevents the sheep being eaten alive. Farmers don't enjoy doing it, but the alternative is far worse.
The American-based organisation PETA knew that Australian industry had agreed to a 2011 phase-out of the practice to provide time to develop alternatives to mulesing.
Some of the alternatives being developed have involved clips, sprays and selective breeding. But then earlier this year PETA decided to embark on a campaign which, if successful, will only cause more sheep to die through flystrike.
They called for mulesing to be banned immediately. Then they went to different retailers around the world and tried to talk them into boycotting Australian wool because we had not met our 2011 deadline.
That's right. PETA complained that a 2011 deadline had not been met. Industry is confident it is on track to have alternatives in place for 2011. That allows us to work towards improving animal welfare while still supplying the best quality wool in the world. In the meantime, extremist organisations should drop their attacks on Aussie farmers.
If PETA had its way and wool growers stopped mulesing today, we'd see an immediate rise in the number of sheep dying through flystrike. It's yet another case of extremists harming the cause they claim to support.
Foot in mouth PETA Protesters have enough problems to follow up within the North American sector of their operations, cruelty within their Zoos and circuses, the problem of the clubbing of harp seals, the KFC Chicken slaughter methods just to name a few.
I suggest PETA concentrate on the stinking mess in their own stuffed up continent, like curbing the activities of the raving loonies who hunt animals for fun. I suppose the answer made by a Sth Carolina cab driver to me back a bit in 65 was when its Quiet on Sundays its coon shooting time.
So why is Australia copping all this Shite. Australia is the third largest Sheep producer in our world, China is the largest and New Zealand the 2nd largest.
Australia is 'Not' the only country involved in this 'Mulesing ' thingy or haven't the PETA Loonies travelled further than OZ.
Mulesing. You could describe it as an equal to a tetanus shot or a cholera or yellow fever inoculation ( I have had a few) and they can be painful for a while , but you know you are not going to catch that dreaded lergy, and as for the sheep an ass full of maggots which is the choice of PETA for our Australian Sheep. Are these PETA Ites; Seventh day wonders as well?
I suggest that PETA travel to China to take a dekko at what is happening there. but  most US Presidents would soon drop the lid on that Idea , "Can't antagonize the yellow hordes, never know what might happen".
Now the Teaser.
A school teacher had exactly $100-00, (One hundred Dollars) to provide exactly 100 prizes for exactly 100 students.
The prize categories were of $5-00. Also  $1-00. and for the not too smart just Five Cents.
Question is:- How many of each prize category?..............(You must use all of the money for the exact number of prizes)
Have an enjoyable working week, Vest.... Back soon. 


Chris said…
19 * $5.00 = $95.00
1 * $1.00 = $ 1.00
80 * $0.05 = $ 4.00
Vest said…
I have one correct answer to the teaser so far, i shall wait until wednesday eveniung befofe submitting the answer.
Vest said…
More replys to the Question(teaser) Required.

One doesn't have the need of a masterful mathematica mind likened to a Barry Mazur, merely minimal mind matter.
Saby. said…
not another damn QUIZ
Vest said…
Saby: Wouldn't expect you to stand up to scrutiny even to this eleven plus question.

There are people out there fearful of providing the incorrect solution.
Especially in the USA Canada and U/K.
I am also convinced Ozzy IMS is dumbfounded too.
Vest said…
So those who couldn't be bothered; meaning those who couldn't solve the simple Pre Eleven plus type question, here is the successful answer.

Read the First comment.
IMS said…
P E T A.

THEY oppose kids keeping goldfish. They oppose people riding horses. They even oppose blind people using guide dogs.
But who would have thought that some so-called animal rights groups would end up promoting animal cruelty?
Back off PETA!!

Vest said…
So IMS Alias A B turned up after all.
After the answer was published.

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