Who will be the first clever person to answer this 'Question'

An Arab Sheik tells his two sons to race their camels to a distant city to see who will inherit his fortune.
The one whose camel is the slowest will win.
The brothers, Cannot figure out how they can have a fair race under that condition.
After wandering aimlessly for days, they ask a wise man for advice (hard to find in camel land with literacy only 40 .per cent).
However, after hearing his advice they jump onto the camels and race them as fast as they can to the distant city.

"What did the wise man say to them."?

BTW, It has nothing to do with bricking the camels as they were both female camels.

Answers please in the comment section only, will be posted on receiving a correct answer.

Vest....Back soon.


Chris Bowyer said…
Switch camels
WALLY. said…
Got me beat Vesty !!!
jaded jane said…
Sit on the Camel Backwards?
Vest said…
Plenty of time yet to reply.

Surprised that IMS hasn't had crack at this, maybe he is off again with his bucket and spade.
Kate...fb. said…
seems silly to me, maybe one must die for the other to win? I just dunno. Luvs ya vesty, Kate xxx.
Jimmy said…

there are no WINNERS in this contest Jane hon

the one who finishes the race is definitely not on the slowest camel
Vest said…
Hurry,the answer will be delivered tomorrow.
Vest said…
'Swap Camels'. Unfortunately the correct answer was supplied by someone privy to the question, so its publication was delayed. Needless to say Chris cheated.
Jimmy said…
'Swap Camels' ???
I dont get it

do u mean mate it with an ass ?
Vest said…
Jimmy: I hope you are listening carefully.
I have just had a run in with a female Sub Continent Voice whose mouth was full of Betel Nut, employed by an Aussie Govt Dept re My pension payments,She suggested that my English was not up to scratch.
My reply in Royal Navy Maritime English to said Bombay Harlot, resulted in the phone conversation finishing abruptly. I will phone that dept later or maybe they will phone me.
Vest said…
For the benefit of Jimmy and others who when being told of the answer to the 'Camel Question', failed to come to grips with said reply.
Remember the brothers owned their own Camels.
If the brothers swapped Camels, and say; One of the brothers was first to finish, then that brothers camel would be last to finish as it would be ridden by the losing brother.
Consequently the winner of the race would claim the inheritance as the loser was riding The winners Camel.
Gawd I hope this is enough.
WALLY. said…
I caught on vesty,seems us Abo's are smarter than Indians, or should i say [Not As Thick}
Vest said…
Eventually you did Wally.
Davoh said…
Um, might initially mention that all this smacks of 'ethnic prejudice' .. on the other hand .. mmmm. After some interest in "Middle Eastern" affairs, it still seems to me that the concept of "family" and "kill off the contenders" is still current.

And yes, I still think that the ancient Australian aborigines had what might be called the 'ideal' political situation, where the 'elders' had some say, but 'widespread' violence was not tolerated. Sadly destroyed.
IMS said…
As the camels do not have switches, the solution is they they ride the other persons camel instead of their own
Vest said…
Andrew (IMS)trust you to make things difficult. Let's just say "Exchange Camels"
In any case you missed the boat.

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