Just an ordinary week of events. Sort of.

It is Sunday evening and piddling with rain after a warm and windy day of mainly sunshine preceded by a chilly night.
 Autumn (Fall) is a period of mixed blessings; weather wise within my segment of the OZ continent, a trifle different from the interior far beyond the black stump where it either rains or mostly doesn't.
The patch of grass(weeds) on our frontage has been neglected due to when it could be done being out of favour to more important happenings, it being Sunday it was scheduled to be cut tomorrow; but the road looking like Chalgrove brook its hardly likely to happen.
According to my medical Appointments The 24th Easter day is my next; another cock up by Bureaucrats. BTW I feel fine but still get this weird throbbing in my head and occasional headaches, and I can assure you it has nothing to do with those absurd assumptions for which I can vouch for ended quite some time in the past.
Nearest and dearest has popped out to the club for the Weekly Raffle of mainly  dead animal (meat) and other Miscellaneous goods, this past Friday She won a huge basket of Easter eggs and a fluffy Bunny.
Last night we went to the club for the show, it had been five weeks? since the last, 'The Roy Orbison show' Which went down well. however, last nights debacle (I'm getting old) was noticeable by the lack of applause for the 'Fleetwood Mac' tribute.  To some  it was appealing but to 75% of the audience of 65-85 age group it was appalling, I knew she was singing ; "But What"? To me an ex Waltz and Tango person it sounded obscene.
If you remember me mentioning the white  rabbit from next door eventually being captured after being allowed to escape and decimate my veggie patch, Its proud owners now by default are my Gr/Daughters who live about 3 klms hence have announced the arrival of Octuplet bunnies? I believe the bucking bunny is named Speedy Gonzalez. Just thinking it took my Rosemary thirteen years to hatch a brood of five sons. Mind you I was at sea a lot during those years.

Joke of the week:
   A man who had worked  and saved hard all of his life told his wife that he wanted all of his money to be buried with him when he died to spend in the after life.
His wife with Christian principles agreed and promised she would definitely fulfil his wishes.
When her husband died she was sat near his coffin dressed in black and when the funeral service was over she passed a large package into his coffin, whereupon a friend said "I see you kept your promise as a Christian woman'
"I certainly did, I could not go back on a promise"
Her friend said "You mean all of that money is being buried with him'
"It sure is" the wife said. "I got it altogether, put it into my account, and wrote him a cheque....If he can cash it, then he can spend it.

It is in vain to expect our prayers to be heard, if we do not strive as well as pray.

PS, 7-30pm Rosemary is home having won $50-00 on the pokies and  four large T/Bone steaks. Hmm.

Enjoy the forthcoming working week.

Vest.... Back soon.


Jane, Stokes - Honour. said…
Hello Uncle Les. Lovely to hear all your news as always. Lots of love Jane xxxxxxxxx
Vest said…
The answer to the Camel race is in the previous post.
Jimmy said…
Honesty anf Truth is important
and it makes sense too

u cant sustain a lie for verry long

it is far better to be hated for what u r
than to be loved for what u r not

do u agree?
Jimmy said…
I wud walk a mile for a Camel
I guess it was Vest who said that
Jimmy said…
it was Bay watch beach filled with lusty babes

but this guy wanted a Camel
Jimmy said…
Woh soti rahi mai karta raha, Intezaar us ke jawab ka;
Abhi rakha hi tha ke chhut gaya, Phool hath se gulab ka;
Usne kaha piche se nahi aage se karo, Deedar mere husn-e-shabab ka;
Usne kaha bada maja aata hai jab andar jata hai, Kano me ek ek lafz tere pyar ka...
Vest said…
Jimmy: Now try it in English.
Jimmy said…
Rose wont permit me to say that in the Queens language

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