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Sixty Years and counting

Although I met my Wife Rosemary Dec 1951, It wasn't until the middle of June 1953 She arrived in Singapore to be married to yours truly on the 20TH day of June 1953. every thing was planned well and our first born arrived 23/9/54, a son named Christopher. Four other sons followed over the next twelve years, Anthony, David, Andrew, and Timothy. all of whom were born in England; although Andrew was'Made in Hong Kong' during a lax period in the family planning dept during the Chinese new year, while posted in Hong Kong 62-64.  Today will be a low key celebration at home, family have been invited to turn up on Sat the 22nd.So far only one family group have replied. Had lots of cards from the U/K relatives who we will be visiting in July Aug. Yet to receive a card from 'any' Aussie rello's. who will miss my Xmas goodwill and save me a quid or two. 'Humbug'. Wasn't all that happy with the card I bought; the only one of its denomination 60 yrs Wedding ann

What and when was your first car? Dont fib.

My first car was  a Ford Eight: Rego was S938, A 4 cylinder 8 horsepower 4seater 2 door sedan, and its colour was black. It had one wind screen wiper and the passenger door was held tight by a piece of wire.S938 was a survivor of the three year Japanese occupation of Singapore. S938 was approximately 17 years of age when I adopted it by paying 450 Malayan Dollars on this day in 1953, Equiv to roughly 45 pounds sterling or  three weeks wages. It had poor brakes but a loud horn, but served me well commuting from  base in Singapore "HMS TERROR to my about to be new love nest in Johore Bahru Malaya, when on June 20 1953 I married my  bride of eighteen - Rosemary from Portsmouth England at St Christopher's Church in Jalan Ibrahim  JB, sixty years ago come the June 20. 2013, and for the inquisitive our first born Christopher arrived Sept 1954. We are now both the senior persons within our (Known) family members. Sad to say I parted with S938 Ford 8 when I  found someone to give m