What and when was your first car? Dont fib.

My first car was  a Ford Eight: Rego was S938, A 4 cylinder 8 horsepower 4seater 2 door sedan, and its colour was black. It had one wind screen wiper and the passenger door was held tight by a piece of wire.S938 was a survivor of the three year Japanese occupation of Singapore.
S938 was approximately 17 years of age when I adopted it by paying 450 Malayan Dollars on this day in 1953, Equiv to roughly 45 pounds sterling or  three weeks wages. It had poor brakes but a loud horn, but served me well commuting from  base in Singapore "HMS TERROR to my about to be new love nest in Johore Bahru Malaya, when on June 20 1953 I married my  bride of eighteen - Rosemary from Portsmouth England at St Christopher's Church in Jalan Ibrahim  JB, sixty years ago come the June 20. 2013, and for the inquisitive our first born Christopher arrived Sept 1954.
We are now both the senior persons within our (Known) family members.
Sad to say I parted with S938 Ford 8 when I  found someone to give me a ride back and forth instead of the death defying pursuits In my beloved first car.

What was your first old bomb?
He who is not Courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing.

 My present car is a 4 litre six Cyl Ford Falcon , Rego KGV 000 and is White when washed.
Vest back soon.


D. said…
luv ya; continuing sense of humour - beware - not all of 'm have the same sense of humour.

Christine said…
My first car was a silver Ford Fiesta which was very reliable unless it was foggy and then it could be very stubborn, when I finally got it started it would cut out every time I slowed down or stopped at a junction. As it was foggy most of the time where I was living at the time the Fiesta did not live with me for very long and was soon replaced by a Vauxhall Astra which was much more reliable until joy riders hit it and wrote it off, but that's another story
our first car was a 1983 cheverolet something or another. we bought it for five hundred dollars. we had to have a car to bring our oldest home in and i wasnt going to cab home with her. We had her for about two or three years and then upgraded to a ford taurus. my spelling is horrible today. i am very tireds.. well talk soon.
Hi Uncle Les,

Looking forward to seeing you both, I'm assuming I'm meeting you at Heathrow if you're going to Portsmouth first unless of course there's fierce competition on the lift front, anyway, it's ok by me as I am on days off. What a way to spend your birthday eh! but it saves me a stamp ha ha.

Look forward to hearing from you soon, love and hugs Chris xxxx
Vest said…
Seems most of my readers are still riding Bicycles.and are would be mercedes owners too proud to admit they are driving an old BANGER, I know Davoh is, and G the mountain man ex car yard exec is being quiet.
Wally has a plumbers ABN TAX deductible van. my sons all drive high profile rubber.
Then again some just steal theirs and bodge up the identity.
Some are afraid to drive I can visulise those too; they are dedicated BUS users.
Vest said…
Thank you Christine for your Offer.
Your offer is accepted with many thanks. xxx
Vest said…
For those unaware Rosemary and I will be trotting off to England on the 15th of July (my deceased sisters birtday). My 87Th birthday is the folloing day which due to our flying schedule I'LL be spending in Canton China, Paris France and England.

I wonder if that is a record?
Vest said…
Hi Tweety. So you had an old bomb too, most people except those silver spoon fed kids have old bombs for starters, they can be great fun especially for teens pulling the chicks.
My (scpeell scheeck) has vanished too, due to I believe my son Chris who is working on my new (Very expensive) I Pad that will be used shortly on my travels visiting relatives in the UK next month.
Stop watching late night movies -get more sleep. Stay well.X.
BBC said…
My first car was a tired 1950 Ford with a flathead six in it but it could claw up most streets in first gear.
Vest said…
BBC: HI Billy:
Seems the Henry's are the preferred old bangers for the early drivers.
I escaped the under 25 stigma, didnt start until I was Twenty Six
Being in the R Navy not much point unless you are shore based as was I at the time.
What Happened to the Thingy Word?
Davoh said…
a Morris minor. Grey, nondescript; but it transferred my teenage, farm boy, body, into realms that became interesting.
exMI said…
Found your blog through 4score and ten or more.
the first car I actually paid for and owned was a Mustang, a 72 if I remember correctly. Bought it used in the mid 80's. It was commonly believed to be a demon pretending to be a car.

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