Sixty Years and counting

Although I met my Wife Rosemary Dec 1951, It wasn't until the middle of June 1953 She arrived in Singapore to be married to yours truly on the 20TH day of June 1953. every thing was planned well and our first born arrived 23/9/54, a son named Christopher. Four other sons followed over the next twelve years, Anthony, David, Andrew, and Timothy. all of whom were born in England; although Andrew was'Made in Hong Kong' during a lax period in the family planning dept during the Chinese new year, while posted in Hong Kong 62-64.
 Today will be a low key celebration at home, family have been invited to turn up on Sat the 22nd.So far only one family group have replied. Had lots of cards from the U/K relatives who we will be visiting in July Aug. Yet to receive a card from 'any' Aussie rello's. who will miss my Xmas goodwill and save me a quid or two. 'Humbug'. Wasn't all that happy with the card I bought; the only one of its denomination 60 yrs Wedding anniversary and the last one on the shelf, silly cow serving Say's 'dun get much call for them diamond cards most dun make it to a seven year itch around here, same silly moo says 'you know how much you spending on this lotto entry" yes I do - we are not all dumb heads when we reach the high eighties, you see I have lots of spare dosh now I don't piss up shag around play the nags and smoke shite, so don't question me on being intellectual or not, my marbles are functioning better than most zombies wandering around this village,. OK I was very rude but it was enjoyable, I wonder, will they serve me in the future.
 Well not all is bad as it would seem. My well wishers other than family members were J H, my local member in State parliament and, the Premier of NSW, followed by her in charge Federally The magical **'Gilly Gillly' lady. Another card came from the Governor General of Australia followed by they who send cards to us annually the The Hon Sir William P Deane Former Judge and Aus Gov General and lady Deane. And last of all the dear Queen of England Elisabeth 2. of the Corgi and Bess show each Christmas. This will have to suffice for a while  , No 1 son has arrived bearing gifts of flowers - card and Bottle of haggis dew.

To all the people in our world - 'Have a Happy Day', Vest back soon..

**Gilly Gilly man is an Egyptian magician. .


Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
From: Jane

Happy Anniversary. With lots of love Jane xxxxxxxxxx
Vest said…
Chris our eldest told me today that he bought his 60Th anniverary card for us at the same news agent,
and complained of the poor selection, it seems it was the same female who served him as I the other day.
She say's an old guy came in here recently and was very irrate about the same thing, Chris said "this village of older people is like an above ground mobile cemetary you should cater for these old guys".
C A, USA. said…
Geese sixty years with the same woman and not yet gone nuts must be a first.
Davoh said…
Oy, 69 years in country. My parents were born, as were me, my wife, my son, and .... oops, half my Grandparents. How many generations does it take to be recognised as "indigenous". Heh.

Will also mention that my maternal "great grands" were - in today's concepts "illegal". i.e - no-one knows what his name was or where he came from.

Building another country/ideology ????

Guess that it's a long story ...
Davoh said…
heey, i thought the '60's' good years ... no wAIT, age or ages.

Um, one of the days will understand who does what to whom - or is that "historicalist" - and am liable to be discriminated against.

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