Saturday, 10 March 2012

The recent 'Cricket Saga' reviewed. plus Bowling Loonies.

      Well for starters the 'Best Team' in the competition lost to a constantly chopping and  changing team of  failures. The Australian side without David Warner were a team of wankers suffering from pontingitus.
"Well done Sri Lanka" You beat the Oz team four games to two  and still lost the  series;" doesn't make sense to most intelligent people, mind you the Aussies always have some form of skulduggery at hand  to twist the game in their favour and save face, can't have any more Kim Hughes Crying when losing saga's, or Bob Hawk spewing in his beer when crying "You are not allowed to beat Strayer, it just aint dinkum".

    It makes me wonder how some of crickets renowned bowlers live their lives off  the playing field, although it is a known fact that one Australian nasty specimen has a record of domestic failure, the unnecessary antics  of these blokes would allow a trickcycalist to rapidly analyse the mentality traits of these loonies, and it goes without saying the average spectator with half a brain attending these unproductive gatherings would be fearful of crossing swords with a person who suddenly blessed with success at the the downfall of an opponent, displays his inner feeling with an on field  grotesque display of his contorted face with grinding teeth, bulging eyes and veins at bursting point while crouching and punching the air with clenched fists.
     Gone are the days of the normally adjusted cricket player when the success of a bowler was greeted by a statement from his captain, "Well played Sir."

Q;Will this type of behaviour impact on our growing generation, by encouraging violence, bullying and dissension towards authority? I personally believe it will. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Q: Who are the two West Indies cricketers mentioned in the 1950's cricket song "Cricket Lovely Cricket?

Remember. In order to be 'Walked on' , you must be lying down.

Back soon ....Vest. Aus Cit.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Basa Fresh Water Fillets. An Old chestnut reviewed.

Basa fresh water fish fillets??? Not quite, More like Mekong river Sewer dwellers.

Every year Australians eat around 13 kilograms of fish per person. And if health authorities had their way, we'd be eating even more. But in the face of that increasing demand, the local fishing industry is facing declining stocks and fewer licences, meaning we have to get used to having less home grown fish. Consequently, in recent years, the relatively cheap Vietnamese or Mekong catfish has made huge inroads into our market. Not that most consumers would know. Lax naming laws mean the imported fish is often sold under more familiar, local sounding names. Of particular concern is the fact that some of this fish has been found to contain traces of a suspected carcinogen. The same problems have occurred in and around Sydney Australia and bans were imposed on recreational and commercial fishing some year ago. yet the govt is allowing this suspect fish to be imported with impunity because of its weak inspection guidelines

Australians love their seafood and are being urged to eat more for health reasons. Increasingly it comes from overseas, so what exactly are we eating?
Over the past few years, there's been an influx of this boneless, skinless lightly flavoured fillet. Generally it is called basa.
It has penetrated the market quite drastically and most of the fish and chip shops are using it in place of the more expensive fish.
What most Australians probably don't know is it's a Vietnamese catfish, farmed in the waters of the Mekong Delta.
Might as well be called Tongan terakihi for all I care but it should be known as Vietnamese catfish.
At the moment in Australia there are laws saying what a fish must be called. For example, this piece from a Coles supermarket came from a batch simply labeled "fresh water fillets" although basa appeared on the price tag. Coles said that was an exception to store policy, which is to label it at the deli counter as both imported and basa. Elsewhere the fish is sometimes called freshwater dory or more controversially pacific dory or pacific roughie.
This basa fillet is neither from the Pacific or is it a dory so that name is purely a promotional name and very deceptive to the public.
The reason this naming issue is so crucial is that if consumers knew it came from the Mekong Delta they might think twice about eating it.

The Mekong River is a known SEWER. The fishing industry is not that big an industry worldwide. We know what sort of waters people are taking fish out of.
The concerns I have with basa as a fish is basically the innuendos about its quality and the safety assurance that the consumer has with it.
The committee that's currently deciding on the official names for all fish sold here in Australia are saying the naming issues are real, but the health concerns are a beat up.
A strong supporter of the local industry importing selectively for his business said he doesn't worry about the basa's living conditions..... He probably doesn't eat the shit laden fish
Internationally, there's also been concern that traces of a chemical called malachite green have been found in basa. It's a green textile dye approved in pet shops for aquarium fish, but using it on aqua culture fish is illegal here, in the US, the UK, China and many other countries. It's been used as a fungicide but it's suspected of causing cancer and leaves behind a harmful residue called leuchomalachite.

It's a safety issue in Europe, safety issue in the US. Why not in Australia.

The organisation governing food standards says malachite green is not being tested because of safety concerns, but because no one has applied to approve the chemical for use, maximum residue levels have not been set, hence it is illegal. Supporters of basa argue the proven health benefits of eating fish would far outweigh any suspected harm of levels of malachite green found so far. Australian authorities started testing for the chemical in September last year. Five per cent of all farmed fish imports is only tested on a random basis. Well, 5 per cent is a very small figure. It's a very small figure, indeed, when you consider the tonnage that's involved.
Australia's testing was prompted by what was found in 60 fish samples a few years ago. Ten tested positive for leuchomalachite and in some cases malachite green. The food standards body says that very small levels of the chemicals did not present a public health concern. The seven foreign positive tests were all basa

Ten days after testing began. Two of the three samples showed leuchomalachite green. One sample showed 10 times the detectable amount. The lab involved confirmed the document was from one of its reports, but wouldn't say who commissioned the tests. This argument about basa comes as the Australian fishing industry feels the pinch. Australia produces relatively low volumes of high-quality fish and the costs of being clean and green make it vulnerable to large quantities of cheap imports like basa.

As far as the naming issues go, going back half a decade it was thought officially enforceable titles should be standardised early the following year. Consumers might then be able to separate shitfish and sewer born catfish from the roughies.... Basa Freshwater fish my arse.
These fish are river cleaners, living in waters that are virtual sewers, if you are offered this for your next meal tell them where to stuff it, it will feel at home.

[Some technical details sourced from ABC reports]

There is no reason to believe or disbelieve this report, feel free to decide whether to poison yourself by eating this product.

Have a Thoughtful Day VEST. Daily Gaggle.

Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Coles Supermarkets and Aldi Stores, Dodgy fishy food for Cats.

Are there any Cat owners out there who may have witnessed their pet pussy knocking back a feed of Sardines?..... The answer  in all probability would be a definite "NO"
However, I have a sneaky feeling there are cat owners out there who have experienced this phenomena and are too busy to complain. although I myself have experienced this on three occasions and am in the process of complaining in order that this doesn't happen again.
So on behalf of our Cat 'Tiddles' Also a moggie over the fence and 'Big  Barney' the black and white pawed  puddy tat who lives 100 metres from Coles Budgewoi and visits us regularly some distance away from home , they have this to say. the following brands of cat food that taste like s#((*e.
None of these Cats would eat any of these brands of Cat Food, not even a lick.

COLES Complete Cuisine,. Adult. Whole Fish in Smoked Salmon Flavoured jelly, 400g NET.
Made in Thailand.
Also in a Can of similar make and size ALDI STORES have similar ingredients as the Coles Can.
Silvester's CLASSIC, Sardines with smoked Salmon jelly.
Made in Thailand
Each can is adorned with a picture of a PUSSY   :-)))).

COLES AND ALDI  are advised to test these products and if necessary withdraw them from points of sale.


Thank you, VEST, Daily Gaggle.

BTW> Have your Sydney Daily Telegrapph delivered daily to your door.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Communications Plus Precipitations and more.


          Although comments on this blog have been a bit sparse of late, relatives and friends have been in the minority this year. Those in Australia have contributed the most although fewer than the previous annual average.
However, comments from the U/K are dead on average for the year -  absolutely sod all !!
It seems that the citizens of Great Britain are becoming bored with the latest and cheapest form of communication, which is following the rapid demise of U/K Post Office communication. Nevertheless, the birthday and yuletide greetings are still holding firm, but in some cases one does not know that the recipient of your greeting card is still incumbent.
An absent or un reciprocated greeting can ring alarm bells which means in most cases the person incommunicado has a hole in his or her marble bag or has fallen from the perch, this scenario usually applies to aged persons. Those below three score and ten, the younger they are the worse the problem, most of their implausible excuses have been heard umpteen times before, but Bone idleness is the main culprit.
One Muslim youth who wrote an excuse stating he had been convicted of stealing and was to have his hand cut off, but should he win his appeal his frozen mitt would be sewn back on.
I replied, Hi Uday, sorry to hear of your predicament. make sure they don't cut off the hand you clean your ass with.
 Refer to 2nd comment in previous post. Today is a follow up of yesterday -  continuing wind and rain
        Does Mother Nature give  refunds because we want another summer - the one we just had didn't work properly.
New South Wales Australia suffered through its coldest, wettest Summer in years, with Sydney enjoying just one day when the temperature edged above 30C. torrential rain marked a fitting end to a miserable season.
Rain fell in Sydney's CBD on almost 50 days this so called Summer.
Central Coast of NSW where we live, on Thursday  the first day of Autumn or Fall, the local temp was 33C midday, but like yesterday today outside is 17C, overnight 12C - plus an extra blanket, whereas two days previous the Air con was running on full power.
The rule of thumb now is to expect the unexpected.
      The Cat with Kitten which was dumped on us four weeks ago has been granted citizenship, the Kitten was found a home with a friend. As a result of this new predator in our garden, there is a total absence of the two doz or so pigeons and mynah birds, although the Mexican standoff between the cat and magpie family erupted into war when the magpies chased the cat around the garden only ending when the cat escaped into the shrubbery. the cat is still available to a good home despite its friendly and loving disposition we really do not have the need of a mouse hunter and I am sure a younger family would be the better option for the cat.
        It has ceased raining for how long I have no Idea , however a walk in the garden away from this sedentary position would be more beneficial, and with lunch to follow a better prospect.
One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon - instead of enjoying the roses  blooming outside our windows today.

Enjoy your weekend.... Back later....Vest.

          Just in...... Gerry from the mountains of blue, has discovered a new power for motor vehicles.
Gerry, a former sales person from the Magic Mile of  Motors is using his own  brand of 'HOT AIR' to power his ancient 'Holden Kingswood' This new power will shortly be available from govt bureacrats within Australia. However, should you  require Super Air, it can only be obtained in the Capitol Canberra........"Well I'm Blowed"....... Vest.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).