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The recent 'Cricket Saga' reviewed. plus Bowling Loonies.

      Well for starters the 'Best Team' in the competition lost to a constantly chopping and  changing team of  failures. The Australian side without David Warner were a team of wankers suffering from pontingitus. "Well done Sri Lanka" You beat the Oz team four games to two  and still lost the  series;" doesn't make sense to most intelligent people, mind you the Aussies always have some form of skulduggery at hand  to twist the game in their favour and save face, can't have any more Kim Hughes Crying when losing saga's, or Bob Hawk spewing in his beer when crying "You are not allowed to beat Strayer, it just aint dinkum".     It makes me wonder how some of crickets renowned bowlers live their lives off  the playing field, although it is a known fact that one Australian nasty specimen has a record of domestic failure, the unnecessary antics  of these blokes would allow a trickcycalist to rapidly analyse the mentality traits of these loonie

Basa Fresh Water Fillets. An Old chestnut reviewed.

Basa fresh water fish fillets??? Not quite, More like Mekong river Sewer dwellers. Every year Australians eat around 13 kilograms of fish per person. And if health authorities had their way, we'd be eating even more. But in the face of that increasing demand, the local fishing industry is facing declining stocks and fewer licences, meaning we have to get used to having less home grown fish. Consequently, in recent years, the relatively cheap Vietnamese or Mekong catfish has made huge inroads into our market. Not that most consumers would know. Lax naming laws mean the imported fish is often sold under more familiar, local sounding names. Of particular concern is the fact that some of this fish has been found to contain traces of a suspected carcinogen. The same problems have occurred in and around Sydney Australia and bans were imposed on recreational and commercial fishing some year ago. yet the govt is allowing this suspect fish to be imported with impunity because of its weak

Coles Supermarkets and Aldi Stores, Dodgy fishy food for Cats.

Are there any Cat owners out there who may have witnessed their pet pussy knocking back a feed of Sardines?..... The answer  in all probability would be a definite "NO" However, I have a sneaky feeling there are cat owners out there who have experienced this phenomena and are too busy to complain. although I myself have experienced this on three occasions and am in the process of complaining in order that this doesn't happen again. So on behalf of our Cat 'Tiddles' Also a moggie over the fence and 'Big  Barney' the black and white pawed  puddy tat who lives 100 metres from Coles Budgewoi and visits us regularly some distance away from home , they have this to say. the following brands of cat food that taste like s#((*e. None of these Cats would eat any of these brands of Cat Food, not even a lick. COLES Complete Cuisine,. Adult. Whole Fish in Smoked Salmon Flavoured jelly, 400g NET. Made in Thailand. Also in a Can of similar make and size ALDI STORE

Communications Plus Precipitations and more.

.           Although comments on this blog have been a bit sparse of late, relatives and friends have been in the minority this year. Those in Australia have contributed the most although fewer than the previous annual average. However, comments from the U/K are dead on average for the year -  absolutely sod all !! It seems that the citizens of Great Britain are becoming bored with the latest and cheapest form of communication, which is following the rapid demise of U/K Post Office communication. Nevertheless, the birthday and yuletide greetings are still holding firm, but in some cases one does not know that the recipient of your greeting card is still incumbent. An absent or un reciprocated greeting can ring alarm bells which means in most cases the person incommunicado has a hole in his or her marble bag or has fallen from the perch, this scenario usually applies to aged persons. Those below three score and ten, the younger they are the worse the problem, most of their implausi