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England expects, And More.History on this day, October 21. And More Telegrah Cock ups..

     The following snippets cover events on this glorious or inglorious day  as it turns out to be. Today  is Trafalgar Day  which commemorates the English fleet defeating the combined French and Spanish fleets on Monday October 21 1805. Admiral Lord Nelsons ship 'Victory' is still on show to tourists in No 1 dock in Portsmouth England, In all of my 24.5 years in the Royal Navy  I failed to visit this great ship.. However, this was rectified during my visit to England from Australia back in 1993 The sadness is next, when in 1966 The tiny Welsh mining village of Aberfan  in the UK was totally engulfed together with its  population of aged and. worst of all, all of its schoolchildren and teachers, when during torrential rain a huge slag heap or heaps collapsed. ( Google Aberfan.).    The next segment is the short caption  of a picture of HMAS Australia burning after being hit by a Kamikaze ( Japanese suicide plane)  on Oct 21 1944. This could be another concocted picture by t

Saint David the Pompous Yankee.

Saint David the cranky yankee, has no particular religious calling which is hardly surprising or he would be doing penance most of his waking hours. The quaint derby hat perched on his noddle has little ecclesiastical significance apart from protecting the egotistical bump it covers. When thwarted in argument his wringing hands drop the tear stained tissues in the can -the noise from which helps drown his quarking east river tenement utterances. His improper English sprinkled with ers and even errors in his sentences as liberally he gives out his twisted-mouth smiles; his lips pulled not down,but to the side, and his head lies on one side or the other , but never straight on the end of . his neck, he has the air of a man full with disbelief of others and one who occasionally could not believe what he had heard or what he himself was saying. The art of accommodating himself to different sorts of people..was lackadaisical..his pliability of address I perceive to be his inconsistent sel

RE Bob on third world county

Bob, note, you cannot win an argument on the blog third world county, people try but leave in distress. Prior to yesterday only four people dared go on dave's blog over his past seven posts. which is a fair indication. Bob: poor david is having his usual rant, david always has the last word and uses abuse to get his point over, you should remember that in future, also david is really a nice person but has yet to find that unknown factor which sets him off. However, no one can be as calculatedly rude as the British, which amazes Americans like dear old dave bless his cotton socks - they do not understand studied insult and can only offer abuse as a substitute Have a lovely day my dear friend  David , don't eat too many bananas. Vest.

How things have changed over the years,. A re-run.

Recommended Reading     The final comments were the most surprising. These people I had not seen for 60 years or so.   My friend  Abdul Karim despite his religion liked a beer and a smoke.     Monday, 11 January 2010 Archaic Muslim Extremists Firebomb Christian Churches Two more churches in Malaysia were firebombed Sunday, bringing the total to six since a court ruled that non-Muslims can use the word "Allah" as a term for God. No one has been hurt in the attacks, which began Friday. They follow a high court's ruling that Christians can use the word "Allah" in literature printed in the country's official language, Malay. In Malay, the word for God is "Allah," as it is in Arabic. But many in the predominantly Muslim country, including the government, believe the word should be exclusive to Islam. The gove