Friday, 3 October 2014

History on this daday.. FATMASP.

      Another incidence of Fatmasp occurred on this day in the year 1917.
On October 3 in 1917, the first automatic totalizator used in Australia officially opens at Randwick(Sydney) Racecourse, installed by the Sydney Jockey Club.
     The building in the paddock has 40 windows for selling tickets. However, it only has 30 windows to pay winnings.
     Lesson. "There is no cure for stupidity"

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Elephant's Child said...

And a good weekend to you and Rosemary too. As far as possible we stay off the roads on long weekends.

WALLY. said...

Vest - what is FATMASP.

Vest said...

Fools and their money are soon parted. OK!

The jaw dropper post has Just crashed computer died

 Enough to make a sailor cry in his beer I have to rewrite the whole post, but nothing will be the same B3#@^*#_^%#$@!ocks.Vest.