Sharia law and the Madness of Hal al.....Unwell.

My dear friends,
Last night I watched a very interesting and informative “YouTube” vid which explains the Islamic Halal food and how it has impacted us here in Australia.
I urge you to watch it and get informed.
Click link below.
Having problems? Copy & paste links into Google
This is the web site which is lobbying our Government to make changes.
This is the page where you can contact our Australian companies as well as politicians with prewritten letters for your use.
Their Facebook page.
Please share this email with your friends to spread this information to the greater Australia for a better informed future.
This info is absorbing and shows clearly how the Halal Mafia is conning the world.
 This is a disease which must be eradicated while we have the Powers and numbers to do so.
Please circulate this info, Thank you.
I am feeling unwell at the moment and have been getting dizzy spells in the past 24hours, will be taking it easy for a while.Not ready to go yet, will be back soon...Vest.

Having problems?  Copy & paste links  into Google and click search. This info will blow you away.

Fortunately I will be long gone before the complacency of the non Muslim Australian community
becomes engulfed forever in this crackpot muslim Ideology.
 other possibilities are civil war, or a muslim holocaust,
Example7% of people living in Denmark are Muslim and they consume 43% of all welfare in Denmark
 In NSW 70% of muslims  of working age are unemployable.
I don't believe God or any wishy washy hope or pacification will deter these muslims , Btw if you believe there are moderate muslims  you must off your Rocker too. if by chance I have upset someone in declaring my opinion  too bad . Anyhow have a nice day while you may. Vest.


Vest said…
This post is for info only, no need to give me any opinion. pass your own judgement and act upon it as you wish.

It would seem I have a Serious ear infection beside that of Tinnitus, caused by my service career.
It is now possible to become tipsy without having a drink. a sort of 'Claytons'.. " do they still sell that drink'?

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