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Kiss a Non Smoker,And taste the Difference.

  Tuesday, 10 July 2007 Kiss a Non Smoker And Taste The Difference. International Non Smoking Day. 2013.MAY 31. This is a Re-run re run , the message is still the same.. WHAT happened to the slogan 'Kiss a non smoker and taste the difference'? Did the tobacco companies buy the copyright and ban its publication? if so what about having a new slogan! But remember the kids will have to see it too. My partner and I are non smokers and only experience this dreadful problem at alcohol pumped up parties and other social gatherings. What have you experienced when kissing a tobacco smoker? be careful now. What are your thoughts on tobacco usage in general? like ban Smokes, ration them or tax them out of reach of people, or should we wear a non smokers badge which states, "Blow that smoke in my face and you will die you bastard" Remember you dopey smokers, It will reduce your shagging days considerably and each smoke an hour of your life.

At Last, A win over Ignorance

Commonsense from both major political parties  has brought in new tough laws to ban unvaccinated children from childcare centres and a fine up to $4,000 for those child care establishments who flout the law,. Seems we are getting things done at last. Illegal dumpers will face jail terms from two years - plus fines and vehicles confiscated.  Serial dumper DIB ABDALLAH HANNA who dumped 80 tonnes of asbestos waste  last month was given a three month suspended sentence or Equal to 90 lashes with a wet lettuce leaf. Assholes of his calibre need suspending on a Manila noose . Suburbs  in greater Sydney west and east of  Blacktown to Penrith, those which surround Liverpool in NSW, house the majority of Middle Eastern ethnic groups who represent around 12% of the population of NSW and 40% of the residents in NSW Jails.  The Muslim Community contributes to this increasing amount by their aptitude for murder shootings and drug distribution. Violent and life threatening crimes should be de

Today in History .May - 25 - 1945.

  The Flag ship of the British Pacific Fleet ; HMS King George V exits operation Iceberg after ten weeks of constant fighting around Okinawa and surrounding islands ( Google Operation Iceberg for info) I was pleased to be having time off from my precarious unenviable action station on the open to anything coming our way- the Air defence position where below our guns waited poised from the constant attacks by visiting Kamikazes. On many occasions"the Brown trousers seemed imminent'. But I was convinced I was too young to die, there were far too many more exciting things for me to achieve before that happened. Our ship had sailed North from Sydney Australia in February 1945 in company with other ships of the British pacific fleet. On leaving Op Iceberg our ship and escorting destroyers called into Guam (Marianas) the US Navy Base where we were entertained on the beach with three cans of beer each and the US Battleship Missouri presented us with

Visit to Australia Post (Passport Dept) ..D G Post number 1111.

Tuesday May 21 2013. My wife and I set out with heaps of documents signed and ready for a quick visit to the passport office, but as it was didn't turn out to our expectations. Firstly it was not our local Post office but one a little larger; one supposedly more copious to deal with the docs of us frequent flyer's to wondrous places out yonder. let it be said the people behind the counter bar one the photographer were abrasive to say the least and unaware of any recent changes in the issuing of passports to wit the clause which states,'Persons holding a British Passport who were born before 1929 will not be charged for a new passport. . Now amid the normal flow of every day traffic at that post office which was so cramped for space I was asked "How  would I pay " I replied '\"mine is free," " Don't get your docs until you do" says PO  Person. so after haggling I paid up. Leaving the PO I counted my dosh and it cost me about 840 Buck
Do you get like that sometimes when sitting down and banging away at the keyboard becomes boring and tedious, .particularly when your attention is constantly required elsewhere most of the time meaning never ending interruptions, what with the wife's hair do schedule clashing with a visit to the passport office. Our son Chris is doing all the passport arranging and all being expired requires more poking around for expired passports going back even to when we first arrived in Australia. Well I suppose that in itself tells you we are off with our bucket and spades to that Sceptered Isle set in a silver sea in the near future, about July 20?. this in itself will avoid our OZ winter or most of it. There is a two month time frame to sort out the details of the visit, and I shall be in contact with those who have suggested generously providing transport from Heathrow to Portsmouth which will be our first visit. More later UNC LES>

The land of the Dole and the Free.

Some of us older Australians are often made jealous by the dexterity of our younger compatriots when it comes to using electronic gadgets. But what if that dexterity is achieved at a cost to other crucial communication methods. Most of us oldies now link a decline in handwriting ability to excessive use of laptops , smart phones and keyboard devices. It seems handwriting requires more physical strength than most people realise, which puts it beyond the ability of today's chubby - sedentary keyboard tapping generation. Using ones skills on pen and paper are considered more of a work out for some. Australia has an economy which is broad and varied and more powerfully resistant to problems which plague lesser economies. unfortunately most people are so complacent about our ability to withstand problems which flatten other countries. While unemployment remains low in Australia there are areas which suffer more than other areas, some of these problem

Oh to be a King for a Day.

A beautiful day today ; similar to yesterday cool at night summery all day although winter here is three weeks hence. however, I did receive a wintry comment from a person I have become acquainted with for a while now who now reveals her Muslim upbringing to me when she vilified me and one of my posts relating to nothing more than statistical home truths. or just another of those ancient faith industry demons which surface from time to time from all religious followings. Get over it. By ten am my circulation test had been a success and with no more MED Tests until November. her and I were on our way to shop at Aldi, It seems Aldi is the Mecca for all shoppers with brains, even Mercs were seen while driving around the Aldi car park twice - then giving it away and going to Coles instead. "Thank you for shopping at Coles" said the checkout chick with the big boobs as we were leaving Coles, 'Don't thank me thank Aldi having a full car park" say'

Waterworks back in circulation again.

Water works back in circulation again   A copy of the original post which was deleted??? today with all comments after deleting a strange comment , all comment went AWOL too - bloody nuisance. But still have offending email !!! another blog mystery. Well I was about to say today like yesterday, hang on I had written that; and was about to add, has been a pleasant day after the windup before my hospital visit, when 'click' and the post I had nearly finished between several interruptions disappeared despite hitting the 'Save' button several times while typing. this is the sort of thing which would happen years ago a thing of the past which has suddenly reared its ugly head to annoy me three times during the past fortnight. Having simmered down I have decided to rewrite some of the post away from blogger then copy and paste it back onto blogger. BTW is there anyone reading this who has any idea how to recover posts when this occurs? Always with tr