The land of the Dole and the Free.

Some of us older Australians are often made jealous by the dexterity of our younger compatriots when it comes to using electronic gadgets. But what if that dexterity is achieved at a cost to other crucial communication methods.
Most of us oldies now link a decline in handwriting ability to excessive use of laptops , smart phones and keyboard devices. It seems handwriting requires more physical strength than most people realise, which puts it beyond the ability of today's chubby - sedentary keyboard tapping generation. Using ones skills on pen and paper are considered more of a work out for some.

Australia has an economy which is broad and varied and more powerfully resistant to problems which plague lesser economies. unfortunately most people are so complacent about our ability to withstand problems which flatten other countries. While unemployment remains low in Australia there are areas which suffer more than other areas, some of these problem areas are what can be referred to as Ethnic Ghettos where people of a particular calling conglomerate when entering this country, Like the birds of a feather syndrome, It is an established fact that some of these persons live in what we would refer to as cramped accommodation , however to them it is not so much an inconvenience as it was prior to arriving in Australia. Coupled with this economic housing strategy is their ability to live a frugal life although not necessarily less than their previous standards before arriving here in Australia. Therefore it is apparent to most a perpetual life of bone idleness can be assured if geared up to live solely on the dole and feigning inability to cope with the drastic environmental differences and language problems. Which leave the authorities wringing their hands with despair. and yet our stupid politicians keep the boats coming regardless. If something isn't done soon, there will be other similar things hard up countries will pay for boats to send their sick to these shores being the present boat solution has no credibility.

Fact; It seems 65% of all dole recipients live in these Ghetto communities in Australia Except for Queensland ;widely known for its Bludging population.

An Idealist is a person who helps other lazy people to be prosperous. Welcome to strayer mate
Vest. Back soon.


WALLY. said…
Not all are bludgers in jo bonkers banana land.
Vest said…
Wally; Obviously you mean short visit tourists.
Vest said…
HISTORY TODAY May 14 1948.
The berthing wires of HMS Mauritius are torn apart when leaving Haifa Palestine at 0800, amid a hail of small arms fire from ashore. David Ben Gurion, Haggana boss becomes Israels First Prime Minister at Midnight. and Israel is then at war with all neighbouring Arab countries and still is. Vest not forget, he was there.
Dylan said…
I can't disagree with the current state of Australia that hard working people pay bludgers. Let's find a solution however that doesn't hinder the unemployed but seeking. D

As for the typing. There are many sides where the traditional methods are better (technology, like books prior ruining memory). The argument can't be used with writing because as technology becomes more advanced, there is little reason to 'write'.

Vest said…
In years to come a tech down hazzard leaving computer access completey wiped will mean those with hand writing skills will be in great demand. and thousands of post offices will return to business.
old barsturd said…
Computers will crash in trucks and cars - horses pulling carts and leaving shit in the road... manure for gardens... the good old days ...crims hangins ,caning at schools and getting off you f...g arse and working dole, wearing budgey smugglers at the beach, beer sixpence ...a zac!! a schooner -- the good ole days. with a bang in the cat house for a quid. Boof head in the paper and the bondi rattlers all f gone mate bad karma.
Vest said…
Crikey O B, You have had a bad attack of enebriated nostalgia.
Get well soon.
WALLY. said…
Old B forgot to mention the six inch squares of newspaper hanging in the outside Dunny and the red back spider biting your backside.
Vest said…
Wally: most oldies would remember that, wasn't there a poem about that?

Don't remember it all a few lines of it went like;

Should you find the can plentifully filled,
Cast the contents into the glade nearby,
What man disposes of, Nature decomposes of for the benefit of all !
Vest said…
O B: Sydney Fox 8 channel 108 ; at 8-30 pm every Wednesday, click on to this showcalled'Revolution'. it is right up your alley, but only happens in Yankee land..

A family struggles to reunite in a post apocalyptic American landscape - a world of empty cities where every piece of technology has mysteriously blacked out forever.

O B, you must be a seer or a medium or someting besides being a pisshead.
Davoh said…
Literacy is fer wankers. If a 5/8th wrench fixes a problem - who gives a shit. Just use a bigger hammer.
Vest said…
Still having bad turns Davoh, or have you been away with bucket and spade and finding it hard to get back to the grindstone?
A month away from the keyboard sounds suss.
The Editor said…
Hi Vesty, I'm not going to debate your racist and inaccurate rant about the unemployed, but I would like to challenge you on another matter:

You said: "Australia has an economy which is broad and varied and more powerfully resistant to problems which plague lesser economies. unfortunately most people are so complacent about our ability to withstand problems which flatten other countries."

I think you will soon come to realise that we are not all that resistant to "problems which plague lesser economies."

We had it good during the 'resources boom' which was mainly driven by China's growth and its preference for Australian ore. The boom pushed the Australian dollar up and this added even more grunt to the boom.

But things have gone sour. During the boom, China worked hard to become much less dependent on Australian ore by investing heavily in mining in Africa, South America and even much clsoer to home, in Mongolia.

At the same time, due to the slow-down in the Chinese economy, their demand for ore has reduced.

End of the mining boom.

At the same time, we are starting to see the devastating effects of unchecked, extreme globalised capitalism on our economy.

And now we find that we're in deeo poo poo.


Because during the last 15 to 20 years, we've let manufacturing "die on the vine" so to speak and we've let supermarket chains and cheap imports kill much of our primary industry, much of which is now foreign owned and will soon most likely be fracked to death anyway.

The only growth was in the service industries. And this is why will will now pay dearly for our lazy economic planning.

As the global economy nose dived, less and less tourists came here so that put a strain on our service industries. And now, locally, with less and less people prepared to spend money, the service industies take a hard hit too.

We are at the beginning of the mother of all 'economic corrections' here in Oz, and if we're not careful, we'll end up a banana republic doing the perpetual bidding of the US and/or China. We'll end up the Haiti of the Pacific. Only a strong and detemined _independent_
Australia can work itself out of this one.

The trouble is that Austalia is incapable of developing a self-image of indepenence. It has been brainwashed into clinging, infant-like, to whatever empire seems to be be offering a sustaining teat.

Time to grow up, Australia...

Here endeth my rant, Vesty. Keep well. :-)
Vest said…
Gerry: I try to make this blog a fun blog whenever possible, not all doom and gloom . Although I am an avid reader of world economics shoved at us in the press, not all is perfect, and I thank you in your endeavours to put me straight.
But for my wife and I who source one third of our present income from the U/K by means of my paid in Naval service pension and our static deminishing civil pensions, I am aware of fiscal differentials concerning the Oz Dollar and the pommy Quid from which we recover only two thirds of that amount we recieved twelve years ago.
Gerry. Thank you for calling, And you too keep well.
The Editor said…
Aww Vesty... There is only doom and gloom. All ese is delusion. :-)

Since you (like I) have comment moderation enabled, why not just
chuck my vile rants into the trash can. It's what I do when someone
tries to upset the tone of my blog.

In my case it's usually because they're being too nice. ;-)

Have a good one... :-)

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