Kiss a Non Smoker,And taste the Difference.


Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Kiss a Non Smoker And Taste The Difference.

International Non Smoking Day. 2013.MAY 31.
This is a Re-run re run , the message is still the same..

WHAT happened to the slogan 'Kiss a non smoker and taste the difference'?
Did the tobacco companies buy the copyright and ban its publication? if so what about having a new slogan! But remember the kids will have to see it too.
My partner and I are non smokers and only experience this dreadful problem at alcohol pumped up parties and other social gatherings.
What have you experienced when kissing a tobacco smoker? be careful now.
What are your thoughts on tobacco usage in general? like ban Smokes, ration them or tax them out of reach of people, or should we wear a non smokers badge which states,
"Blow that smoke in my face and you will die you bastard"
Remember you dopey smokers, It will reduce your shagging days considerably and each smoke an hour of your life.
Maybe smokers should be fitted with smoke stacks!!

ADD: My two local social clubs which are in a medium size category, segregate smoking areas, however, the gaming areas are all smoking areas, which in my opinion is totally wrong.
I try when possible to occupy an area in the clubs well away from the smokers but my clothing stinks of tobacco smoke when I arrive home.
If we non smokers survive another year we will see ALL smoking banned in pubs and clubs, then a rise in fees and possibly a few establishments going to the wall.

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At Monday, 29 May 2006 10:29:00 PM EST, Jeannie said...

Our community was a flagship for banning smoking in public places. I have been a non-smoker for about 25 years. While I appreciated non-smoking areas in restaurants prior to this, I thought it would be terrible for smokers not to be able to enjoy a smoke with a drink in the pub. However, when it finally came thru, it was very nice to go out and not stink of smoke or have irritated eyes or throat. There were a couple of dives that went under because the little business they drew decided to take it home. Our favourite pub however had a 40% increase in food sales. Without the smoke, appetites were bigger, when food was delivered to another table, you could smell it and wanted some. Pubs were still packed. Restaurants - no prob. Now, I find it disgusting to enter a restaurant or coffee shop with smokers. I wouldn't buy a donut from one of these places ever. The part I don't like about it is seeing grown-ups standing outside the doors of a bar smoking, littering the sidewalk with butts. Some bars have covered, heated patios for smokers which hides them away from the public eye. These do well.
What I don't understand is that with all the knowledge of how bad smoking is, how come the kids get started on it? What makes it cool? When I started, 75% of people smoked. I guess we knew it was bad then too but the majority did it anyway. Now that's not the case at all.

At Tuesday, 30 May 2006 12:21:00 AM EST, Notta Wallflower said...

Blech - I hate smoke and I refuse to be with someone who smokes. I have never been a smoker, though, but have had to live with people who do. Probably why I have a low tolerance for it.

At Tuesday, 30 May 2006 08:24:00 PM EST, zed said...

hi mr vest ...i forget to tell you that i dont smoke any more and the bosses grandaughter is is nice too

At Tuesday, 30 May 2006 09:09:00 PM EST, ParlayPicks said...

wow nice blog..yeah i agree..its like in china too..i went to their internet cafe to check some mails..and inside was all smokers under aircon playing the games and whole body rids of ciggies within minutes

At Tuesday, 10 July 2007 08:22:00 PM EST, Vest said...

As from July 2 07. All clubs a pubs are smoke free in our state of NSW Australia.

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Vest said…
I do not use the term 'Flagship'
A flag ship is of any size or type of naval ship which carries an Admiral or Commodore.
A Commodore flies a white pendant with a red St George's cross.
The Rear Admirals flag is White with a red St Georges Cross with a red ball in each of the left cantons.
The vice Admiral has one red ball in the upper left canton.
The poor old Admiral has no balls at all.
WALLY. said…
A bloke that smokes wont get many pokes, hows that fo a slogan vesty!!
Amy...Swansea. said…
Cant stand fag breath guys, that and beer breath is offputting for me, pipe smokers with beards are a bunch of weirdos.
Old Albert. said…
Non smokers, just a lot of wimps. be a areal man and smoke.
Vest said…
A person or persons who knowingly Kill people and admit they know what they do is killing people should be jailed or suffer such punishment that is befitting their crime.
Walk into Coles Supermarket and you are confronted with a huge sign which reads 'SMOKING KILLS'.
So why do Cole's persist in killing people and flouting the law?
I smoked for a year or so before i met my husband and when we got together i wanted to quit and he helped me do it cold turkey. but now when we go to his mothers house i have a heck of a time because she smokes like a chimney and i feel sick when i am around it. Neither one of us smoke and its hard to be around that smell for hours on end. Even if it is for a few hours at a time.
Davoh said…
Yer, um, well - how far does that philosophy go? Kiss a non polluter of this planet ???? kiss a pacifist?
Kiss a person who does not use money?

Methinks everyone who uses electricity is responsible for all sorts of planetary problems. Are you suggesting that people addicted to tobacco can change that?
Anonymous said…

funny, really. examples. There's a 6 yr old boy nearby and sometimes when i had my few, left over scraggly, brown-stained teeth - would, and could , "frighten" him by opening my mouth an saying ; "look, this is what happens if ya don't look after ya teeth".

Can't do that now; have had them all removed. Cigarettes and smoking? Dunno about that yet. Still do - but also recognise and accept that tobacco will more than likely hasten my demise (suicide by default?) -but that IS my choice.

Long story, Les.


Vest said…
Hi Tweety:
Quite a bit of smoke today mostly that pluming from chimmnys created by wood burning Heaters simply being the Temp has dropped to 9.5 C outside At Midday and to heap on the misery it is Tiddling down with rain, I suppose it is the 2nd day of winter here in oz but the temp does vary from the top end to the bottom of our large continent.
Today we are having roast lamb and roast potatoes, veggies are cauliflower brussels sprouts carrots parsnips peas with gravy.

Smoking , I stopped going cold turkey Dec 86 when the doc told me I would be dead in six months if i didn't stop , I know now he was fibbing but when one isn't sure you dont take chances.
What beats me is the general public have so much info thrust at them regarding the demons caused by smoking and people one regards as intelligent still daft enough to smoke.
Thanks for calling keep well.
Vest said…
I have a relative who lives with ma and pa, in self contained flat, pays rent food and power bills and IT. Works his butt off for equiv to dole and rent. he works in IT as well but income is reduced due to the dole. he lives frugually and is able to save by helping around the household, but the sad thing is if he didn't smoke he would be another 70 to 100 bucks better off.

My advice to the bloke in the bottom comment would be try sharing with others, you must have spare time, try getting a job cleaning or such there are heaps of menial jobs around dont be proud get one.

Vest on January 7, 2013 at 5:45 pm said:

The requirements to be able to live on the dole, are a tent, kero stove, a tin mug, a saucepan, a bucket and access to a water souce, toiletries and access to a dunny and a free soup kitchen(optional). Also a cheap dry pitch. To relieve boredom share with a friend of the opposite sex and read library books on how to better oneself. But better still have parents who are stupid and who feed and clothe you.,
K P.The last time I called on you was during the D Fute era about seven years ago.

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> Author: Brenton
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> Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I wish you had used average cost of housing in Sydney rather than Darwin public housing
> NSW rents on tab 2 of this NSW government housing report.
> Me single male IT pro 50 years old - Hundreds of job applications and not even a call back.
> Dole + Rent relief $310 - rent $240 one bedroom behind a shop in Lakemba - that's Sydney's low cost immigrant landing suburb for the un-enlightened - electricity $30pw internet $20pw that makes $290 leaving me with $20pw. I rely on salvos and vinnies handouts for food. My cloths are rags that I cant afford to replace - and I still have to jump through the stupid hoops of the Job network.
> I cant afford to hire a truck to move - cant afford to renew my license - so even if I had a car couldn't use it to find somewhere cheaper. In any case there isn't anywhere for around $150 pw because "student accommodation" mainly for foreign students has base-lined the rents anywhere within 50 miles of a university at $150 a week for a room.
Anonymous said…
and more.....

> And according to the centerlink moving away from work is a problem - I do IT so need to be near Sydney or Melbourne if I ever want to get work again.
> So I am stuck - cant move - can't get help - cant afford to live oh yes - have just filled in the bankruptcy paperwork.
> Am learning to hate this government - both sides of it with a passion.
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Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vest said…
Vest said...
ANON: After a long discussion with colleagues it has been decided that your problem arises from your past idle sedentary life on a festering computer. get with it like others and get yourself a well paid menial off your bum job.

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