Visit to Australia Post (Passport Dept) ..D G Post number 1111.

Tuesday May 21 2013.
My wife and I set out with heaps of documents signed and ready for a quick visit to the passport office, but as it was didn't turn out to our expectations.
Firstly it was not our local Post office but one a little larger; one supposedly more copious to deal with the docs of us frequent flyer's to wondrous places out yonder. let it be said the people behind the counter bar one the photographer were abrasive to say the least and unaware of any recent changes in the issuing of passports to wit the clause which states,'Persons holding a British Passport who were born before 1929 will not be charged for a new passport. .
Now amid the normal flow of every day traffic at that post office which was so cramped for space I was asked "How  would I pay " I replied '\"mine is free," " Don't get your docs until you do" says PO  Person. so after haggling I paid up.
Leaving the PO I counted my dosh and it cost me about 840 Bucks to renew our pommy and Australian passports,  the Oz ones the cheapos at 119 bucks each.
Later a telephone call to Aus post HQ verified the total cock up at the  sloppy PO  and we then  contacted the British High Commission who will eventually refund my passport payment. (we will wait and see)
If and when our passports arrive a letter of complaint will be forwarded  to the sloppy Post office.

At this moment all we have are two cancelled Passports. hopefully our OZ pp's arrive in one week from now and the Brit pp's 5-6 weeks.

Post Office, .Tatty, Third world, unqualified  staff, inadequately informed.,,Needs good  shakeup.

Always ask yourself, " How can this be done better".

Vest. Back soon.


Anonymous said…
Vest stirs the shite once again.
Vest said…
Anonymous or Rat. here is more shite as you aptly put it.

Refers to muslims in London, that is if you read.

Vest said...
My Wife and I were married in Johore Bahru Malaya,20-6-53 now Malaysia and a Muslim Country. we have been in communication with several families in Malaysia ever since; meaning visits too plus mail. Here in Australia we do not have any muslim friends (or any who are unfriendly to us personally) But the general trend seems few muslims seek our friendship and in many known cases would prefer to be antagonist but other friends with dark coloured skin we have plenty.
The political and dictatorial Muslim Governments of our world control their peoples through threats of various physical punishments including death to those who would appose their tyranical archaic beliefs.
Get real towel heads and stop listening to or reading islamic fairy stories.
"Get some pork on yer fork".
WALLY. said…
Effingell vestie that is real shit stirring.
My Mum sends her love..lucky sod.
Vest said…
Wally is an indiginous Australian, which somehow proves my point in my top comment.
Anonymous said…
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