Waterworks back in circulation again.

Water works back in circulation again  A copy of the original post which was deleted??? today with all comments after deleting a strange comment , all comment went AWOL too - bloody nuisance. But still have offending email !!! another blog mystery.

Well I was about to say today like yesterday, hang on I had written that; and was about to add, has been a pleasant day after the windup before my hospital visit, when 'click' and the post I had nearly finished between several interruptions disappeared despite hitting the 'Save' button several times while typing. this is the sort of thing which would happen years ago a thing of the past which has suddenly reared its ugly head to annoy me three times during the past fortnight.

Having simmered down I have decided to rewrite some of the post away from blogger then copy and paste it back onto blogger. BTW is there anyone reading this who has any idea how to recover posts when this occurs?

Always with trepidation we that is wife son and I in particular arrived at 2 pm to the local hospital. when signing in the whole population of the waiting room were able to hear the quoted name address and age plus phone number of the patient (Me) that is, I was then informed I was low down in the order of things and could expect to wait two to three hours before my turn on the slab, " So nothing has changed thought I and settled down in a comfy seat and told nearest and dearest she could leave as I had come prepared this time with pen paper and a bit of scribbling to sort out.

On advice I had arrived without watch and jewellery and was a bit miffed there was not a clock to be seen, wondering how long it was I had to wait I asked the nice young lady next to me who was waiting for her hubby; for the time, which led to us having a continuous pleasing conversation with me doing most of the talking until I was called.

And leaving out the gory details which followed I was sufficiently steady enough to go home about nine pm after being told by my Doc there was little amiss with me(ha ha) but they would like to do the same thing next time in November; like a holiday parting 'same time same place next year 'but secretly if it wasn't for old guys like me he could not afford the upkeep on his Mercedes.

Yes it has been a pleasant day today, But I would have liked to hear Come back in six years not months , it does seem silly trying to plan when most planning periods exceed that of your MEOL.

To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am. Vest... Back soon ?

PS, I, M. I hope your Hubby's P's get better soon. Ooh.


Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Hi Uncle Les

Glad to hear everything seems to be going well with your medical checkups. I think you will see us all off!!!!! The wedding seemed to be full of knock backs but you eventually got there and it sounds as if it was really enjoyable . My word you do get around. Life here is hectic as always but cant grumble as I wouldn't want it any different. Robert is in Equador. He has been there for 3 months, teaching, and is due back in October. Seems to be really enjoying it but the altitude difference played hell with drinking. After a couple of pints you have a massive headache and feel sick. Saves the money though. He's eaten their local delicacy of guinea pig and said it tasted like duck. Yuk!!!!! Chris is going over there for a couple of weeks next week but is not looking forward to the flight as there are 3 changes. Not for me I'm afraid.
If you do manage to get over to blighty there would be no problem with the airport runs or staying over when in this area. Unfortunately though all of us have to work full time to keep the wolf from the door-no choice worst luck! We would be able to have a few days off here and there and hope that would help you as there would probably be lots of other people you would both like to visit.
We have had the most glorious day here. Wonderful sunshine. Yippeeeeeee

Lots of love always Jane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vest said…
I did send a copy of my memoirs free gratis to said lady in the waiting room, initials I M, works at Bunnings in Belmont NSW. Husband has a problem with his PILES. I wouldn't be saying this but for the fact she has not acknowleged the reciept of the book.

Out of sight out of mind. might pop into Bunnings when I am up that way again.

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