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Words this week are Controlled. Belongings. Shook. Reminder. Routine. Black. I don’t remember how I got to HNA, but I was very pleased to be back with my brother after a year of separation. Christopher seemed changed. He was in Class 2B when I arrived on Wednesday 16 December 1936. I was exactly ten years and five months of age. Christopher was in Seven Company and I was in Six Company, each company having about forty-five boys between the ages of eleven and fifteen-and-a-half. I had two days of schooling before the Christmas break when I was told I would be in 1A, not the 1B class. (The Headmaster had obviously read the letter from Mr Pointer. the head from  my previous school). It was a BLACK* day for me when I had all of my belongings taken from me and clothing replaced by that of which the boys in that school all wore.  Halls Naval Academy was a charity CONTROLLED* school with a nautical theme run on militaristic ROUTINE* principles. The estate was located in the Suffolk rural

Christmas Shopping..

.Christmas shopping for me these days hold few qualms, no lists and no what can I give is made simple by giving a monetary gift, providing of course should they visit their aged 93 year old grandfather if not no deal, in any case, it is now nineteen months since I last saw some of my grandchildren. Their parents will have access to this info shortly. It seems the Christmas card debacle is over once again. but not without its questionable dealings with the large post office in my local shopping complex. It was on Thursday, November 29 a bad day for shopping being it was pension day for the frail and aged payday millionaires who crowd the shopping centre for their indulgent $4-00 Latte shots and other lavish spendings.  Having circumnavigated the underneath carpark Several times I finally parked at a car wash section where the guys in charge said it was OK. Thanking them I then walked toward the Entrance and the elevator which was out of order and a two-minute climb was the next obst