Monday, 25 December 2017

And so it is Christmas

      I woke this Christmas morn as is becoming the norm, that is a dash to the loo - wash and then un-fuddle my noddle before I approach the the kitchen where my son Chris has resolved the overnight chaos, dare I have my brekky now and spoil the scene, Chris has disappeared into his bedroom so I indulge in a bowl of cereal  and a cuppa and the prepare today's dinner .. today's menu take it or leave it was Roast Chook - Ham plus Broad beans,  Peas, Brussels sprouts  and roast potatoes With RBG. There were no complaints and the Xmas pud was put on hold until a gap could be found to accommodate it..
     Christmas has been painful this year without Rosemary and the tissue box is getting many a visit.
Chris slept through part of the day then watched five minutes of TV with me ( Andrew Reau ? and his London Christmas show) then Minnie our female Cat joined me, on my lap, it would seem Minnie is the recipient of 80% of my total daily conversation, yes it beggars belief. 
     Recently I spent a few days in Hospital ( waterworks again) under control at the moment.
 The Ford falcon 's transmission cocked up ten days ago up and we get the car back on Thursday  a about two grand medical bill at least. Car doctors are expensive and getting about by cab and waiting an hour in the shopping centre taxi rank in 40 degrees like yesterday was a real pain,  at the moment it is raining and I am wearing a fleece as the say in the UK but the term Jumper will do as the Temp has dropped to around 19 degrees.
     8 40 pm, Chris has devoured half of the Xmas pud and I am not sure about having any at this time of the day -  it may create a restless night. 
     So far today there have been no visiting friends or relatives and no telephone calls  and altogether a very isolated  day. I am looking forward to Thursday when I shall drive to the Nora Head to visit my dear Rosemary's resting place.
 I hope all my readers and relatives and friends enjoy a great Xmas . It feels good to be back again

Vest ... Daily Gaggle.  .

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

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mages but you can if you ask me to show you on the actual page.

mages but you can if you ask me to show you on the actual page.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Goodbye Dear Rosemary. (Final)

      It was around 3 pm Wednesday March 8 That Rosemary returned from 'Day Care', she looked fine and healthy and bubbly and gave our son  Christopher a hug and a kiss which was Rosemary all over, but in the excitement she fell and hit the carpeted floor hard and complained of a pain in her right leg .and failed to rise up.
      An ambulance was called, then after pain reducing injections paramedics took Rosemary to John Hunter Hospital near Newcastle NSW. Chris our eldest son followed and later returned with news that Rosemary was to have replacement surgery the following day.
      Rosemary at that point in time was a physically healthy 59 kilos ,165 cm tall and a Aus size 12. with an astounding fresh complexion for her 82 years - together with a happy and cheerful loving disposition  despite the slight dementia problem which was her worst worry.
      At 7 pm the following day Chris and I visited Rosemary at J H Hospital She was awake and vaguely responding to our questions but; the thing noticed first was that her upper denture was missing (This was never found) enquiries fell on deaf ears).At this point in time she had not eaten for at least 30 hours. It was also noticed that Rosemary had not eaten other than a few spoonful's of food we were told but never witnessed. however it was good to see her out of bed and sitting in a wheel chair.
      After a week at J H Hospital; Rosemary was moved to Wyong Hospital and a day or two later into the geriatric ward, .A doctor described her to my son as very weak and may possibly pass away which would be stating the obvious knowing they were not getting any form of sustenance into her tummy, Suzanne a former D/in law visited several times from far away followed by other relatives who also tried to feed Rosemary and during the weeks to follow Chris and I visited during meal times when we discovered little attempt if any by the staff to feed Rosemary due to her meals remaining untouched. To be perfectly frank 'I don't believe the staff responsible were up to the task- unqualified, which beggars belief that a person in a Coma and a far worse situation can be kept alive by hospital staff on other occasions.
      Eventually a revised menu arrived at meal times, I watch a nurse offer Rosemary food who gives up at the first attempt to go back and talk to other staff probably discussing it as matter for the "Too hard basket" . This saga continued while Rosemary Wasted away from Malnutrition and lack of care in the form of cleaning her bottom denture which Chris discovered covered in filth with  a  crawling creature within her mouth . Also during her stay in Wyong hospital it would seem she was never out of her bed and simply allowed to waste away,
      A few days before Rosemary left Wyong Hospital  Chris and I arranged to have Rosemary taken in care at the local nursing home which was quite a revelation and we were very pleased with the prospect of Rosemary being there simply because of the better care and more humane approach to the welfare of the persons in care. On Monday May 1- 17 an emaciated Rosemary arrived at the Opal Nursing Home  weighing less than thirty Kilos more likened to a victim of a WW2 Nazi concentration camp - nothing but skin and bone with sunken eyes.. the staff at Opal persevered with the feeding of Rosemary and it was pleasing to see her eating  although it was too little and too late; her last words to me on Tuesday May 2 about 6-30 p m was her reply
 " I Love You Too".

 Rosemary passed away about 7 pm Wed  May 3 , 17

Sunday, 7 May 2017


      Rosemary was Born in Portsmouth England on the 5th of July 1934. her Mother and father Louise and William Cox.
Rosemary had a difficult early life due to a speech difficulty which fortunately was corrected after many hospital visits - and with perseverance  from Rosemary herself she was able to catch up on her schooling which had suffered due to the previous speech impairment.
      Rosemary was the younger of five siblings Percy, Marjorie and Audrey, and Stanley who remains as sole survivor.
      I ,  Dad.  First met Rosemary at a dance In Portsmouth that she was attending with her sister Audrey. late November 1951.  Rosemary was a pretty young lady at seventeen years of age and I was 24, She remarked to Audrey her sister; that he is nice but old. however, I was successful in dating her the following evening  unchaperoned.
      I , DAD, Was stationed in the Portsmouth Naval Barracks awaiting a ship or some perilous assignment which eventually sent me packing to Hong Kong to join a warship for  the Korean War zone, but it was to be three months after meeting  Rosemary that I waved goodbye, but then after
eight months the ship refitted in Singapore where I was  stationed ashore and was told that I was eligible  for my wife to join me in Singapore, but I had to propose to Rosemary and fortunately I was accepted, then after a few months passed Rosemary arrived on a ship to S-pore and on the 20th of June we were married in St Christopher's church In Johore Bahru Malaya  across the Causeway from S-pore Where we lived until departing for England on a ship with Christopher who had been born three months earlier.
      After living in rented accommodation we eventually bought our first house north of Portsmouth in 1956.  I was absent from home at sea on several occasions as much as ten months at a time on one occasion up to Aug 1962 by which time our family had increased due to several Back from sea honeymoons. Tony was born the 29th June 1956 with David following in June 27  1959.
It was in August 1962 having already had some twelve months ashore and living at home I had the extreme pleasure of accepting a married accompanied posting to HONG KONG Naval base for Two years plus It was the most pleasurable part of my Naval career. But it was about the time of the Chinese new year in 1964 that Andrew our fourth son was conceived and later on returning to England he was born on the 30th of October with "Made in Hong Kong' written on his little BUM. Later after a few short absence's at sea  I finally retired on pension from the RN and after several rewarding jobs;  most locally during which Our Number Five Son :TINY TIM arrived unexpectedly on the 3rd of Aug 1966 after defeating the birth pill.
It was Chris who suggested we migrate to Australia I'll blame every thing on him for what happened  after 1971 July When we sailed for Sydney on Rosemary's 37th birthday. eventually living in seven hills  and several other areas of the Sydney Met until retiring to Budgewoi 21 years ago , Rosemary and I have extended our family By eight grand and ten Great grand children and several lovely daughters in law, but as much as I love you all I must focus my attention to  Rosemary whom I shall miss terribly and Love for ever ,'"Goodbye Rosemary _ I WILL LOVE YOU FOR EVER"> LESLIE>

Friday, 5 May 2017

Goodbye dear Rosemary (3)

With love from Rosemary.
There is a video of Rosemary being interviewed by her son Chris Some of her words a not normally used in polite company, . possibly because of her Dementia .

Goodbye Dear Rosemary (2) Funeral details.

To bring you up-to-date and FYI. Below is my draft for the obituary to go into the Daily Telegraph this Saturday.

BOWYER Rosemary Joan nee Cox, age 82 - 5/07/1934-3/05/2017, Gorokan NSW, previously of Budgewoi NSW, born in Portsmouth, England. Wife and best friend of Leslie John Bowyer (age 90) for 63 years. A beautiful, loving lady who will be sorely missed. Daughter of William (deceased) and Louise (deceased). Sister of Marjorie (deceased), Percival (deceased), Audrey (deceased) and Stanley. Mother of Christopher, Anthony, David, Andrew and Timothy. Grandmother of Kylie, Nicole, Dylan, Bianca, Aleisha, Charlotte, Tamara and Jacinta. Great grandmother of Paige, Brianna, Braydon, Grace, Ollie, Ruby Rose, Flynn (deceased), Isla (deceased), Teddy and Harlow. Mother-in-law to Ruth, Karen, Suzanne, Rebekah, Julie W, Amanda, Lisa, Samantha and Julie B. A graveside committal service will be held at Noraville Cemetery, 35 Wilfred Barrett Drive, Noraville NSW on Thursday 11 May 2017 at 2 pm. Flowers to be delivered c/o Chris Bowyer, 4 Clucas Avenue, Gorokan NSW 2263.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Goodbye Dear ROSEMARY.

Rosemary my dear wife and best friend passed away at around seven PM today, two hours ago.
More later.

Monday, 10 April 2017

The 'TOO HARD' Basket.

       My visits to the local hospital; a short 4 minute drive and a brisk hundred metre trot to the single occupancy ward where my wife Rosemary is incarcerated usually ends on a note of complete frustration. Apart from the failure to communicate with Rosemary which is difficult due to her dementia.
       It would seem  the staff who deliver her meals have lost the plot and offer her meals that she cannot  handle due to the loss of her lower denture at the previous hospital and from my observations 99 % of her meals go to waste, a couple of spoons of soft desert is the usual intake..
       I have noticed several hospital staff attempting to feed Rosemary  but give up all too soon, I doubt if they have the expertise required which is obviously an essential part  of their employment.
      Rosemary is on a drip containing some mysterious ingredient which is helping in someway to sustain life, however, she has lost so much weight she is beginning to appear like a 'Belson' inmate.
      Yesterday Sunday , I questioned several members of the hospital staff about this problem and I suggested that they find someone with psychological powers of persuasion to entice Rosemary to eat her food on command when necessary - being the staff are all too ready to give up trying to feed her.
     Another problem is getting her mobile. a nurse told me that 'we don't try to make her walk if she does not want to',  definitely something lacking in that statement.
      So it seems that, under the hospitals rules of engagement rules  their best option is the 'Too Hard Basket' and the expiration of the patient resolves all of their problems. And by the way should you get to read this, keeping the ward tidy  and in order around the bed and furniture would also help to give the impression that you care, although the politeness and smiles of the staff is noted, it will not improve  the condition of the patient without some practical achievement which is what you are employed for, no more excuses , get to it. I will be calling in the Hospital soon.
Vest  .... back soon

Who reaches with a clumsy hand for a Rose must not complain if the thorns scratch.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Rosemary up and moving.

 Not a lot of info on Rosemary  now recovering slowly from her Hip OP. Rosemary has been up and walking with assistance, however her recovery would be advanced if she ate better and tried a little harder to respond to that which would help her recovery, her dementia is the root cause  and despite separate daily visits by  Chris and myself and other family members  very little is  getting through to Rosemary her main utterance's border on abuse , mostly " Go away -leave me alone".
Today the Hospital staff will dress  her in  her street clothing  hopefully trying to get her back to a less horizontal bed bound lifestyle, we can only hope she will respond.
Thank you all for your best wishes  for her recovery.

Vest ..... back soon.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Rosemary recovering.

My visit to Rosemary this afternoon was more rewarding than usual, she seemed much brighter and talkative, however, she is still not eating as well as she should, her main meals are left mostly untouched, but today with the help of a pretty young nurse,  Rosemary ate most of her desert but still declined the main meal. Maybe with a little more perseverance will see Rosemary back to eating normally once more,
The Company Director of  Hawksbury cleaning and, "Bowyer's' Carpet laying and cleaning, visited his mum Rosemary with his lovely wife Samantha and beautiful daughter Charlotte. Thank you Andrew..Our other sons and their families  have used FACE  BOOK  which is our son Christopher's media thingy as mentioned earlier I have enough on my plate without the agonies of F B,

Warning this may offend, The first explanation of Face Book

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Friday, 17 March 2017

Face Book,. A No goer, But thanks all the same.

 For  FACE BOOKERS                                                                                                                                                                                       eI You  may be aware I have not not posted much over the past three months and this was due to  moving to a new residence and being off line and otherwise busy with packing and unpacking  plus now we have the additional problem with hospital visits and associated problems of Rosemary's  upper limb fracture and future rehabilitation. however, recently Christopher our eldest took it upon himself to promote a Face Book Thingy on my behalf and without consultation, he being aware of the restrictions within my life style should not have done so without my consent which is fairly obvious  a 'No' thank you'. Chris will be aware of this by now and hopefully will be able to rectify his work and inform his followers ? This is not a stab at Face Booker's  they have their own idiosyncrasies and like so do Bloggers If you find it tough going contacting me, try my blog, simply post something like FB, Like. Dislike. K M A.  Or  D  D  Y  B.......... Have a nice. day; I am sure it will be better than mine at present.

Vest back soon.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


  1. Not impressed with John Hunter Hospital. They have lost Mum's bottom denture, don't make sure she has at least her top denture in when served meals, think that broccoli and carrots are soft food and give Mum a cup of hot water, tea bag and milk and expect her to be able to make her own tea. Duh! In addition, the unit manager Glenda comes across as an unbending hard case with tunnel vision. She gives not an iota of satisfaction that my concerns are being met - Even when things are obviously not! Further, she told me yesterday that Mum would be transferred to Wyong Hospital ASAP. However, I spoke to Wyong Hospital this morning and they said they have no record of a transfer request. When I told Glenda about this, she said no, a transfer request has definitely been made. Argh.
  3. Posted by Chris B. son of Vest.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Back again, plus ' oh no"

      Yes I am back, but for how often is more than a guess. Our new residence a Large four bed two B/r and large garage  lge kitch two reception a large garden in two parts with a 40 x 25 patio on one level is much better than our previous home, with plus A/C and overhead fans.
     I am not getting out much lately, mainly driving to the shops is my lot. Rosemary goes to care three days a week , which allows Chris our son and myself time to ourselves without constant interruptions., Rosemary's dementia is a problem but fortunately rosemary hasn't been walkabout for a while now that we have a secure perimeter.
.     I become exhausted fairly quickly and limit my activities to moderate exercise plus I still have a small degree of pain due to a recent procedure in my nether regions.
       We also have a Cleaning lady for two hours weekly and a gardener who averages one hour weekly < Rosemary has a lady who shower's her Three times each week and I do it in between when
necessary.  Chris does the laundry, and I am the Chief Chef,  I also feed the cats and generally look after myself.. Today is one of my free days Rosemary will be home soon, I now have to prepare dinner so I will finish this later.
      3 25 pm I hear Chris talking to Rosemary I come out of the bathroom and see her lying on the floor in pain , Chris was there when she fell over the step in the hallway..'
Oh dear; Rosemary is in strife the Ambulance was called several paramedics eventually moved her to a stretcher it seems she has a fracture above her right knee and hip, she was taken to hospital Chris has followed in the car, will let you know more  later.
Miss you All, Vest ....back soon

Monday, 6 February 2017

Perfect English.

On a train from London to Manchester,

an American was berating the Englishman sitting

across from him in the compartment. "The trouble with

you English is that you are too stuffy.  You set

yourselves apart too much.  You think your stiff upper

lip makes you above the rest of us.  Look at me . . . 

I'm me!  I have a little Italian in me, a bit of

Greek blood, a little Irish and some Spanish

blood.   What do you say to that?"

The Englishman lowered his newspaper, looks over his glasses and replied:

"How very sporting of your mother!"

Getting there, will post soon.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

The British Royal Navy News.

Royal Navy News

The Royal Navy is very proud to announce its new fleet of Type 45 destroyers.

Having initially named the first two ships HMS Daring and HMS Dauntless, the Naming Commi

Royal Navy News
The Royal Navy is very proud to announce its new fleet of Type 45 destroyers.
Having initially named the first two ships HMS Daring and HMS Dauntless, the Naming Committee has, after intensive pressure from Brussels , renamed them HMS Cautious and HMS Prudence. The next five ships are to be HMS Empathy, HMS Circumspect, HMS Nervous, HMS Timorous and HMS Apologist.
Costing £850 million each, they comply with the very latest employment, equality, health & safety and human rights laws.
The Royal Navy fully expects any future enemy to be jolly decent and to comply with the same high standards of behaviour.

The new user-friendly crow's nest has excellent wheelchair access. Live ammunition has been replaced with paintballs to reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt and to cut down on the number of compensation claims. Stress counsellors and lawyers will be on board, as will a full sympathetic industrial tribunal.

The crew will be 50/50 men and women, and will contain the correct balance of race, gender, sexuality and disability.
Sailors will only work a maximum of 37hrs per week as per Brussels Rules on Working Hours, even in wartime.
All the vessels are equipped with a maternity ward, a creche and a Gay Disco.

Tobacco will be banned throughout the ship, but recreational cannabis will be allowed in wardrooms and messes.
The Royal Navy is eager to shed its traditional reputation for; "Rum, sodomy and the lash"; so out has gone the rum ration, replaced by sparkling water. Sodomy remains, now extended to include all ratings under 18. The lash will still be available on request.
Saluting of officers is now considered elitist and has been replaced by "Hello Sailor".
All information on notice boards will be in 37 different languages and Braille.
Crew members will now no longer have to ask permission to grow beards and/or moustaches. This applies equally to male crew.

The MoD is inviting suggestions for a "non-specific" flag because the White Ensign may offend minorities. The Union Jack must never be seen.
The newly re-named HMS Cautious will be commissioned shortly by Captain Hook from the Finsbury Park Mosque who will break a petrol bomb over the hull.
She will gently slide into the sea as the Royal Marines Band plays "In the Navy" by the Village People. Her first deployment will be to escort boatloads of illegal immigrants to ports on England 's south coast.

The Prime Minister, reading from his notes - again - said, "Our ships reflect the very latest in modern thinking and they will always be able to comply with any new legislation from Brussels ."

Her final words were, "Britannia waives the rules."
 "Up spirits; Stand fast the holy Ghost"

Vest ....Back soon.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

I am back on line.

I shall not be posting for a while as there is so much more to do to settle in although finding a home for a half a garage full of miscellaneous  clutter will take time plus I have a visit to the local hospital planned for Thursday 11. I have been very poorly since the move - all due to the extra bodily activity which in turn has taken away about eight kilos - but as there are no stairs to climb I expect it will eventually return  Thank you all for your recent greetings,  my mailing address remains the same IE the PO box
Back soon ....Vest

I am back again.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).