Rosemary up and moving.

 Not a lot of info on Rosemary  now recovering slowly from her Hip OP. Rosemary has been up and walking with assistance, however her recovery would be advanced if she ate better and tried a little harder to respond to that which would help her recovery, her dementia is the root cause  and despite separate daily visits by  Chris and myself and other family members  very little is  getting through to Rosemary her main utterance's border on abuse , mostly " Go away -leave me alone".
Today the Hospital staff will dress  her in  her street clothing  hopefully trying to get her back to a less horizontal bed bound lifestyle, we can only hope she will respond.
Thank you all for your best wishes  for her recovery.

Vest ..... back soon.


Good luck. And please look after yourself. Your important self.
Jane Stokes-Honour. said…
So pleased Rosemary is on the mend. It must be so hard for you all. Lots of love Jane xxxxxx
Vest said…
EC And Jane. Rosemary was quite talkative yesterday- showing signs of improvement hopefully, thank you for calling.
Edward Jones. said…
Hello Les.
Pleased to hear that Rosemary is making progress but a bit slow. Always a good sign when they get you out of bed even if you do protest. Thought of you a couple of weeks ago what with the hurricane on your area and also the floods that go with it. Glad to say the poor people in the uk that have suffered the last few winters have had a good winter. Just proves that most of it was caused by underspend on the defences. Its a lovely day here today, well into spring. hardly had a winter. two or three frosts and thats about it. And that prat the other side of the Alantic says theres no such thing as global warming.. wishing you both good health. Edward Jones WATTS 183

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