The 'TOO HARD' Basket.

       My visits to the local hospital; a short 4 minute drive and a brisk hundred metre trot to the single occupancy ward where my wife Rosemary is incarcerated usually ends on a note of complete frustration. Apart from the failure to communicate with Rosemary which is difficult due to her dementia.
       It would seem  the staff who deliver her meals have lost the plot and offer her meals that she cannot  handle due to the loss of her lower denture at the previous hospital and from my observations 99 % of her meals go to waste, a couple of spoons of soft desert is the usual intake..
       I have noticed several hospital staff attempting to feed Rosemary  but give up all too soon, I doubt if they have the expertise required which is obviously an essential part  of their employment.
      Rosemary is on a drip containing some mysterious ingredient which is helping in someway to sustain life, however, she has lost so much weight she is beginning to appear like a 'Belson' inmate.
      Yesterday Sunday , I questioned several members of the hospital staff about this problem and I suggested that they find someone with psychological powers of persuasion to entice Rosemary to eat her food on command when necessary - being the staff are all too ready to give up trying to feed her.
     Another problem is getting her mobile. a nurse told me that 'we don't try to make her walk if she does not want to',  definitely something lacking in that statement.
      So it seems that, under the hospitals rules of engagement rules  their best option is the 'Too Hard Basket' and the expiration of the patient resolves all of their problems. And by the way should you get to read this, keeping the ward tidy  and in order around the bed and furniture would also help to give the impression that you care, although the politeness and smiles of the staff is noted, it will not improve  the condition of the patient without some practical achievement which is what you are employed for, no more excuses , get to it. I will be calling in the Hospital soon.
Vest  .... back soon

Who reaches with a clumsy hand for a Rose must not complain if the thorns scratch.


I am so sorry. I remember similar issues when my mother and my partner were incarcerated in hospital. I complained, and got some improvement, though how long it lasted is anyone's guess.
Good luck.
And look after yourself too. Please.
Davoh said…
Do not have any words - to express my sympathy and support. Cannot 'be there'.

Best wishes
Elsie Hanlin said…
I think a move to a better hospital might be a good idea. Some place where they care and are willing to try and help her eat and walk.
Christine said…
So sorry to hear this Uncle Les, your heart must be breaking for Auntie Rosemary as is ours. Such a beautiful loving and lovable lady who deserves better than this.
You are in our thoughts constantly and we are sending all our love and best wishes to you all.
Please continue to keep us updated, I am in contact with Chris too and am planning to Skype on Thursday but will understand if it's not possible after all as I know you all have plenty to do at present.
Hope to speak to you very soon, all our love ❤️ Chris, Steve and all the family xxx
Anonymous said…
Not very good at all. I think it is time for you to become a noisy wheel and receive some oil.
June & Malcolm. said…
So sorry to hear about your predicament with the care for Rose, I hope that you are managing to get through to the staff at the hospital. I'm sure that if anyone can do it, it will be you Les. We are thinking of you all, and prey that things will improve.
Lots of love from,
June & Malcolm
Vest said…
+Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I rarely have the time to blog these days travelling to and fro from hospital and myself being poorly. I spent Sat night 22nd from 2am until the forenoon in hospital - a possible heart problem but I was Fortunately given the OK..

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