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Vest the Latter Day Lazuras Will probably return tomorrow.

My absence was caused by a collapsed Kate & Sydney on Thursday 4th inst. Am still feeling fairly crook and weak as a can of virgins water, thank you those who sent emails and kept me awake in my hospital bed by your well wishing phone calls. Any how I am back, love you all, Vest

"All Over Red Rover" The MELL BUNN Cup and the Math Question.

A mild weather wise yesterday brought out the loonies from over the back fence alias another Barry Dogs head Melbourne Cup gathering all mouthing off while  swilling their charred barbecued steaks and sangers down with copious amounts of home brew or moonshine. I am not sorry the greedy trainer with the trademark eyebrows failed in his attempt to win his 13TH Cup, instead from what I can gather a yank horse was the bolter with a Frog  coxswain at the tiller..Any way who cares, apart from the employers who will be deluged with sickies today. I am a fortunate person who only uses a Debit Card  with no indebtedness, unlike the  persons in over sized homes on Struggle Street today slugged with higher interest rates in order to boost the $12 million per ann salary of the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank. It's a shame the old style bank robberies have gone out of fashion. secretly I was always disappointed when the swashbuckling robbers got caught, now the hype has gone and we are now bec